Prayer for Last 10 Days of Ramadan

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh May Allah subhanaw taala as peace and blessings be upon you, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala you're all having a very blessed Ramadan, especially as we're approaching the very end of it in these very blessed last nights. I would like to share with you some very precious words, our beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had a reason why he wanted us in these 10 days to keep repeating the following dots specifically, or Allah, you are all forgiving, and you love forgiveness. So forgive us along the indica for one to hebbal alpha five one. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted to instill in us the idea of asking Allah subhanaw taala

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for forgiveness. But first of all, what is the meaning of forgiveness? Forgiveness is what is that you come on the day of judgment, and you have good deeds, and you have bad deeds. But then Allah subhanaw taala comes and deals with you, as if you're a person of good deeds only. You have no bad deeds at all. And Allah subhanaw taala promised this in South Africa, verse 16, when he subhanho wa Taala says, hola you can live in another Kampala and home cinema and you went to jail was answered to him, fee US hydrogen. What are the sickly lady can you are doing? Those are the ones from whom we will accept the best of what they did and overlook their misdeeds. They're being among the

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companions of paradise. That is the promise of truth which they had been promised. If the Lord of the Worlds Allah subhanaw taala promised you that he will forgive you, you will come on the day of judgment. And you might have prayed or performed Hajj or even given charity or did any other form of obedience, and you have good deeds, but you also have bad deeds, these bad deeds, Allah subhanaw taala will not even look at them. He will hold you accountable only for the good you did. Imagine coming on the day of judgment and your bad deeds don't even get a glimpse at that is the meaning of forgiveness. Those are the ones from whom we will accept the best of what they did, and overlook

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their misdeeds, they will be among the companions of paradise. That is the promise of truth which they had been promised.

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As if Allah subhanaw taala is telling you rest assured, however major your sins might be, or however your burden might be heavy, and I forgive you, I will look at you with the eye of the Lord that is merciful towards his servant.

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But the most beautiful thing about this to her and how you ask for forgiveness in it is that you come to Allah subhanaw taala saying what? Oh Allah, I am coming to you and I know that I have no advantage. And I'm not asking you to bless me because of me. Or because of who I am or what I did. I came to you due to you along the inika Hafele went to herbal Alpha Firefly me. So I'm not coming to you saying I am the one who's broken between your hands. Or I am the one full of humility, or I'm the obedient one or I'm the one who sacrificed this and that I am nothing. I am zero I came with nothing. I'm coming to you because I heard our beloved Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam saying that you

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love forgiveness. So you are the reason I am here. You're up Alameen I'm coming in hopes of your attributes. I'm coming because I heard that the needy ones like me, the sinful ones like me, the ones full of shortcomings like me, you Subhana wa Tala encompass them with your forgiveness. Allah you are all forgiving and you love forgiveness. So you love forgiveness. It's one of your attributes. And you like your attributes to show on us Your servants. I have nothing Oh Allah. And you are everything. This idea of admitting that you are powerless without Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Quwata like, and turning to Allah subhanaw taala clinging to his doors asking for forgiveness is

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extremely loved by a wasp panel data. And that's why our beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the Isha to keep repeating this to her in the last 10 days of Ramadan. And I'm reminding you now as well to keep repeating this to her in these blessed days. And understand the magnitude of the results or the results sorry of this too hot when you come to your Lord and he subhanaw taala looks at your good deeds, even if they're not many live in these meanings the remaining days of Ramadan.

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Oh Allah, if you ate us to do good deeds these days, even if they're little make it you're glad tiding that you will save us from hellfire within monoterpene them the Lord. Oh Allah. If you free some of your servants, or many of them from hellfire these nights encompass us with them. Only with your mercy

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encompass us with Your mercy with your righteous servants encompasses with your mercy with your forgiven servants, the ones you've restored with your mercy and your Allah if you are not worthy, you are the author giving the Most Merciful. Oh Allah, our chests overflow with needs that no one knows except you. Oh Allah, you are the fulfiller of all needs, you will the All Knowing of all our needs your Allah fulfill our needs. You're alone. You are according to all powerful. Oh Allah, the responder to prayers and Mooji answer a prayer that has been raised to you in the heart of the Knights. Oh, Allah opened the gates of heaven for our Doha era. You are the old powerful Yeah,

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you're a big give us the glad tidings that you will accept us with those who will accept in these blessed nights. Your guide us to acts of God even if it's too little, and reward us with your generosity. You're Allah, Ya Allah Ya Allah. Ya Allah we will call upon you with what have you been a Muhammad our beloved Muhammad, love to call upon you with a llama in the car for winter Hibbeler for Farfan Allah along the indica fall winter hit Bula for five one alarm the indica for winter habla for five one. My dear brothers and sisters, try your best to do as many acts of obedience these days with the intention of continuing after Ramadan Insha Allah, each one of you through

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whatever you're capable of, to whatever act of good you can do through what you're good acts at these days. We're las Panatela except your fasting may accept your reading of Quran and you're standing between his you know during the night between his hands asking for forgiveness here I'm sorry. And may Allah subhanaw taala Rob forgive us Europe and grant us His mercy and His very blessed nights that are possible Allahumma ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam