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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How's everybody doing? The last 10 days of Ramadan have started inshallah I'm going to be talking about the last 10 days of Ramadan two videos this one and the following one and I'm sorry my voice is about almost gone. I'm got hit by a really bad cold this at hamdulillah now, this night Layla through cod, in which it's spoken about and so the Katarina ends and now feel a little cut on their rocker narrated through cut Laylatul Qadr Hiram and L. Fisher, then as the Ramallah ecotour Roho via the Eat Nero beaming cordially, and Salam on your hat thermocline touch. This night is a night of renewal. It's a night where you can restart all over

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again. It's a night of forgiveness, not just forgiveness, I'm going to speak in a moment and explain to you what I mean by forgiveness. And we learn about this night or what to say, from a Seder I shall the law Hannah or when she asked me in the Mohammed Salatu was Salam and she says, Your us will Allah either attract later if I live or No, gods or, you know, I'm living during those days, what is the best thing to say or do and he said at 30 Min, Hatha da like, see this dot a lot. And what does the DA say? along the inika? Half who to Habibollah half of us are a ni O Allah. Truly, you're the most Forgiver right most forgiving to headbutt if you love forgiveness, so forgive me. So

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the main theme here, you know is what forgiveness law may not get halfway through you are what the most forgiving to headbutt if you love forgiveness. So what So forgive me. Now, I want to talk to you about something. There's a huge difference between half and my FIRA offer they're both in English maybe may have the same meaning of forgiving somebody. But an advocate has a very different meaning. Forgiving somebody is the idea when you come on the Day of Judgment with your book of deeds, and all your deeds are written there everything that you did, whether it's good or bad, but then at the end of it ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada basically does what he gives you set, he doesn't

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scandalize you in front of everybody. And he tells you what, you did this and did this and did that. But I have forgiven you, right. So basically, there's what there's such different loss Pano to Hana, half is very different. Half is when you come on the day of judgment, and all that you did from bad deeds is gone. It's erased. It doesn't exist. But I recall, I did this in the sin, but it's gone. You won't remember it on the Day of Judgment. There is a half it's a much higher level. How about if I did such a such sin? If I I don't know. Think of the worst thing you might have ever done. A lot of people do really bad things, right? It doesn't matter what you did. It's blank, white paper all

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over again. What ever it is that you did, these 10 nights are the nights where you need to start and renew that connection with Allah subhanaw taala have a brand new start, just the blank slate blank page. Doesn't matter what you did. These are the 10 nights for the half forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala nothing written it didn't exist. It's not like the mafia. Mafia is forgiveness, but it's still there. Half doesn't exist anymore. It's time to put those hands up and get prepared and ask Allah subhanaw taala to what to help you to repent from whatever it is that you did. Whether your backbiting you're, you're drinking, you're doing drugs, it doesn't matter what you're doing.

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It's the night of Matt Farah Laila through college and night of renewing that with a loss of Hannah were to Hyla and basically Allah subhanaw taala comes for you on the Day of Judgment for the mouthfeel and he says what, you know, Sutter to Halleck of dunya an alcoholic a Liam, I've worked covered, you are not scandalized you in on in this dunya and today I am forgiving you right? Think about it. Can I go back? And you know, I did this and this and that doesn't matter. A loss Pano to Allah he's telling you, he taught us through see the nature of the law, Hana or da to say what Vollmer Nikka fu to Hebrew laugh Safwan repeated as many times as you can, and in sha Allah you will

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be from those people. Doesn't matter where you came from, doesn't matter what you did, but you can be from these people. The last panel to Allah gives them full half Europe inshallah for pardoning nothing exists, blank paper, fresh start for all of us inshallah. Inshallah, we'll continue with you a little bit about goals and what you need to do in these themed days in short, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.