Some Words of Comfort

Youssra Kamel Kandil


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Sometimes we go through certain struggles in our lives, or we put to certain tests and trials. And we kind of start stressing out about it. And then Subhanallah we suddenly see something in front of us. That probably was there for a very long time. And it gives us some sort of comfort. Today, I was going through one of those rough days and when I got in my car, I saw this. Aladdin, the All Knowing its power has been there for so long. But I don't know today was some sort of comfort for me, thinking that Allah subhanaw taala has the All Knowing he knows what we go through. He knows the state of our hearts. He knows our tests and our trials and our struggles. We ask Allah subhanaw

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taala to lighten on us the burden, and to not burden us with more than we can bear for truly he doesn't burden anyone with more than they can bear. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us see the wisdom behind every test and trial Europe and make it a purification and help us accept his destiny. Whatever he is destined for us. I mean, you're