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in Alhamdulillah in Africa who when

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he when he when

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Dr. Medina, Maria de la

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de la when I said when

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the hula sharika done when I said when nessa Mona Mohammed Abu

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II warmer

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rock metal Minami Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Allah, Allah Bani me walk on in Abu Salam with the Allah Allah He was sending them to the ANA wacana Salatu was Salam ala Amina cockatoo quarterly. Oh c'mon Alinea. Salatu was Salam Ala Moana lobby Osaka Rasulullah. Bu will Karim Allah daddy camino shahidi no cecchini no 100 behind me.

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Honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders, that a Karima that every cited before you, the modernist translation of this is known to every Muslim and there is a lot of Baraka, what Allah says, Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we have not sent you but as a mercy unto humanity in its entirety. In fact, the scholars unanimously agree that they even in atom on this entire universe did not benefit from the coming of navia Kareem sallallahu wasallam Furthermore, left America wattana in describing the love in the kindness in the mercy and the compassion and how affectionate he was for the believers, Allah uses the same description. And Allah uses the same words, by virtue

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of which Allah describes his kindness for his creation. Allah uses those same words describing the kindness of neorealism to the believers. Allah says for interrupt Bakula, O for Rahim, your Lord is most kind and most merciful. And unlike describing the kindness of nebulae, Sam says, hurry, so gnarly. Bilbo meanie know for me,

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is most kind and most merciful to the believers.

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But today I wish to speak on one aspect of the life of navia Kareem sallallahu wasallam that despite nearly cinema being sent as a mercy unto humanity, his kindness, His mercy, his compassion, how affectionate he was. Yet we find this very same Nabi sallallahu wasallam, who has been referred to as a mercy in and out, has cursed certain people for doing certain actions, which makes you and I understand how grave and how evil the consequences of those evils are, that he took such a kindness he also to utter curses for such a person.

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One side deliberately over large details disallowed disapproved of curse into such a way, that in the event of Muslim Sharif there is a Hadith of the army by the name of tufail lombardozzi comes jasola in dosen, karasawa habits but Allah had him only we have a large donation of those to which I belong, has violated all the commands of Allah, I beg you, I beseech you, I implore you invoke endless curse upon my nation until and unless you will not curse them, their eyes will not open let me on instagram make Allahu DOS and once he became our guide the nation of those and bring them to me as believers. He says no one will be able I am saying curse nobody says and says Oh Allah you

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showed with the dose of the heater you took on them on me over like maybe an hour like you're giving Ada to this nation. Now what am I saying? It was the effect of the drop of nearly saddam that from this nation in this tribe in this project he came up Whoo hoo

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hoo hoo the scholars of Hadith unanimously agree has narrated nothing less than 5374 hardy

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navia creme de la creme himself his motto is to honor Allah is not send me to curse. One day said Nava cannot be alone we had a discussion or debate with someone and Satan Abu Bakar use some unpleasant words to that person. So now via a certain set sedate while an hour will cover one side you aboobaker and one side you curse these two qualities can get in acidic, either you siddik that is the most truthful or either you are one that curse, but you see deep also in your life, and I think the odds of that being in his control is my life. These qualities can merge or be combined in one human.

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In the event of Buhari Sharif Babu, Tara can hire the song lyrics from crosses or passes by a group of women. And he then addresses them on the day of

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and he says there's a certain Nisha or the group of women give charity in abundance, addressing the woman ladies taught in the Vla Sonam spoke about the virtue of giving charity for any woman.

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To connect

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I found journal was shown to me and I found journal is greatly occupied by woman the first volume

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they may have sold a lot Why do we become the occupants of Johanna nebulous term since two reasons to fill in a Lana with a formula sheet. Your tongue is very loose you curse too much. You curse very quickly. Allah will show her Allah will break her leg she will see what will happen to her over petty things over trivial things you start cursing, some item gets messy in the house, you use the domestic servant you cursor your tongue is very loose, you curse too much one reason. Second tech formula sheet, you constantly perpetually ungrateful to the bounties in the papers of your husband, Larry Ellison and then elaborates lo appcenter in if Darwin adara Sumeragi kashaya karna tomorrow.

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If any men or husband is good to his wife for one decade, the rewrite of Buhari and then after 10 years, one day by mistake perchance he does something contrary to her likes. nebulous term describes the ungrateful nature of the woman at this juncture. She negates all the good of that man and like one RM setting so beautifully, she will point to the husband with the ring that he wants, with the fingers that he bought, wearing the clothes that he bought, and she'd say you did me nothing you bought for me nothing in your house. I see no good.

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So what doesn't really translate because of cursing? You will end up in Jerusalem. I'm only highlighting few ahaadeeth how evil How can they be over like this like cursing. In another Hadith he explains his kindness for his oma Allahu Allah in nomina Bhushan Oh my Allah, I am a human like any other human that will come on the moon, just as other humans get angry. I'm also bound to become angry for a Yamaha button to hold on to them to fetch the cat and Rocky Mountain to caribou lake. If perchance, when I become angry as a human, not as a Navy, the angle of a Navy is different. It's one personality. He stands there as a human and he stands there as a Navy. What is his anger as a human?

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And what is his anger as a Navy? One is his curse as a human. One is his curse is a Navy. His curse is a Navy is divine approved by Allah. He skirt is a human, it depends on the situation. But look at the kindness of Mariela salam, oh my Allah. I'm a human like other humans, for a Yama between the two who is perchance one day in my anger. I verbally abused any person I insult any person. I accuse any person, like I'm a human and I often demand I verbally telling something unpleasant, or I curse him. Then I intercede on that insulted person and I asked him a lot for the curtain

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to curl up in a make my curse in his favor, a source of atonement for all he is wrong. And make it a law that by me as a human I slipped up and added this curse by virtue of me offended by me making this mistake and offending him ALLAH forgive his sins, pardon his sins and bring him closer to your law.

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So one side now vlsm daddy Tyco 10 minutes cacophony Libya like Salaam said cursing a believer is tantamount to killing a believer cursing a believer is tantamount to killing a believer. Now it is highlighted before you feel a hadith within the viola just like this approved and just allowed cursing yes sir certain situations in the way we learn this very kind loving caring Navy has not just once or twice but repeatedly certain people in this very room Allah protect us who are they let me the purpose I mean he ascends the second purpose army he has since the third step amin

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is present only have you ever lost a lot and a lotta something unusual? peculiar strange we observe today you will send the default with we heard nothing we see no one on every step. Amin Amin, amin, what were you thinking? I mean to please let us know. Oh, and this gibril descended now. jabril curse three people. And I approved and I endorse and I sanction the curse of jabril who are those people who have been cursed by jabril confirmed by Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam general Sona be over la Babu their men, Ramadan for Allah, Coco amin debrie. Curse that person and curse in no ordinary curse. I will explain now. May he be disgraced? May he be humbled? May he be weakened, who that

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person who finds the great month of Ramadan and do to failing in not capitalizing on this golden man. He fails to earn the pleasure of Allah and under forgiveness of Allah. That's such a blessing man comes yet his

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negligent and he does not have his sins pardon gibreel has cursed him owners and I have said amin to the curse of jabril

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second person

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maybe that person because rahima and fortune in the in the film use only IRA money that person because oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in whose presence your blessing name is mentioned and he Mises to even say Salalah while he was selling let us always say durood Sharif Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Sayidina Maulana Muhammad wa barik wa sallam may that person because it was presents your blessing name is mentioned and he Mises to even send durood and Salawat when you gibreel curses and I say I mean, the third curse,

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a lot of a non fraudulent make that person be disgraced who finds his parents in old age, one or both of them, and does not take advantage of this opportunity of serving them by virtue of which he can earn 10 it. He engrosses himself in other things against the opportunity that he have to serve his parents. Take the two R's jabril curses, Mohammed sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam says amin brothers who can shelter that human who has been cursed by gibreel during his Salam ended, that growth has been confirmed and affirmed and sanctioned and sealed and approved by nebia Kareem sallallahu Sallam dolomiten explained something very strange. If we look at these three instances. Let me illustrate

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I'm having curse a person that is making dinner although the sun is great. fornication is something indeed severe but then a viola is in use the words of cursing him. The man not discharging is the carrot. Indeed, the punishment is severe, Nabeel eckstrom has encouraged him, what is common between these three and other incidents which are mentioned now, the Navy over the law, so kind, so loving curses. The Americans have explained so beautifully that we notice generally, when a person is asked a simple task, and then he pains to do it, then it upsets you even more. I asked you for something so simple. You can't do a thing like this by serving your mother, then you deserve you deserve

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debriefs curse and I say I mean, such a simple task that I'm not asking you to read don't do it. And I'm not saying that mentioned my name. When my name that is, Allison's name is mentioned. You can reply so simple. You deserve debriefs curse and I say I mean.

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Can we imagine how grave the consequences are?

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In the rewrite of Buhari sorry, one side benefit of Allah is telling the woman because of cursing you will end up in

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this girl trapeze does not come as a human but this curse of ease comes with a Navy, like the scholars unanimously agree. The two most elected people on this earth are one who assists in needs and a B and one who is killed by nav. The first one being the wretched everyone would understand. There's nothing to debate a man who has this innate sin or be any profit for that matter. And this is what the Quran says the Yoda assassinated not a prophet, but um br prophets, funny methaqualone ambia Allah, everyone would agree that any human who assassinates a property is evil, nasty legend. But the scholars say that person who is killed by a Navy is also evil. Why? Because a Navy possesses

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the greatest element of kindness and mercy, you must be indeed evil for such a kind man to kill you.

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Such a person that possesses so much patience, tolerance, perseverance that can swallow contain and resistant and persevere and such a man kills you indeed, you are evil indeed, you are evil for an epi to curse you in the revite of Bukhari, Sharif nebulae Salam has cursed Allahu Akbar camisa de na, WA because 1234 I'm only quoting those warnings, which are directly linked to the curse of near a solemn one is a person prioritizes what is important what is not important when we value or we look away assess the wrong that we are in so many of us are involved in those around which directly in become homemakers the victims of the curse of Libyan a Salaam

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Salaam says our law let's make it such that that person falls flow and he falls a hit on headlong on the ground. Whenever you have a law, that person who becomes the servant of wealth in the event of Buhari Thank you, sir. Not mean he'd be destroyed will be to such a person

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who in off era via if he's given Well, he's happy with a lot. We're in Europe. And if Allah doesn't give him how much he wants, he becomes angry. Maybe la Salaam says that person who makes this world this temporary world he is object he's about any diverts and generates all his abilities and faculties in accumulating in a mess.

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nebulae Salam has cursed him in such a way that nobody Salah ism says that we sell when tickets mainly for not once not twice, but repeatedly, what is the shaker and if perchance when he falls down in the revolt of Bukhari, if he is hurt, or he is poked by a thorn, when he does Sheikha fall out on to fish, then May Allah make it such that there is nobody to remove the throne that is hurting this man.

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Such stern words have come out from the lips of dead men, who came as a mercy who promoted kindness, whose morals in and out was kindness. Indeed, the claim must be severe for such a man to curse in a way like this. Learn along our killer Reba. He touches interest, my curse is on him. Unless curse is on him. The Yoda telling us it is a savings account. It is investing for you leberecht salon is saying it's a curse. Allah is saying it's a war believe it is left for you to decide. Do you accept the words of the dentist your savings account? Or do you accept the words of nebulous term that it is a curse? And the words of Allah is the Harbin mean Allah when you touch interest, then you have

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started a war between you and your law. What percentage of the day is at war with the law? Leave the war in Palestine in Afghanistan, what percentage of the woman

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that directly announced and accepted and come on the platform of warring with a law

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the words of the Quran,

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Allah He was truly the 1am I say that the only two instances in the entire Quran and Hadith where Allah mentions well or mentions the punishment of announcing war on no other crime, or no other bias or no other violation. As Allah said, me and you are at war, there are two such things. Allah says if you touch it, then now me and you are at war until you don't abandon the deal. Until you don't get rid of that house until you don't sell that car until you don't drop your standards. And come on to halaal. If it is your money, it is your money to the moon, Allah to the moon, don't operate Don't be subject to operation what is yours is yours but nothing of interest. There are two instances in

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the entire Quran and Hadith. One is the person who touches interest and the second person, it comes in a hurry to portray himself says that that person who interferes with any friend of mine, that person who interferes with any friend of mines, manana karela mazarin Humala who is the author of buttonville module, which is the commentary of Abu Dawood, which is one of the authentic books of Hadith. Allah says, If you interfere with any friend of mines, now I am announcing war with you now you are not interfering with that friend, you are directly you are now interfering with me. Behind that man is my strength behind that man is my army behind that man is my help. He was working.

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Someone insulted him when

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he told his disciples go take revenge from that man. So they all were shocked and amazed that Islam teaches kindness and perseverance and tolerance and instantly you are telling us to take revenge. That man hurt me too few steps he fell down he printed and he died. He said I told you but de la la la la mera la de la liga, take revenge otherwise my ally is going to take revenge not once or twice but I've seen it in my life. When people interfere with me, my Allah gets involved, have you involved in demand by Allah would have withdrawn is as I said, it is a statement of kindness and not as oppression. So in essence, only on two instances in the entire Quran and Hadith has the

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punishment of war being mentioned, literally surrounding his curse, the main giving interest, the main take in interest, the men associated with interest, brothers, if there's a man in our heart, well we will become restless did we are moving around with war with the law. We are moving around with the curse of nearly Salaam manana Sameera

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writes under the commentary of the side so dutifully, I terminate my talk with these words, Walmart a Tamil rebel near bofi Amman inna Cipolla, you You're boring the law, Mama T two means a catch 22 Nevada law

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and I bake in I beseech and I implore every brother that has been gathered here if we are involved in any of these wrongs, in fact, when the scholars in the Judas

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you know when they decide in the light of Quran and Hadith which sin is major and which sin is minor than any sin on which curse has been mentioned, it's the consensus of the scholars that becomes a major sin when they analyze in the light of Quran and Hadith, the prohibitions in Quran and Hadith. If there is a sin upon which the warning of curse appears, there is no difference of opinion detent is a major sin. By doing this, you become guilty and you become a victim of the curse of new release Trump. Interest is not only the curse of nebulous term, but the war of a lot more and I explained so beautifully under the commentary of desire. Allah speaks of two things. Allah says when you

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discharge in Zakat, your wealth is apparently decreasing unless you negate what your eye sees. I tell you, your wealth is increasing. Furthermore, law says

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When you're giving interest or taking interest you bonding or whatever it is, unless one brother told me so nicely who got involved in interest and then he faced the consequences. He says manana, I'm conveying this message to you and you pass it on to the owner. Tell them the banks and the bank managers are not there to love you. They are like a stock sweet. They give you that sweet and you suck on that sweet. When the sweet is finished, they hit you with the same stock what the same stick

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and he said it was killed because he experienced what it happened. Nevertheless, Mona and I explained it so beautifully, that when you discharge the card, Allah says your wealth increases. When you give interest or take interest, your wealth decreases. He explains this with a practical parable, an example. He says take for example, that person who is eating junk food, who is eating takeaways, because of which Oh is eating unhealthy food, because of which he is expanding his stomach, his bloating is becoming big, but not becoming healthy is becoming this unhealthy weight is picking up some food this person might perhaps come in this man is really a strong person. Look at

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how big he is, how big he is, how big his stomach is, how big is the hands up. So he might be a healthy person. The expansion that is coming in your wealth by virtue of interest is unhealthy money that is coming inside, that fat is unhealthy, that will bring you give you doctors are sitting here physicians are sitting here how unhealthy that is how it will catch up with him at a later stage in his life. Because of weight, he is vulnerable, he's prone to pick up so many other illnesses. So that fit and that expansion that is not good to him that is harmful, like what is that well, which has been multiplied and has been increased on the grounds of interest that is unhealthy well, and

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that will also contaminate the existing wealth, your pet is going to harm yourself is going to introduce a host of sicknesses. And currently your your health is also a terrace. On the contrary, that there is another person who is perhaps been treated by some physician and he has been put on some laxative to clean his inside system. He's getting thin, but he's becoming strong. He's getting weaker. Apparently he's losing weight, but the losing of that weight is healthy because what he is losing is beneficial. For others we all say blood is important blood is beneficial. But when the blood content gathers in a form of an ulcer, then all of us agree as beneficial as blood is dead

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blood we got to get rid of we say caffeine out quickly and operate and get rid of that blood. One sec people are dying for blood in your blood. Why this is filthy blood so we can in the world of that blood. Likewise that money that is increasing through interest that is haram that is contaminating that wealth. Well now you will learn you will never see that money, you will never see peace, happiness and bliss brothers, let us come out of the curse of Allah. Let us stop having war with the law. And then when we will lift our hands Allah will take pity on the woman wherever they are. First let us stop our war with Allah then Allah will stop the

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Baraka with Allah give us the ability to abstain from these crimes and these sins in particular and all Guna but these sins which I have briefly highlighted before you by virtue of which or because of which rather, one will become a victim of the curse of navionics. Suriname and May Allah make us among those fortunate people we will discuss in slightly later stage. He says the Navy of Allah has cursed certain people and certain actions in the same breath. Whenever you have a line is made for certain people, and it's made opposite and those that carry out certain actions. So May Allah make us amongst those who were thrown from the curse of nearly ceram and become deserving of the drought

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and really Psalm 111