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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, welcome to another Hadith, in which we are reminded, you know by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophet teaching us through a story. And thus this is, I think, the third

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part of our series prophetic Chronicles. The Prophet has said I'm told this very interesting story again, it's a real story recorded in Sahih Muslim in the authentic collection of Imam Muslim. This one only has a hadith

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Abu Hurayrah relates to this hadith and Abu Huraira told the Allahu Anhu and in Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam Akkad

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bein Mr. Rajan EMTB Fellow at Middle Earth. Abu Huraira reported that the prophet of allah sallallahu sallam said while a man was walking through a barren land or desert, right empty

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for say Semia unsalted FISA however,

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he heard a voice coming out of a cloud

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I want you to imagine a man walking in a barren land, empty land all of a sudden he heard a voice coming out of a cloud

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and that voice made a statement.

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Now Whose voice is that? The Scholars say most likely the voice of an angel

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is the Harry Potter fallen

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he heard the following statement irrigate the garden of so and so

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someone is directing someone is speaking an angel is speaking to this cloud saying to this cloud irrigate right shower or deliver water to the garden of so and so. And that particular name is mentioned the prophesy seven does not specify the name of the person. But now the man who was traveling and heard that the name was recorded. I mean, he remembers the name. So now this was very intriguing. It caught his attention

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Yeah, cool. Yeah. And

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then he has a habit for alpha Hovi Hara.

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Hara Hara here. I'm sorry. Yeah.

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Yeah, so horrible Kenny. And if you someone's horrible Kenya,

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the Prophet SAW Selim said there upon the cloud drifted in a particular direction.

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And then eventually it discharged its water over a rocky plane or a volcanic right rocky plate specific area. So imagine this, this cloud going in a particular direction then and then just you know, basically, showering or dropping all of his water on a particular piece of lead

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the man now this water as it was coming, right?

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It actually went through different

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you know, stream let's and you know, cracks and channels. And it all ended up in one particular channel. The water was almost collected all of it. Carnaby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for two and a half Erica sahab alpha alpha Rama who have you Hara for either shell Raja to mean till Kashi Raj

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or the seller of a delicate matter Kula Yanni

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fisherman alas Yanni, Taka Hilltopper delicate

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man, I hadn't met one

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girl Rajan her the economists tab.

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But you'll have filmed him she had an malady you'll see up to Jeremiah

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Fertitta Ballmer for either or you don't move your head up.

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Yeah, hold on maybe miss Hattie. Tell from Miss Hollywood.

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So the prophesy said I've said when this water basically started going into a particular channel, and it went in the direction of a specific piece of land. It all flew. Right. So the man when he saw this, the man that heard the voice coming out of the cloud, he actually followed that stream. He followed that water to see where it's going to end

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so and he ended up at a garden

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right particular garden where the mat the water was collecting and the owner of that garden was standing in the middle of it in the center and he had had spade spreading the water he was right

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changing its course and just making sure that he takes advantage of all this water coming to water his land

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for Carla who sorry I'm just pausing because I just don't want to put pressure on my

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father who

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yeah Abdullah must smoke is and who must smoke

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color full and

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full and had a

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delicious meal lady sent me off is to have

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Takada who Yeah, Abdullah Limitus, Adonia. And SME, for Caledonia, Abdullah he made me

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the man when he saw the owner of this piece of land of this garden, he said to him, oh servant of Allah or slave of Allah because he doesn't know his name. Right? He said to him, What is your name? So the man told him his name. And guess what?

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It was the same name he heard in the cloud being sent to the cloud.

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Then the man the owner of the piece of land told him why are you asking me about my name?

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Right. So he said to him in the summer to sollten for Carla, who in the summer of two so Psalter visa happy lady had a metal, your code is a Hadia cutter for early Funan. This Mica thermadata synovia. If you read it, and the

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Holy Quran, Allah subhanaw taala. So he said to him, well, guess what,

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I heard a voice

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coming out of the cloud, that actually dropped its water, and this water that you're collecting came from that rain.

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And your name was mentioned in it, it was your name. So a voice said to the cloud, to drop its water on a particular piece of land. So that this man this water would reach you

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and your name was mentioned. So what is it that you do that earned you this? Because this is obviously what what is known as karma is like a miraculous event that happens to

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other two righteous people. If it happens to a prophet, we call them mortgages,

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mortgages, that is called mortgages. If it happens to other than a prophet, a righteous person, then it's called Kurama. Right Allah subhanaw taala is honoring this person or showing the status of this individual, the companions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, righteous people like this, this individual

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different different people, Allah subhana, Allah has Mary Maria,

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Mary, the mother of Isa.

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so he said to him, what is it that you do? And this What's so special about this garden? There must be something special about you for Allah.

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When asked them and send your feet may convey them obeying Allah Allah subhanaw taala

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Lachlan outside the hotel for Carla?

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I'm either appalled to her

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I'm gonna be mad at her

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for in the envelope ilmiah Through You mean her? For out of soda? Pavithra Ruthie, whatever could do and our yearly fudosan What do we have to lose?

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A summer after you've been hanging out?

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Yeah, Kuru salsa. It's a sort of a sort of way I could have chosen what you want for your coffee house. So he said to him, Well, since you said this.

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So when he said to him, what is it that you do? What is your secret? I mean, obviously, when you have something that is you're doing between you and Allah subhanho wa taala. You're supposed to keep it between you and Allah subhanaw taala. But in this case, he told him since you you asked, and you're seeking to learn and it's only between them, they're not posting it on social media. Right. He said to him, he told him what he does with it. He said,

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now that you asked me, I will tell you, I estimate the produce of the garden, and I distributed 1/3 in charity.

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I spend the other third, the second third

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Word on myself and my family actually means or his family, his wife and his children or whoever he's responsible for financially, he said, and

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the remaining third, I reinvest into it into the garden itself. Now this hadith scholars look at this hadith, and they say, you can come up with 10s of benefits and gems out of this hadith.

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We already mentioned that that Quran, Allah subhanaw taala honors people. And we also mentioned that when you do something between you and Allah subhanaw taala, seeking Allah subhanaw taala is pleasure, you are supposed to keep it between you and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, right, unless there is a dire need for you to share that is supposed to be to stay between you and Allah subhanaw taala reminding us that

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the blessings of our deeds, right, and the reward of our deeds can diminish. As a matter of fact, we can lose it all by if we show off or if we try to basically publicize it.

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If we want to get attention from people, we're supposed to keep whatever we're doing between us and Allah subhanho wa taala. Right. You know, sometimes, especially nowadays, we live in a time where people say somehow, here's my secret, here's what I do. And they mentioned things that Allah subhanaw taala, perhaps ALLAH SubhanA, Allah is blessing them.

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By the virtue of this action, when you publicize it, or you seek other than Allah in your actions, you may not get the same reward because some people might say, Well, I'm doing the same why I'm not why am I not getting? Why am I not seeing the blessing, this man did not even realize this, he didn't even know someone else. Allah Subhana Allah sent him someone. And Allah subhana, Allah made that person heard the voice of an angel, which actually, you know, some scholars use as evidence that

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ordinary people or righteous people can hear the voices of Allah Subhana Allah could make you hear the voice of an angel, but only Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger would know that this is the voice of an angel, you can't, you know, right. But it could be hurt. If Allah Subhana Allah wills, Allah subhanaw taala can make people hear the voices of angels. Also, in this hadith is the virtue and the importance of financial planning.

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Right? That we have, that we're responsible for what we earn, we're responsible

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for what we spend and how we spend it.

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And in this hadith, it shows the importance of charity, making sure that our income, or whatever we generate by the Grace of Allah subhanaw taala, it's not all just consumed by us, especially, you know, that most people or Yeah, the is the average person, the average person compared to other parts of the world, the average person has more than they need more than their basic necessities or basic needs. So you have to make sure that you do something.

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You know, for Allah subhanaw taala doesn't have to be 1/3. No, it doesn't have to be 1/3. You have to fulfill your obligations first.

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Obviously, taking care of your family is your financial obligation. And guess what, you will be rewarded for it as well. And there is a Hadith that I would like to share with you that a lot of people don't don't realize, when you earn for your family, when you earn a living, and you spend on your family, including your wife,

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brothers, I'm talking to the brothers including your wife, you're not doing them a favor, you're doing yourself a favor.

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And a lot of people don't realize that perhaps Allah subhanaw taala is blessing them, by the virtue of these people that they are taking care of whether it is their, you know, wife and children or their parents. Sometimes people complain, Oh, I keep spending on them. I keep doing this, I do this for them. And I do this, you know, and they don't realize, maybe the only reason Allah subhanaw taala is blessing you. Allah subhanaw taala is blessing your health and your wealth, giving you the strength and you know, continues to bless you and increase your income, perhaps is by the virtue of these people.

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Right? You may not think that they're very special, but there especially with Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal has taken upon Himself. Right there is of every individual, including our children now notice.

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So ALLAH SubhanA wa, maybe so so keep that in mind. And also keep in mind that the province has Selim in Hadith collected by Muslim said the following the noun and facto visa vie Rila what in our own and factor will cover October 5 Akira cover

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what do you now don't have so doctor be here let me skin worthy now on unfactored Who Alec mean me manager MK and in fact

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Musa Juran Allah the doctor who Allah ALEC,

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the mother Lian, and in fact, men and women at YG. Vet

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what is that? Well, you hit below some habitat. I mean, I didn't

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follow the holiday, while the the man got blocking and tackling the wife and one of your people you will hire lacking the answer. And yet yet, hello.

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Did you know why the day I was already here? Why would that be? Festival in San Manuel.

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So the province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith collected by Abu by Muslim, that a DNR that you spend in the way of Allah, or a DNR that you spend to free a slave

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or as a charity that you give to a needy person, or the one that you give to your family to support your family. The one yielding the greatest reward with Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that you spend on your family. In other words, if you had for dinner, if you have, let's say you had well, how much is the dinner nowadays? About almost?

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I don't know, what is it? 2000 $2,000.

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So let's say you have you have $10,000. Right, and you divide the $10,000 into quarters.

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Right speaking I know I'm going into tangents, speaking of quarters in thirds.

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A third is a lot to allocate a third of your wealth or your income, or your inheritance to charity. That's the maximum you can do it at best. Radi Allahu Anhu used to say that you should, you should actually bring it down to the fourth, you should divide it into four. And he should give 25% in charity because the prophets have sent him in the hadith of sad, he said, we're thrilled to hear that 1/3 is a lot. But 1/3 is the max you should do. Right. So the lovers forgotten, fertile, fertile. So the process have said,

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you know, if you divide your wealth into four sections, 444 portions, and you spend one portion, Visa vilella. And another portion, you know, for the poor and the needy, and another portion,

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you free slaves, and another portion, you actually spend it on your family, the one that yields the most reward is the one that you spend on your family.

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Is this clear. So let's keep that in mind. And remember that it is part of our financial obligation. We're not again, doing them a favor, we're doing ourselves

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a favor.

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in the Hadith, the man mentioned

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that I spend this money on myself and my family. So it's important to take care of ourselves. Right? But without being extravagant. Right. Remember that sometimes we take care of our needs and we go beyond our needs. Right? We go beyond our needs, while there are other people, maybe extended family relatives who don't have anything.

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Nothing whatsoever. Right? And they see us going beyond what we need. Because you have you have you have three levels, you have the necessities and then you have the needs and then you have cosmetic things, extra things that want you know usually whatever money you spend on it is complete waste. You don't get anything in return. Fulfilling your necessities is important. Fulfilling your needs also is important. investing into yourself, your health, your fitness, your whatever you need, right. But when it comes to cosmetics, we need to be very careful. It should not be at the expense of taking care and fulfilling the needs the basic needs and necessities of people that we can reach

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out to Alright keep that in mind. Because this man he dedicated 1/3 of it. And Allah Subhana Allah blessed him I will conclude by saying this the prophets of Allah they sent him said and and there are many other benefits in Charlotte data that we're going to inshallah examined at a later time. Either anthropological Allah, Allah Hina for cotton Yatta Cebu have a here Lahore sadaqa.

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When someone spends on his family seeking the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala seeking the reward of Allah subhanaw taala it is counted as a charity

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like it is as

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as blessed it is as as good and as virtuous as sada.

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Right. So keep that in mind. Right? Sometimes our family members is not,

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you know, money that they need. Maybe they need time.

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Maybe they need attention. Maybe they need words of encouragement. Maybe they need a gift. Maybe they need quality time. My I urge you, my dear brothers, I urge you because sometimes,

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you know, this has to be said, and inshallah Allah will dedicate maybe a workshop or seminar to talk about this, what are our obligation? Because someone might say, Do I have to spend 1/3, you have to spend one half,

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whatever is needed, build my roof, build, roof, whatever that you have to fulfill their needs, if that means that it will consume all of your income than house, be it. No one should look at this hadith and say, I'm only going to give them 1/3.

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If for the 1/3 is not enough to take care of their basic needs, then you need to spend more. Right? But whatever you spend, is your obligation.

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And Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will reward you for it. But more important than what we spend on them, is how we spend it. With what kind of attitude, right, just because we're stressed, and just because we are under tremendous amount of pressure. And just because we're tired or fatigued, that does not justify abusing them or neglecting them. Right. Again, hold on Matt often Welcome to Cairo, Minnesota.

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If you think that giving them or spending on them is charity, ALLAH SubhanA says about charity, a kind word, right. And forgiveness, pardoning people is more important and more valuable than sadaqa, after which comes some abusive, you know, language or bad attitude. Right. So sometimes people tell I don't want your charity, but treat me with respect and with kindness, right? That's why the prophets have said I've said and I conclude with this, that when a man spends time with his wife, or even plays with his wife is playful, playful, that will count as Sadhak for them, right? So consider that a sadhaka and cheer up your family members. Let your presence and your time the time that you

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spend with them. A time that they they're delighted to to enjoy an experience that they basically you know, you know, enjoy being enlightened. May Allah subhanaw taala brings harmony and peace into our families. May Allah subhanaw taala make us a source of not only blessings but a source of delight and a source of joy for our family members in May Allah subhanaw taala make our families and our children sources of joy and bliss and blessings from Allah Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed Masha Allah Allah Atlantis Sofia O'Connor to relate