Muhammad Salah – Proper Hijab for Women on Hajj

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © A woman named Mohammed is asking about the proper behavior for performance of a hi-dance. She is asking about the proper behavior for women performing hi-dance and how to avoid being seen by unmarried women. The man explains that women must keep their face and hands uncovered when performing hi-dance, even if they are in the middle of a hi-dance.
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How many people as handler under the shaker have this one question? Yes. Regarding performance of Hutch

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for lady who wears the niqab?

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Should she continue wearing the niqab while performing hi to each other requirement that you need

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to adhere to. Okay, Zack, a lot of men and I also had another question from Mohammed, what is the proper procedure for women who are performing hombre? I mean, during the state of performing hajj or Umrah such as also the question of folklore of men from body.

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The harem of a woman is in her face and hands, which means that when a woman when a woman says, led by column either on button or had done in this case, she must keep both hands and face uncovered, even if she is regularly wearing the niqab.

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So what do you do when we come to perform tawaf and we're surrounded by a huge number of men around us? Are you sure of the Allahu taala and how Obama explained to us what to do? She said, we used to uncover our faces.

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And if men will pass by us or we pass by men who are non who are non Muharram to us, then one of us would lower the Is there something different than the niqab

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from the top of her head to cover the face, and she can cover her hands beneath the CMR because this is also our in regular conditions. But if she is not surrounded by men, or if she's sitting in her seat in the plane, and the chances of being seen by an unmarried woman is very low. Then she must keep her face and hands uncovered. Allah Allah

What is the the proper hijab of women while performing Hajj?

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