Abu Muslim al-Khawlani and the Flour

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The speaker describes a story about a Muslim who was given a silver coin and a bunch of sawdust, but eventually lost the opportunity to buy something from a shop. The story is a bit long-lasting and the speaker suggests that the story could be used for future videos about actions taken by people.

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how lolani was a very righteous man. And one who had many keramat, which are most like extraordinary things that our last pantalla would give to people whom he loves him and prefers, although it is not a necessity that people will be given keramat but certainly he was one who was given many.

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And I want to tell you one story that he ma'am.

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And no, he mentions in his book was Stan allowed in. And that's one day I will Muslim was in the house. And his wife said to him, I will Muslim we don't have any flour.

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So he said, Okay.

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Do you have anything at all? She said, Yes, I have a silver coin, which I managed to get from selling some yarn.

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You know, the the wool when they spin it and make it into a yarn. He said, Okay, give me that and give me a sack. So he took that he took the sack. And yes, the the man was also responsible for going out shopping when his wife told him this is something that's not new. Anyway, he went to the market and he stood in front of a stall wanting to buy.

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While he was there, a beggar came to him and said to him all Muslim, give me some charity, I need some. So I've always seen obviously, the righteous man, and he knows the importance of charity. And he also knows that his wife has sent him on a mission. And he needs to come back with something. So he tries to run away from this beggar goes to another shop. But again, the beggar follows him when he knows that this beggar Alas, he's not going to give up on him. He gives him the silver coin. But now he is in a bit of a dilemma. What's he going to do? doesn't have the money.

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And his wife is expecting the

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the flour.

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So he goes to the carpenters place and he picks up some of the sawdust. And he fills the bag with sawdust, the sack with sawdust and he also put some some soil inside and then he goes he says, Well,

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you know, sometimes with how long, desperate times call for desperate measures, sometimes you don't necessarily think what to do but he knows that his wife is expecting a sack of of flour. So he does this. He goes knocks on the door

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who is a Muslim, she opens the door he throws the sack into the door without even trying to communicate. And he leaves. He says let me go out and now he goes. And you can imagine we put yourself in that situation I think has happened to a lot of us you know people are expecting you to deliver on something and you just can't now he wasn't gonna lie. So he wanted to effectively buy some time so it went out Let me see how I think what am I going to do? The narration even says that he was worried and scared from what his family would say.

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Anyway when it was nearly nighttime so imagine all this time he was outside the house thinking about this scenario that he is in now in this predicament that he's placed in he comes back home and he finds

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he sits down again think he was gonna say to his wife comes up with a tray plate full of nicely baked or yeah baked loaves of bread.

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Are you surprised to where'd you get this bread from? She said well, it's from the flour that you brought us

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the sack that he was was full of white refined flour. So on this one Moosa he started to eat at the same time he was crying.

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So how long do you think about this story? Yeah, there's there's many, many things in this story that we can definitely pick up on.

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Apart from the, you know, the distracted aspects of the story of how a woman I will send to her husband for shopping and our person will be very worried of not bringing the right shopping back. But you can see some how a lot when a person has a good link to our last pantile Allah will not let him down and Allah will definitely make things happen. Extraordinary. This is a story of a Muslim Muslim who was really a very righteous man and he had so many other keramat His name is Abdullah ibn

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throw up or some say farewell but he certainly has some great virtues even though he wasn't so happy

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and inshallah in in in the future videos will mention a little bit about him so that we can assign the kind of person he was but also very importantly to see that you know and it is something that we always have to look at the Quran we look at the margins that you know the the things that Allah gives the miracles to prophets and the righteous people there must be some sort of action initiated You know, he puts something in the sack and he bought it back now if he didn't put anything in the sack the sack is going to be empty it's not going to just automatically fill the loss of hands Allah wants you to do something

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look at the you know, this is almost a tsunami had a stick you know, even when he they came to running away from around a law said strike with the sea

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strike sorry, the sea with your stick, there has to be a striking you know, a lock we'll just open the sea is not a you know, it's not

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it's not hard for Los palletizers but he wants us to do something, do some action and alas pantalla will take care of the results. And sometimes those results will not even match the usual equations that you are used to, but they will actually even

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they will supersede your expectations will

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speak to you soon. Bye