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So today one of my students shared with me a really cool story about seeing the Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, they kind of made me stop for a second and do kind of a self check with myself, and ask myself a question, How am I and prayer and it's basically an originally applicable Hadith and it goes this way. Sita Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam led us and asked for prayer. And as soon as the Salah was over, he did divided the congregation and he ran home. And the Sahaba were kind of like, you know, amazed Why did say no Mohammed leaves so quickly after the Salah. And he says he returned back again quickly. And when he came, he saw how curious the Sahaba work. So he explained to them he

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said, I recall during my salah that I had possession of gold in my home, so I went home and I gave it out in fear that it might distract me in my prayer. Salah Lolly who has a limp. This is how Euro Holika leg is the one who's guaranteed Jana, and look at his keenness on his prayer makes me ask myself, how are we with our prayer? How are we insula? Do we look at it as a time of relief from the stress of life? Or is it time when we think to ourselves, okay, let me just get over and done with it. Is it a time that we connect and bond with the last pinata, Hannah? Or is it a time where we just you know, don't want to be held accountable. So let's finish it. You know, I think we really

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all need to focus that nothing, nothing in this dunya is worthy of us trying to kind of get distracted in our prayer or to prioritize it over our salah, because when we connect with Allah subhanaw taala then he's the one who handles all these other matters that are just that is distracting us, right? All the matters that distract us already in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala I ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us all, to have that feeling during our Salah that we're actually connecting with Allah, and that we actually get relief in our prayer in sha Allah, Amin Amin was Allah Allah Allah said number Hamadan earlier Sofia Salam, Salam Alikum