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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I want to share something with you, that's really neat. So many times, we fall into a very big mistake. And that is, we sometimes see somebody who does something wrong, they sin a certain sin. And right away, we jumped to doing what hating the person for doing such and such. Now, as Muslims, we are not required to hate that person. Yes, you despise the evil they do, you totally rejected outwards, whether it's spoken or in your heart, you are not okay with that. But that does not mean that you're not going to despise the person because of a sense that they're doing. If we were to despise people, because of their sins, the first people we

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were to despise, would be ourselves, we are sinful, every single creation on this earth is not created perfect. We are human beings, we all make mistakes, we all have our flaws. And if we were required to do that, then we'd be all in a state of hatred towards each other. You what you're required to do as a Muslim is to hate, or you have this, you know, this kind of rejection in your heart towards that sin towards that action, but not towards the person, that person was created by lost power to Allah. And we all have to have respect for one another. We make dua for the person, maybe we'll talk with them if we're in a situation or in a position that would allow us to talk and

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communicate with that person. But definitely, definitely not despise the person themselves, but despise the action. And you have to be very careful with that. Because again, look at yourself first before looking at other people. No one is created perfect. And if we did not sin, Allah subhanaw taala would have gotten rid of of all of us, and he would have exchanges and bought a new creation so that they would sin so he could repent. Okay, he could repent for them or repent, you know, you're the Humboldt. Alberto, basically, right? Except from them the repentance, and I'm not telling you this to encourage you to go and sin, but to understand that this is how we were created. We're

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not created as perfect creations we are not we are human beings. The second thing you have to understand is that when you come to reject the sin, there's a way of doing it say no Hamza, Selim was told what Willow Quinta for the illegal covenant for them how like, if you were like, a rough hearted person, and the way you spoke was what like tough and aggressive, people would have dispersed, they would have run away from you. You have to be kind natured, there used to be a man who used to be a drug in our drug sorry, and alcohol addict, and used to come and sit next to them a homicide Salam, and the Sahaba, the Companions would be so upset. And so you know, Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would want to teach them a lesson, he would tell the Companions thou will fight, you know, your head will know when to leave this man. He loves Allah and His messenger. Yes, hate the fact that he drinks and he's doing a major sin one of the kabbah ad, but do not hate the man himself hate the action, but not the man himself. For now your head will lower a solo, he loves a loss pinata Allah and His messenger. Be very careful, guys. We all are human beings. And we all at one point or the other fall into something, we all are in a continuous state of struggling with our flaws and our weaknesses. No one is just perfect. I don't care if you're the biggest check

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or whatever. We're all human beings. And we have to have the drama. Right? Well, my son, Nick, a lot of maternal Alameen, saying that Muhammad was sent as a mercy to all humanity, not just to Muslims, not just to believers, but to Muslims, and Christians and Jews and every people of every color and every race. That's the way you should be. You should to have the Rama in your heart, and have that approach with people and understand that people might be struggling with something and that you yourself might be struggling with something. Maybe you're not right now, but maybe one day you will. So don't be you know, jumping to conclusions about people, and definitely have Rama in your heart.

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And definitely make dua for those who are sinful. Don't detest them, but to test their action, and don't say, well, since that person is, you know, is for example, saying, well, since she's doing this action, then she might as well take her hijab off? Absolutely not. If you're in a state where you're struggling with yourself with something, and you're doing something good hold with your hands in your teeth and everything you can onto that good thing, right? Don't say, Well, I'm not complete, there is no complete Muslim. You work on things one thing at a time. If you're able to achieve one thing, you cling on to it as hard and as strong as you can. And you keep on moving forth. Even if

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you're struggling with something else. Maybe you're wearing a hijab, but you're backbiting Okay, backbiting is the worst thing ever, but doesn't mean that you go take off your hijab, hijab, these are not perfect people, guys, they're people who are struggling, they're maybe one step ahead in wearing hijab, but maybe they're still working on their backbiting or they're working on lowering their gaze or they're working on, you know, being honest, whatever it is the truth that they're trying to work on. That's how we all should be. We should not be judging each other because each one of us has their own struggle. And every single one of us as is you know, as at their own level

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working. We're all working

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So have that good intention insha Allah make dua for those around you and do not judge people don't judge people Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato