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Mirza Yawar Baig
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Fila Arabella Livigno salatu salam ala schizophyllum via your mousseline Mohammadu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and cathedra Mavado. We continue with our class on salah.

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And we now look at we looked at the blessings of Salah we looked at how Salah helps us and how Salah benefits us. We will look now at some of the things as far as leaving Salah are concerned we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who will never leave Salah as long as we live, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to decree that we leave this world in a state of Salah in soju insha Allah

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with regard to the leaving of Surah from the Quran, we have this idea of sort of Buddha where Allah subhanaw taala said the people of Jana will ask the people of Johanna masala coffee Sokka

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what is it that led you into the hellfire and they will reply Carlo lamb Nico middle mousseline, they will say we were not of those who prayed.

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So this is as far as I'm concerned, the biggest and most authoritative proof of the danger of leaving Salah where a person leaves Allah, that person

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places himself in the great danger of being among the people of Ghana. Obviously having said that, this applies to somebody who leaves Salah and dies in that stage. So obviously, no matter how many survived you left, there is always room for Toba and returning to Allah subhanho wa Taala as long as we are alive, so we never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. But the point of or the proof of having hope in the Mercy of Allah is to make Toba and to correct ourselves as quickly as we can. This is the proof of the Mercy of Allah, this is another one of the

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shaytani you know,

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Miss guidances and the undesired deceptions that we sometimes find people are, are victims of which is that we interpret having mercy of Allah as being able to continue to disobey Allah. Now this is not a proof of having faith in the Mercy of Allah. If you continue to disobey Allah subhanaw taala does not prove that you believe in the mercy of Alaska This is the shaytaan Jetta and yet nothing else, a person who has hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala will immediately turn to that Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala by making Toba and correcting himself not continuing the evil action not continuing the sin despite knowing that it is wrong.

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So we know that leaving Salah is wrong but we continue to leave Salah this is not this is not the behavior of a Muslim We ask Allah to save us from that inshallah

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about the leaving of Salah there are many sahih Hadith Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam intermedia. Sherif Amidala Salam said binal gouffre while Iman Darko salah. He said the difference between Cofer disbelief and Ima is the abandonment of Salah is the leaving of Salah. Now different people, different Imam different scholars have interpreted leaving Salah in different ways. The thing to understand is that the job of the Folk haha, the job of the scholars is always to try to interpret something as softly and as kindly as possible. Because the basic principle in Islam is to make it easy as possible to enter Islam and as difficult as possible to leave Islam by saying difficult as

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possible. I don't mean that you don't have somebody or something. What I mean is that you don't give a fatwa of cover or anything. You do it only for the most serious of crimes. For other things you say no, let the person make Dawa and so on. And so yeah, this is the major sin but the person does not actually become Mirtha does not leave Islam. This is the basic principle of the fifth among the halal sunnah Alhamdulillah. So we do not, for example, say that committing a major sin is Cofer, which are not not over committing. We don't say it's a good thing. Of course it's not a good thing. If you die with that without making Toba then Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala might punish you for

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that. But you we do not say that a person who committed major sin has become governor, he has not become governor but he is a person who has committed major sins. So this is the basic principle of the Sharia. So

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Therefore, people have said leaving Salah means some of the vocab they have said leaving Salah means a person must actually say Salah is not important Salah is not for me I am not going to pray a person must actually say this before witnesses then we will say that this person has left Salah some other people have said that a person does not need to say that but if he continuously does not pray you know does not go to Salah at all doesn't pray at all or maybe he does only goes for for one or two Juma sometimes sometimes or maybe he just goes for the Eat Salah and Allah knows best maybe he goes for Salah for socializing Not For Sale Allah knows whatever. So if somebody is like that was

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left Salah for a long time is not praying then this person may be considered as having left Salah not otherwise. Some other folks have said that because of the statement or his asylum and they I will show you some other statements also leaving deliberately leaving even one Salah exits a person from Islam. So if a person for example time for Serato whatever the reason the person said I'm not praying and he hasn't prayed Salado he knew it was the time for that was or obviously he could have prayed or she could have prayed but they decided not to pray. Then when the time of solitude czar finishes, this person has exited Islam if they die after that they have died on Cofer, they will go

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into Johanna now the time come for solitude. This person goes in place to listen this person has re entered Islam. So Allah is forgiving the previous season inshallah and this person inshallah therefore is safe. So this is also one of the

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one of the further our of some of the foci the thing I remind myself and the thing I remind you is that Allah subhanaw taala is not bound by any fatwa. Please understand that this is something which is not only related to Salah, but to many other things. Many times people do things which are clearly wrong for example dealing in interest. Right we know it is wrong we know it is haram, we know it is the worst of haram because Allah subhanaw taala declared war on the one who deals in interest. And Allah subhanaw taala said let him accept this declaration of war from Allah subhanaw taala and is wa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Despite that somebody says no no I have a fatwa to say

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it is okay in this country. Please understand that doesn't work. A fatwa is an opinion of a jurist. That's it. It's the opinion of a jurist. A fatwa is not a hokum. A fatwa is not a ruling of the lawmaker.

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So you can have a million fatwas, it does not make something which is halal into haram and it does not make something which is haram into halal.

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A fatwa is only an opinion. And the example I usually give people is that for example, if you come and ask me, Do I need to pay income tax? And I said no, no, it's you are exempt from income tax. You don't have to pay income tax. And say I'm a tax lawyer. I'm a chartered accountant, I give you this I give it in writing no problem. Here is why obviously letterheads and you our big you need not pray you are exempt from income tax. What do you think will happen to you if you don't pay tax?

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They will get you they put you in jail. Now when when when you come before the the magistrate is a no no but you see I have Mr. Our bigs fatwa. To say I have to say our big is a madcap he gives you a fatwa, who is He Who the * is zero we are not bound by him his opinion, who cares about his opinion? So please understand this. Just because you have a fatwa on something from somebody makes no difference. The Hohokam is the hug of Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Lu, so playing games with the laws of Allah subhanaw taala saying I have this fatwa that what were these so called scholars said that and that so called scholar said, this makes no difference the hook of of Allah is Allah.

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And here what we are saying, what is the position of carefulness and Fer is to consider the strongest of them which is to say that even leaving one I will hold myself to that even leaving one Salah is tantamount to cover so I will not leave any sorrow at all. Now obviously this refers to leaving Salah deliberately if you fell asleep if you could not pray for some reason or hamdulillah inshallah Allah Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you and you can make other but the problem is many people think that making Hava

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is a rite of this so for example now I'm going shopping we say well what about God no, I'll come back and make other

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I want to go and see this you know this movie this great movie about the Haram making tower. So let me not say move here. So

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So you are

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and that is at six at 630 which is time for membership is over what what Mark I don't know I'll come back and make sure that no, sorry, deliberately leaving a Salah, saying I will make other you can make other till the Day of Judgment, it will not make up for that one insula which will have deliberately so deliberately Kaga is for that Salah which you left for reasons I

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either reasons beyond your control or out of forgetfulness meaning you know maybe sometimes in international travel and so on suppose you find you are in another country now, you're sort of the clock has gone haywire and you know, you don't know which time and so on and so forth. So Salah gets missed something like this, Allah Allah inshallah Allah will forgive but deliberately saying, No, I will make other no there is no make because I issue you have to pray at its right time and make an Allah's rather made it so easy. If you can't make although make diamo if you can't stand, you'll sit if you can't say to light or you can't, that you can't do anything, you pray only by a sheriff by

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by, you know, just the movements of the eyes, and so on and so forth. There is no excuse whatsoever. If you can't even make them you are in a state of Natasa, you can't even make them you still pray at the right time

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in that state of Rajasthan and inshallah was done that that Salah is accepted, there is no problem because there was no way there was no time possibility. Maybe you are, you know,

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mannequin like that does not save you or me and all that from all of these things. I'm just saying that irrespective of what there is no excuse for leaving Salah please understand this very, very clearly because this is a very serious matter. Imagine a person leaves Salah and Allah subhanaw taala decides in his case that this person has left his lab, then this person dies, what happens now

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is that Greece slide into the pit. So obviously we don't want that another Hadith, or Surah Surah Salam said, I had a lovely buy in an hour buying a home Ursula from Antarctica have I got Guevara, he said the covenant the line separating them and us meaning the Muslims or non Muslims is the Salah, and whoever leaves it this person has committed Cofer as committed this belief and this is in Muslim demand Muhammad and that is also so you had this the wrestlers are set up said the first thing about for which a person will be held accountable will be brought to account on the day of resurrection will be his salah, if that is sound, he will be successful. And if it is lacking in any

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way, he will be doomed. And then he said that if the obligatory prayers, which is the fourth Salawat if there is something lacking in that Allah subhanaw taala who knows everything, but Allah subhanaw taala will say to the melodica look and see if there is anything in his Navarre fill, which can be used up to make up for the shortfall in the first Salawat.

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And if that is so this will be done. And the same thing will be done for other things. For example, if there's a shortfall in the car, it will be taken from the other side of the car and so on you did and so on and so forth. Now imagine a situation which we find in a lot of people.

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I have the best belief about my brothers and sisters. So I see a lot of people who pray for Agartha Salah and they disappear. So my belief about them is that they're going to pray the Sunnah at home in sha Allah, and then they will also bring in office. But if that is not the case, maybe if I'm wrong, so you pray a photograph of Salah and you vanish. So now on the day of judgment you find that you have read the formula but there is a shortfall and then they say look in the NAMA Villa they say what now I will

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never upgrade anything.

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I gave Zakah only that but I didn't give anything more than what. So therefore it is a very good idea to also first of all, deliberately leaving the Sunnah moussaka is a major sin. The vaca have said that the Sunnah Maka which is the Touriga before Salat al Fajr before the Father the father, the Sunnah before Zohar, and after the her and the Sunnah after mother and the Sunnah after Isha, these are to be prayed, absolutely like the first Salah and they must be prayed within the specific time of that Salah. So if you did if you did not read them, there was no problem. There is a benefit also are praying at home so you can go home and pray you go back to the office and pray but ensure

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that you pray those so Dhamaka the Salah was definitely without leaving them. Right there is no Kedah for that if you for whatever reason if you miss it, you don't have to make it up. But that does not mean that is not important. It's a it's an established another visa Salah and therefore it cannot be simply discarded and disregarded and ignored. Just like that. So be very, very sure about that. And then of course the HUD job and then Salah to Doha and the different Nova fill and this praying just a novel Salah just for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala Alhamdulillah we must make this into a habit make Salah as something that we must do, right So be very clear about that because

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there's a lot of benefit in the Nova fill

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in the Hadees which is in several of the collection

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as well as or as romset Allah

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No dalla has obligated five Salawat by prayers, whoever performs their wudu perfectly and praise these Salawat at the proper times, completes the RUCO and the soju. And has also now who show is a state of concentration. It's a state of humility before Allah subhanaw taala. It's a state of standing before Allah subhanaw taala as a slave stand before His master and creator, and then there is a person who does that has a promise from Allah subhanaw taala that he Jalla Jalla Allah who will forgive him and whoever does not do that has no promise from Allah, He Allah may forgive him or he may punish him.

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I just think about this, this is just the first one. So if somebody is praying the vice versa you made proper wudu and you prayed the salah.

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Then in sha Allah was done we have full confidence that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive us on the Day of Judgment. That's it.

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Now when I say that's it, it does not mean that you pray the first Salah and then go and do something haram obviously we mentioned that before salah is a protection against sin. So if you are praying the five Salah perfectly automatically it means that it keeps you within the boundaries of Islam and that you will not break those boundaries for any reason, because five times a day you did a course correction five times a day you stood you stood before Allah subhanaw taala like you and I will stand on the day of judgment and therefore the question of then going out of the Salah and doing something which is private, it does not arise inshallah. So this is a proof and this is a

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evidence in our favor that insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala will forgive us on the Day of Judgment

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in the Hadees against the Hadees in Bukhari and Muslim, Abu Huraira. Delano narrated he said I heard Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam say, if there was a river at the door of anyone, and if this person took a bath in this river five times a day, would any dirt be on that person's body? The Saba said there's no chance of even a trace of dirt remaining on the person's body. Rasulullah Salallahu Salam said that is the example of the five prayers with which Allah subhanaw taala wipes out evil deeds.

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So I'm not sure either wipes out whatever sins we may have done

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because of the Salah, and as I told you, the whole beauty and the the benefit of Salah is that it keeps you from doing evil in the first place. So inshallah a person who prays regularly and as I said, praise thoughtfully praise with Osho prayers with understanding praise with proper Budo and with his consciousness of being before Allah subhanaw taala this person is in any case protected from all forms of sin.

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Now, why must we learn the correct way? Is a very beautiful Hadith narrated by Marika. There are no he said that we came to a socializer asylum and stayed with him for 20 days and nights. So this was a group of young possibly teenagers who came and stayed with Roscoe Salaam for 20 days and nights. And then Marga Alana says that after that, Rosa Rosa Rosa notice that you know, some of them, they look a bit homesick and so on and so forth. So he asked them he said do you do you are you missing your families? So Dr. Zola Yes, we are missing our families. So Rosa Rosa Rhonda and said to them, he said go back to your families, stay with them and teach them the religion and order them to do

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good things and protect them and tell them not to do anything which is evil. And then he said, Pray as you have seen me bring Salou Kumar i to Mooney Musa Lee, aka calories. alayhi salatu salam, and he said

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the else he said call the Amazon and then pray the Salah. Even if you're praying alone, he said even if you are alone, there's nobody else there still call the other and pray the Salah. There is a benefit in calling the other and bring the Surah So Do remember that inshallah. So here rasuna salah, Salah was saying, pray as you have seen me pray, what do we understand from the Hadees that rasuna Salah Salem taught these young people how to pray, right, he taught he taught many people but in this particular case, we know this particular incident where he says hello Guevara, I personally pray as you have seen me pray. So he demonstrated the salah to these young people and he said to

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them, Go and pray and therefore he said the oldest of you whoever is there in that place, who should

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who should lead this. We'll look at the the rules of inhabit and so on in a little while.

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