Munir Ahmed – Ramadan Reminders #3

Munir Ahmed
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Hungry la hora. Bilal Ameen. Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. O Allah Allah He was such

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a bad

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Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds Peace and blessings and this prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi Salaam dear brothers and sisters as salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah Peace and mercy of Allah be with you all.

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This is a short message

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to encourage myself on yourself, and this blessed month of Ramadan, and it's amazing, but praise be to Allah as we thank Allah as well, that two thirds of the month is up and we now face the last last 10 days in sha Allah.

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it's, of course,

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it is, Ramadan itself is a blessing month, it requires jihad.

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Meaning struggle, we have to work hard through fasting and through developing our character controlling our tongue and behavior. For all that's part and parcel of and that is, requires effort, it's not

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an easy feat, the more laid back we easy about it, it's an indication of how we're actually not trying to take the best and full advantage of the blessing and mercy and forgiveness that is on offer.

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Praise be to Allah that we've managed to get this far. And I know it's difficult.

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I never belittle and make it come across very easy.

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And all of us are feeling on top of that the difficulty with the lockdown situation, not being able to see loved ones not being able to have that human touch with those with love.

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And social media although helps 100 out but never compensates for that. And all the other things that are there challenges in the lockdown which I don't want to enlist now. But

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Praise be to Allah gave us the man Praise be to Allah who made as Muslim and believers so that gives us a focus and a clear vision as to what the reality of life is, is it not so brothers and sisters

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but Ramadan to remind ourselves as we get towards the last 10 days in Nice. The time for winding down is not started brothers and sisters. It's like starting climbing a hill at the beginning of Ramadan. And now as we get we're not started going down the hill it's carrying on up the hill and we need to actually its peak is actually to be reached by the end of Ramadan. You could say later to Qatar and beyond and not to give up until the peak is actually the night before the Hazel fit of so and so nervous little muscle allow a solemn

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as it reported in

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a couple of Hadith in Bukhari Muslim one from automobili ny Chateau de la Paul paulet

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canon A B canon the BIA sallallahu alayhi Salaam either dolla

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dolla Asheville our yearly fee Ramadan

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Laila what a club La Jolla worship del Mesa so

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humble might be nice as long as he says that the publicize when the last when he entered the last 10 days of Ramadan In other words, that he would stay up all night. In other words, stay up all night and eat that day and liquor and contemplation.

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Not just stay up all night, some of us have the idea of staying up all night unfortunately.

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That is just you know, just chatting and playing games and things that that's not the idea here. It's not just about staying with staying up with a very important purpose. And that is to worship Allah suasana focused and concentrated effort between doing Salah between contemplating between reading Quran doing Vicar having a break and the rest as well. No harm and

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all that.

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And then he would wake up also he would wake up his family,

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waking up his family either to do part of the night and not necessarily the whole of the night indication.

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is if they can awaken family here doesn't mean kicking people out of bed,

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out of anger,

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the children are others in the family.

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And if they don't get up

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Yeah, in the night, as though they've committed some grave sin because in the end there's great encouragement and Baraka Of course in this but it is to be done through love brothers and through and sisters and through mercy towards one another as husbands or wives and then to the rest of the family,

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from the children in the household, whoever else is there

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and in encouragement through love and and if they're not able to get up in these nights even to do to to know our fault, they haven't committed to the grave sin the obligation is the fasting for those days obligated on and five daily prayers.

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The deferred prayers, the rest is an encouragement to

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to reap the rewards and get forgiveness and mercy. So of course, there's great encouragement from there's some novice Allah sallallahu Sallam and he's example.

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So here Layla was a coda, Allah he would wake up his family in other words, encourage them to to partake of the rewards that are on offer were shut down mixer and tighten his mixer is from izhar lower government and Allah had various views in regards to that.

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the best of which have actually both views are inclusive in this Some said it means that he like he would get up his lines and tightening the log arm means to get ready to do hard work. So to in regards to Jihad as it works to struggle to

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a to do the Baba even more so that you're reaching that Pinnacle

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whatever we're doing in the Ramadan in the rest of Ramadan, we'll be doing more now. And that's the idea of shed the limits or tightening the belt as it was on the lower garment. Also to set by Allah Medina it also means not sleeping in the nights in the last 10 with the wise which would also fit because of obvious Arsalan

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would do a decaf which was in the masjid. And the Quran is clear about those who are doing etic have

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a lot to wash ruhuna one two mokopuna fell massage it and you don't have the marital relationship when you are doing etica intimacy so it would cover that meaning as well. And the idea of both or include the idea of

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tightening the belt would have working hard is brought in another lease where profits are slim in Sahih Muslim Canada bs en la la liga Salaam yester head Phil, Asheville arfid ma la yes the head feels IUD in this month in the last 10 days he would

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work hard in EDA and contemplation growing closer to Allah smart Allah and with good deeds

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and giving

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included all that

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in the last 10 more than he did in the rest of it. So we see the beautiful examples. So last a La La Jolla sallam.

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We can never reach that level and that Pinnacle

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but his example is there as an encouragement for us. This is not time to slacken

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This is a time for us to

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try harder and it is not too late despite all the mistakes that we've made brothers and sisters in the days have gone by and we'll be thinking oh I didn't take advantage of that and I missed out on that I've missed out on I should have done more on I should have done more contemplation I should have spent less time on other social media things etc. It is not too late brother and sisters don't think I'll leave it till the next time we're done because we never may never reached the next level down. Allah smart Allah we're still in that beautiful blessing month the gates of Paradise is still open and flowing open the gates of Hellfire are still close. And before things go back to normality

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and the shutdowns are still restrained and chained. So

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this is a reminder and encouragement for you.

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As I encourage myself

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to carry on and enjoy

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A lot to try and pick up the gear to strive harder.

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The objective is to go close to closer to our Creator, glory be to Him.

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If we achieve that, then that is very

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the real goal and objective pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala and to fill our hearts with the man, may Allah smart Allah enlightened our hearts and I thought that guidance through the light of His guidance so the Quran May Allah subhanaw taala make this examples for others. And then I thought about guide humanity Melissa to lift this

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pandemic from humanity and keep us always on Salatu was stalking him. Masada through us help others on slaughter was stalking him towards Him and to his worship and save us from the fire of * and give her a place in his gender. A llama. I mean, we're accurate with that one. I'm humbled and I hadn't been on I mean, so I'm on a court of law.

Entering the Last 10 Nights

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