Allah’s Love to His Servants Part 1 of 5

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh me Allah's peace and blessings be upon you. Inshallah, today we're going to be talking about the reforming, or the correcting, or the rehabilitation of the heart. The heart is very, very, very sensitive. So we have to be very delicate and take good care of it. The Scholars say that the heart is like a king that has soldiers. So what are the heart soldiers, it's your senses, your eyes, your tongue, and so on. So whoever wants to know the state of his heart should look at the state of the soldiers. Is it not said that if a king is righteous or his people, and if he is corrupt, saw his people, so let's look at our hearts, to find out how our

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senses are doing. Our soldiers will be affected by its king. The Prophet peace be upon him said, Truly in the body, there's a spot model, if it's righteous, so is the whole body. And if it's corrupt, so is the whole body, and it is the heart. I never know how

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Allah subhanaw taala teaches us that a blind person is not the one that can see with his eyes, although that's what we all acknowledge. Right? The blindness is of the eyes. But the Quran proves that there is a much bigger sight to this truth. And that is blindness is blindness of the heart, not the eyes. Let's look for the last planet. Allah says in certain Hajj, verse 46.

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For Inanna, Tamil absorbed were like in Tamil Kluber Leti for sudo. Truly, it's not their eyes that are blind, but their hearts which are in their chests. So it's the heart that gets blind. So I wonder, whoever was reading the Quran right now? Did he have the insight of the heart? Or was he blind? Did the words go through to his heart? Did he feel and understand with his heart? Did he see it? Or was he blind. And that's why the hearts are what the last 100 data looks at. And I'm saying this so that each one of us would go back to taking care of their hearts again, this heart has to be reformed, corrected and purified in sha Allah by talking once about repentance, and another term

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about sincerity, or depending on a lot kind of Allah and so on. So the idea is that this heart that lies between our ribs has to be reformed. We have to exert all our efforts to make it alive, and it has to live a real life in the heart cannot be alive except by knowing Allah subhanaw taala and being close to the Prophet SAW Selim says, Allah does not look at your forms or your bodies, but he looks at your hearts and your deeds. My dear brothers and sisters, when people look they look at the suit you're wearing, the car you're driving, the way you style your hair, and the beauty of the eyes is what people look like, look at right? But when Allah subhanaw taala looks, he looks at your

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hearts. Please be careful, please, that we don't focus on beautifying what people look at and forget what Allah subhanaw taala looks at. It can be that over the last 100 People look at his beautiful and all that a las Panatela looks at his ugly, look at your heart for that the last 100 and looks. And the reason for the series or lecture of series of lectures is to maintain our heart and purified the heart that was called by that name in Arabic a column from how much it goes through changes of state to conduct the Prophet peace be upon us to repeat this famous application Yamakawa liberal global absurd bit can be hygienic, Oh Allah, you will change the state of the heart and the insight

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stabilize my heart on your religion. The prophet the infallible and Massoud used to make this application see how the Prophet was worried about the state of his heart. The Prophet peace be upon him could have told us in the form of ordering, say And so, but no, even the Prophet needs to make this guy himself. Imagine. Why am I saying all this? I'm saying all of this to people who have been oblivious of their hearts for many years. He looks in the mirror 10 times to make sure that his appearance looks good, and he never looked at his heart to make sure it looks as good as well as his outer appearance. To make it pure and righteous like Prophet Ibrahim said in supersoft

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84 If j or a bow be convinced Salim Behold, he approached his lord with a sound hearts, a pure heart with no impurities in it, no evil in it, no jealousy from another person sitting next to you, no grudges and no hatred or envy, or love for lost control for many years, a pure sound heart. This was a very important introduction to remind us of the importance of paying attention to our hearts. And every sister, I beg you would pay more attention to our hearts more than it's given to her face her here and organs. So how our hearts doing today.

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This is why we find someone like the companions and men and Pharisee calling unto his brother a bit of that, and the Prophet peace be upon them and call them brothers. Aha, they know. Let's sit in belief together for an hour mentioned a law for the heart changes and turns from state to state more than a boiling pot. It has been an open cell, not good for Indian Colombian middle country fever lion who's saying this segment Pharisee. So the gathering of believers together preserves the heart from changes of state and mode, attending a lecture in the mosque to sit with a friend and recycle and to mention last panel I

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beg you to take care of your hearts. The title of this lecture, inshallah today is a lost love to his worshipers or servants, Muhammad he left the lab. And this is part of reforming and purifying of the heart, Allah's love to His servants his worshipers, and I thought how to talk about this topic. And after searching, I found that very few people who spoke about this topic, and what was mainly spoken about was how people loved God, a lot of books and audios about how worshipers and servants will love their Creator, people who died in the sake of God's love and people who sacrifice for Allah sake. And people exerted a lot of effort and a lot of lectures about how to love God. So I

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decided to have this lecture in sha Allah in two parts about people how they loved Allah subhanaw taala. And the part we'll talk about today or now, which I thought was better to start off with is how Allah subhanaw taala loves us. Today's lecture is going to be this meaning, how Allah subhanaw taala loves his worshipers, servants? And what are the signs of this love and examples of people that love Allah subhanaw taala loves and how much he loved them. And you might ask me, what's the goal or the purpose of this lecture? We already know how much we love God, right? And others might say, it's enough that we'll be told love God and people will just today as the Quran says, and so

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I'm not in verse 31, calling quantum to have guna or to have Boon Allah for Toblerone Kula saying, if you do love God, follow me. God will love you. Right That's an order love God and God will love you. It could have come just in the form of ordering love God and he will love you know, you will be surprised by the amount of Quranic verses and the Hadith and examples that tell us how much Allah subhanaw taala loves us. So what's the goal of the lecture? And what's the benefit? for one main reason? And there is a lot of our youth are men and women who have been used to the fact that the relation with God is that a slave had he orders and we obey, pray, we pray fast, we fast. So it's a

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matter of assignments that leave. And the worship, unfortunately, is performed in a very routine ik way. And sometimes we say, oh god, why did you order me to do that? And people will be forced to, you know, they perform because they just have to they have to obey, okay, I'll wear the hijab, I'll obey instead of being thrown in hellfire, right? All these statements are due to the lack of understanding of today's lecture. And I'll keep repeating as we go on. Look how Allah subhanaw taala loves his worshipers so that I can transfer you from people who worship with or out of routine to people who worship with love. People who will say Oh Allah, You can love me all this love with all

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my weaknesses and sins and flaws is this if this is the love you love me, then how will your servant love you back? This is today's goal, I want go I want us to feel embarrassed of ourselves. And if our way of worshipping, how can God knows all this love and give us with such generosity, and we only give very little back? No Allah, from all what I heard. I want to be that servant that Allah subhanaw taala loves and whatever you ordered me to do, I will do it just to get loved by you. This is today's golden show. So let's start some of the proofs that show us how Allah subhanaw taala lost his worshipers. And as we said God could have ordered us to love him right? And we just have to

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obey. But look at this first from certain metadata what it says

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yeah, you live in an MMO when you attack them in command Dini for Sophia it Allahu be calm when you have boom muy buena. Soon will God produce the people whom He will love, as they will love him? You see in the verse, Allah subhanaw taala puts his love to us before ours to him. And as if Allah subhanaw taala is trying to teach us that there's a very beautiful relationship here. It's not a matter of assignments that have to be fulfilled. No, it's a matter of love. The fact is between Allah and His servants is a lovely relationship based on love. And this love starts from God to us. And mind you he is self sufficient. He's a no need for us. Listen to the Hadith. It shows it what

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happens when Allah subhanaw taala losses worship is the Prophet peace be upon and says, if Allah loved a servant of his heart below them, he calls Gabriel peace be upon him and says, I love so and so. Therefore love him. Yeah Gibreel in your head boyfriend for him. He the Prophet peace be upon him says So Gabriel loves him for your help, would you read? I want you to imagine right now that someone's sitting and listening, Allah subhanaw taala loves. So right now in the heavens, Gibreel is being called on to love that person. I wonder is that you? Is your name being called right now in the upper heavens, for Gibreel by Allah subhanaw taala unique been mentioned by Allah subhanaw taala

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in the heavens, ordering tubular to love you, continuing the Hadith. Then he Gabriel calls out in heaven saying, Allah Allah so and so therefore love him and the inhabitants of Heaven loving Allah your humble full and fair Habu for your head Smls me the Prophet peace be upon him said then acceptance is established for him on Earth to you with the Aloha cooler from others. Do you see the love? He makes everyone on Earth love that person?

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We have to see how worse for Allah subhanaw taala is to us how he loves us and how He bestows us with his generosity. I beg you Don't let your relationship with God be a relationship of fear of him or fear of hellfire. Of course we sometimes have to feel this meaning but the base or the origin of this relationship is love. So look what Allah subhanaw taala does when he loves his worshiper. Wouldn't it be sufficient that he loves him? And that's it, right? Like Allah subhanaw taala loves you. And that's it? No, why would he call Gibreel telling him? I love so and so love him? Do you see how he's announcing his love to you? He's announcing in heaven. I love so and so. I love you. Some

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people are ashamed or embarrassed to show their love to go out in public in front of their friends or peers in fear of being made fun of or accused of being old school. Some girls are afraid to wear the hijab. So they're not pointed out as like, Oh, look at her. She's also lost private island. And he was honored to Hala announces his love to you. We're in the heavens. What kind of relationship is this? It's very strange try to comprehend it. So if Gibreel is ordered to love you, He loves you. But you really as well can hide this love or keep it a secret? No. He goes on to the angels to love you. And it's not enough that you're loved in the Heavens, no. This love is sent down to earth so

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that people can see it and know it. How? By putting acceptance in people's heart and acceptance of people's heart for you. Subhanallah

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and this is why we're here in the Quran about many types of people that lost hundreds and loves. Meaning it's not something rare.

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In the loss of the baccara verse 222, in Allahu Hibbert, the webbing for God loves those returned to him constantly are those who repent, those who repent, so they sinned. Yes. As a worshiper repents Allah subhanaw taala is Love is bestowed upon him. So all that we said about what it was Panatela does when he loves someone from happening in the heavens and cooling happens, yes, those repents, and he says in sutra, Bacara in Allahu hebard, where your husband was at a hurry, and he loves to keep themselves pure and clean. And in Allah who had been listening, for God loves those who do good. So tillbaka verse 195, and who else in Allah who had been would have been there only God loves

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those who act right or the righteous, and who else in Allahu Hibben Soutine for God lovers, those who judge in equity, all of these types of people are loved by Allah subhanaw taala so his love isn't just specialized for a certain criteria like the prophets only know you can repent right now while listening to me from a sin that you've been consistently doing. And Allah subhanaw taala will love you. Listen to this hadith kotse and what happens if Allah subhanaw taala loves his servants, menagerie Willian pocket as into Who the hell it is, to the end of the Hadith. Whoever shows in enmity to someone devoted to me on shall be at war with him to the end of the Hadith. But what is

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what is the meaning of folly are being devoted to it as we know by tradition people who have who are brave and people who visit them and call them LDLR Salah hemorrhages, people of Allah know a devoted person or Willie could be you or you or someone listening right now wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt and a cap. And no one would ever think that this person is devoted to Allah subhanaw taala Awali so what is the real one not the one that people meet up with the grave and all that stuff? It's very clear in Surah Tunis verse 62. And in India Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. You Mala from your husband? Behold, verily on the Friends of God, there is no fear. Who? And levena Manu, what can we

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attack? Those who believe and constantly guard against evil? So would you believe in Allah subhanaw taala and freedom. So does that mean that I don't commit any sense? No. It means that the majority of your life is searching for Allah subhanaw taala disobedience. So if that's how you are, whoever shows unlimited to you. Allah will be a war with him for you.

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You see how big is lovers? Can you picture last 100 talisman I announced war against so and so for you.

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If there's a righteous pure wife and her husband harms or hurts you, Allah subhanaw taala nurses were against him for her. Do you see the levels of love? And I'll keep repeating today. Keep looking at this relationship as one of love and not as one of a science