Omar Suleiman – Angels in your Presence #25

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the angels' spiritual hygiene practices, including brushing one's teeth and reciting the Prophet's recitation. They also mention the god's label of reciting the Prophet's recitation, which is related to the holy spirit. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the holy spirit in bringing people back to their spiritual realm.
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Something about the angels is that they don't like bad breath. Just like we don't like that brush. And so you know the feeling of when you're at the masjid and you're praying some sort of salon tada we usually or something after a thought. And you can smell the breath of someone next to you whether it's morning breath or the breath of whatever they ate, that night, and the odor of it comes up.

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And the profits lies on taught us to fresh in our breath for the mustard and fresh in our breath for prayer at home. And the prophets lie Some said so whoever amongst you is eating onions or garlic don't approach the masjid because he sets a lice Olympia in America to the mimma. Yet to add them in hobo, Adam, that the angels are offended by what offends the children of Adam, meaning they don't like the smell of it, just like the children of Adam don't like the smell of those things. So make sure that you brush your teeth and make sure that you freshen your breath and the prophets I seldom used to freshen his breath. He used to use the sea walk for every single meeting with his Lord every

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single prayer. It was his habits by some to brush his teeth, and to freshen up his breath. And that was his way of preparing for that moments that that events of being in that conversation with a loss of Hannah Montana, in prayer and supplication. Imagine if we did that not just for our hygiene but our spiritual hygiene every single time we went to the prayer and whether that was at home or in the masjid we purified our breath. One of my favorite I had the youth of the Prophet slice lm in this regard, as it pertains to the angels is that when a person stands the prophets license that when a person stands to pray, and they purify their mouth with the sea whack so they use a toothbrush or

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they use the sea whack and they prepare their mouth for the Salah. As they stand for the Salah. The prophets lie Some said an angel stands behind him and listens to his recitation. So we already know that. And then the angel draws near until the mouth of the angel is on the mouth of the reciter and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and so the reciter recites nothing of the poor and in our Salafi jophiel Malik except that it goes directly to the heart of the angel panel and the prophets license set forth by hero flagon we will put on so purify your mouths for the quarter and purify your mouth for the recitation of the Allahu Akbar, Allah you're reciting and you're reciting

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into the hearts of the angel into the chest of the angel. And it's it's really beautiful when you think about the fact that you came into this life with an angel blowing your spirit into you and here you are in the how blowing the word of Allah subhana wa tada into the angel. And this is something that's established that the angels crowd around the madness Allah, Joachim, Allah narrates that the angels don't recite the Quran, but instead they listened to the so they crowd the audience. So we know that when we're reciting the angels surround us, whether that's in groups or as individuals, we know that the angels loved the whole and they surrounded it as it came down to the

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Prophet slice alum. They celebrate its reading. But so how think about that moment there, the next time you stand up to read the great blessing that you have of the world and that even the angel wants to absorb the water from your mouth, the way that you absorb life through that Angel

From Your Mouth to an Angel’s Heart

The angels grasped what they could of the Quran in their hearts with its initial revelation, and they look for it with every recitation. This hadith will give you an entirely different dimension of the power of your recitation, and make you want to always brush your teeth before reading.

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