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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Part two from the Electoral College. Okay, I want to start off by telling you something. If somebody came and told you, if you stay up for the couple coming nights for maybe 10 nights or five nights, I'm going to be giving you $10 million guaranteed 100% Would you be up or no? honestly ask yourself? Yes, you definitely would be. Now, it's not a person who's telling you this. It's Allah subhanho wa Taala telling you that Laila through the night of power is better than 1000 month, hiraman Alpha, okay, if we were to divide 1000 months by, by 12, okay, which is how many months there are in a year, it would come up to about how many years 83

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years. 83 years is about how long a person or human beings life is. Right? That's how long we could possibly we could live a little bit more than that a little bit less than that, but give or take 83 is quite a full life right? So staying up in these nights is better than your entire life. Right? I lost my analysis or the Hadith says what muncom elated recovery man and what are the seven? All fear Allah hometel condemning them be? If you are up right out of faith and our fear of Allah subhanaw taala awareness veloce panna cotta Allah right. What happens that last panel to Allah forgives you. And we said again, in the last time when we spoke in my last video, it's not just about forgiving

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but it's pardoning, pardoning if and we said we have to keep repeating the DUA Allahumma inika, who went to Hezbollah for foreigner? pardoning mean means what? Be your page is what? Blank? There's nothing written there as if it never ever happened, no matter what I did, yes, no matter what you did, it doesn't matter what you did, as long as you're up Inshallah, during these 10 Nights, trying to do whatever you can, it's better than what 1000 months at three years your entire life it's better than winning the lottery, it's better than anything you can possibly it's better than those $10 million it's better than your entire life and this is a loss of hundreds Allah who is what who's

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promising you this right now the Sahaba when they were approaching the tent last Sunday's, they said was gonna know I'd love to work with Yanni Mina, Doha, or you know, Hazza, meaning what? Specific Doha? Okay, so you think to yourself, Where do I want to be next year? What do I want to achieve? Now, personally, within the community with my family, for the ACA, think of specific diets, whether they're four or five things that you want to really focus on, and write them down. Or even if you can't write, you don't wanna write them down, keep them in your head. And these are the drugs you need to focus on. When you're making sujood. Before you break your fast during Pfizer or after every

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single possible time you have during these 10 days, you have to focus on these two hearts that you're trying in sha Allah to ask Allah subhanaw taala for why because it's a night of acceptance, little countries a night of acceptance of Kabbalah to have, so put your hands up and make dua to Allah subhanaw taala and have the ability to pardon others as well. So Allah Spano Tata can pardon you on Allah subhanaw taala says what? On the Day of Judgment, two men or two people come, one of them oppressed the other and the one that is oppressed those Allah subhanaw taala Ya Allah, like, you know what Lemos LaMattina? And Aki take for me, my right from my brother, he he oppressed me in

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this dunya so Allah subhanaw taala tells him what give you a brother from what you're basically or given back his rights. He said, You Allah, I don't have any more good deeds to give him you know, I don't have any more. Everybody took away my good deeds, right? I oppressed so many people. So Allah subhanaw taala tells him what so the man tells him what, okay, fine, then take from my bad deeds and put it on him. And he said, that's fear. So Allah subhanaw taala tells him Can I tell you what's better than that? He doesn't want to Allah so it doesn't look above you. And the man who's oppressed looks up and he sees a castle, a beautiful castle, something that you basically can never imagine.

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Right? And he says, Yeah, Allah, like, who is this for? Is it for one of the MBA? Is it one of the messengers, one of the prophets, one of the Shahada. So who is this for something unbelievable? He said, it's for the one who has the price for it, or the one who owns the price for it? And he says, Yeah, Allah Who owns the price for it. He says, You own the price for it. He said, I do your ally says how he does by you pardoning your brother, you get a castle and Jana, have a half foot towards each other and practice this pardoning towards each other. During these days. Think of somebody that you are not in good terms with somebody who's your least favorite, and pick up that phone and ask

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about them and pardon them for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala so Allah subhanaw taala insha Allah pardon is essential on the day when we are going to be in the utmost need of his pardoning and forgiveness. And again, keep repeating law in California to help you laugh for honey or Allah. Focus on your Jahaz keep focusing of what it is and remember, it's only a couple of nights and then you can sleep you can, you know, you can do whatever it is you need to do later. Just the up those 10 Nights. Pray, give charity it's as if you've been doing charity. Imagine if you get blinded or you've been doing charity for

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83 years, you've been praying for 83 years, you've been to a clan for 83 years. It is so worth it will Mahi believe me. And in sha Allah of the Arab we meet together on the Day of Judgment era, the Arab and Jana era. And we can sit and talk about this and you can say, You know what, yes, it was worth it. In sha Allah Allah may Allah accept from your fast and may we all your notary creditor Academy we all experience it and live it and be up during that night. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide you and facilitate for you that you're actually awake and worshipping him during these very blessed hours. And those very blessed nights in sha Allah. And it doesn't matter what you did

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remember, it's the night of renewing your what your faith and your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala no matter what you did, brand new fresh start. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh