Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #27 – He is so fortunate

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AI: Summary © The negative impact of jealousy on society and human health is discussed, including negative reactions to small talk and small talk about sex and the negative impact on relationships. The importance of Islam's skill to one's success is also highlighted, along with the negative impact on human relationships, including sadness and fear. The success of Islam in highlighting physical presence of people and their actions has been a source of frustration for people, leading to the theory that the culture of the world is based on fear and malice.
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Well, I will

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feed me the hall fee. That was early

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on do more ala you came home in a mobile setting in

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Abu Dhabi learning him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Bala in UI two who are in the our la mia.

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Allahu Allah Karim como in Cabo de him in El Porto on men who were shut down in Hong Kong what I'm sorry Jiang when I use

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dono being him or emoji Remo sadaqa. Hola. Hola. Hola him. So we were discussing the day of the story of Carone his pride, his haughtiness, his arrogance, and we spoke about the fact that it stemmed from jealousy and how lethal jealousy is someone said Jealousy is a sickness Get well soon get well soon, you are living in misery. The poet said could Lola Adamawa Troja is led to her Ihlara Dawa to mana dark Amin has studied, there is a formula to convert every enmity into friendship, but the enmity that stems from jealousy, because the only way a jealous person will become happy is to see your collapse. So to make him happy to win his confidence, basically you need to destroy

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yourself which is insane, which is insane, which is insane. And Imam Ghazali said, Remember the world will never be free of people who are better than you, either in your social circle, your network, your friends, your peers, your fraternity, always there will be someone that Allah has blessed more than you. And it is for you to accept the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to wish well for them, yes, it is great, permissible and acceptable to desire that which Allah has given that individual in whatever regard by a tea nobility, Excellency, etc. Oh Allah bless me with that as well. And that's that's envious and that's great and that propels you to greater heights, but two

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wishes fall and collapse and to plan his destruction. That is, that is jealousy. And today, unfortunately, this has plagued and rocked the the fraternity of scholars. Leia Coonrod Raju Minella. It may be McCann in La Jolla Kunal Raju. Luminol lmap Makonnen hatherleigh. Yeah, so the menfolk oho wala yakka Rahman Duna, who wala you have three Bill al mi semana de la bien aroma Radi Allahu Anhu said you cannot acquire a position amongst the people of knowledge until law. Yeah, so the menfolk are who you do not have jealousy for those that are greater than you. Wala yakkety Rahman Duna who and you don't don't look down upon those that know less than you? Wala Yabba Lee

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will enemy seminar and you do not attach a price tag to your money. You do not attach a price tag to your knowledge. May Allah subhanho wa Taala save us from jealousy and all evil, spiritual qualities traits and melodies. I mean, you are blind I mean, okay, so now we move on Faraja Allah told me he Allah in nama ot two who Allah I am in the so when karoun was given this advice by Sedna Musa and his people verse 77. In verse 78. He responds, he retorts Carla, he said in nama ot to whom Allah Heilmann indeed, surely my wealth and my prominence is not a divine boon and a favor. This is due to my skill and my know how and my expertise in nama verily ot to who I was given this year, the

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privileges the books that you see my prominence, my wealth, my glory, my splendor, Allah Raman nd due to my knowledge, some say it refers to he claimed that because he knew the Torah, but the more preferred view of the scholars is on his skill on his know how boastful bragging on his expertise, and yet again, the scholars tell us even if you want to supposedly attribute your wealth and your prominence to your skill, who gave you the skill, who gave you the skill, the skill came from Allah? That is why in Surah Yunus where Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Larissa tele la he Jamia honor belongs to Allah exclusively Hakim will OMA rights wama Utara Ali re re he who Allahu Hatikvah cos

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Lea a leash God

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Leigha holy Shamsi, Hatha Yoga, we're in nama EULA, who are the be known in minute Thai looking for feeding us lonely must allotted MACBA Hurriya, La ilaha illa Allah, that honor and glory belongs to Allah exclusively. And whatever honor you see others are enjoying is because Allah has conferred upon that individual some skill through which he is getting some prominence, just like brightness belongs to the Sun, who will let Regina shumsa bleah it is Allah who has made the sun bright. So you say you know what this place is more bright or more lit or you know, come here it is because the rays of the sun is reaching out to this location at a greater level. Otherwise, it's not displaced,

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per se that has its own independent brightness, it's just drawing more or the rays and the reflection is stronger. So whoever enjoys any privilege is a reflection that Allah has gifted and favored and blessed and conferred upon him a favor. Otherwise there is an honor belongs to Allah exclusively.

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So a believer is one who would attribute all his accomplishments to his creator. Yes. And Adam is that you attribute your your hiccups, your faults, your setbacks, your snags to yourself, and there are so many verses in this regard. Say that Abraham, Allah has salat wa salam in Surah sharara. He said Allah the Halacha Annie, for whom is the lady who are you to remind us that Allah has created me He feeds me He gives me water to drink what either Marie have to when I become sick, Allah kills me those sickness is also from Allah. But Adam, Adam, Adam.

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When literally his Salam defected the boat

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then he said for our to an army Baja, I intended defect in it, though subsequently he said Walmart for and to whom an emery I did not do this from my own accord, Allah had told me to do it. But the defecting of the boat apparently had, you know what a flavor that was outwardly unpleasant. Because ahead of them, what kind of what are the what are and what are the scholars say is amongst the US DoD of DOD, the plural of the word Illidan, meaning it could mean ahead or behind? What can Awara ahead of them among whom medical there was the king Yahoo Lucullus Safina 10 Salahaddin. Last but this word is mentioned the Angela Lane, who was snatching every boat that was intact. So they again

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whether Alayhis Salam use the word for our refer to the defecting of the boat I intended I intended.

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And when it came to straightening the wall for Arada Buka Yeah, I should tell mama, where you're stuck at Jack Anza Houma Allah intended Allah intended. So we learn etiquette is that your accomplishments? This is from Allah. And in your hiccups, your setbacks, your snags, your drops, your failures, you attribute it to yourself, but but Chiron was the direct opposite. Sometimes some people don't say this verbally, but the body language is that so when you meet him a martial Allah has given you a lot. So it's like, yeah, you can just see that body language is so inflated, like, you know, you need to be smart, my brother, you need to be smart. But the anger man I know you're

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Passman I know where you were. And you know where you were. And you know what, where you came from? Like, like every go Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten and that's the sad reality of short our memories are how short our memories yesterday I was I was looking for a job. And yesterday I was renting. And yesterday I didn't have shelter over my head. And yesterday I wish I own the car. And today Allah has given me so much and my memory is so short lived that I have forgotten it. So verse 78, Paula in nama od to whom Allah Arimin in de, he said this is because of my own skill and my own expertise. So Allah says, Our lamea Allah and Allah Allah Allah Mia Allah, does he not see an Allah?

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That Allah come in? Probably he Meenal erode men who are ushered Dohmen Hoko Watton were accelero Gemma doesn't he pause for a moment and that's it. This is what what power can do to a person when a person becomes power hungry? They say you know what does the hunger for food that might make you steal and then there's the hunger for power that will make you kill right in the Lulu Qaeda Dakka Dakka yet and if so do ha I will let me Allah hunted Allah communicably Human Al Quran Okay, you got money. Okay, you got cloud okay, you smart, but have you forgotten that hang on, you're not the first king you're not the first monarch you're not the first dictator or the first autoCrat that

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came into power. There were many third Allah communicably He prior to mineral Quran generations men who should do Minho. Cova who was stronger than you? Men who I should do mean who overturn what

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Federal Jamaah

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whose army whose entered ranch whose cavalcade whose numbers were way more than you, people who came you know mama Bella Vanya Shah Rama they know whom forgettable recently for K for gun and again, they had made that power that strength they had treasures and we wiped them out for Cullen Ohana basin B La ilaha illallah chapter 29 Sudan Kabu for Colin a Havana BISM Bay. So we seized everyone because of their offenses for me Norman arsena la he has some we unleashed wings on them, you know, dusty winds, gusty winds with stones and pebbles in it. While being human after that. We'll say her some were gripped by the awful cry. I mean home man cosafa Hill out of some was sunk into the earth.

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I mean, how many of Ratana some were drowned by the waters? Oh my God, Allah holy Ulema whom and it's not like Allah oppress them when I can canoe and for whom we have the moon, but they oppress themselves and they provoked the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala wala use ello and zunow be human imagery moon, verse 78. And the criminals will not be asked regarding the offenses on the day of the Yama minions who are no teeth in, they will not be asked to inquire to investigate because Allah knows everything. And the verses in which Allah says they will be asked like, for example, in Surah so far, let's learn quickly for whom in whom mess alone, what before whom hauled them they will be

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asked, the scholars say that will be so honored to be in LA tacky thing that will be a question of interrogation. Sometimes a person says boy or girl, prospective bride and groom, they went to meet each other. And it's the nervous nail biting, what questions should I ask? And if he asked her if she asked, and I'm using a gender neutral, and then you asked one of them, you know what, how was your you know what the meeting with the boy or how was your meeting with the girl? And he's like, it wasn't questions. It was an interrogation. It was an interrogation. It wasn't a question. It was an interrogation. Like where do you earn How much do you earn Where do you love or will you do this? Or

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will you do that? etc. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, they will be asked meaning in an interrogative way in an interrogative way, not not to query because Allah knows everything. Allah knows everything.

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Verse 79, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, fahara Allah told me he feeds in I did. So one day karoun comes out and Metallica Tenzin says Yama, subbed it was a Saturday, and he is mounted on his convenience. And he's in his pomp and his glory, right? Sometimes you just at the mall or you're at an airport, and you just see this person coming around with his presence and his helpers and his cronies, or the cow with which he arrives at the restaurant. Or the eatery. It's like, wow, he just just just takes over the scene. Just commands that that authority, and it just like, leaves everybody speechless, envious, intimidated. For how Roger Allah told me he feeds et la ilaha

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illAllah. So he comes out on his people, fi zenity in his pomp and glory in his splendor, in his splendor, opulence. Bala levena Yuri Dune, Allah HYAH dunya yalla italiana Mithila ma oto Qarun Carla Lavina Yuri Donal hieratic, dunya those that were desirous of this world, and it doesn't suggest that they were disbelievers. In fact, the verse following the after indicates that they were believers, but they were just gripped in the malady of health, greed, greed. You know where you just Medina II Illa Xena tilma trophy in Cana Mahina and free Mallacoota is somewhat evil out when you stretch an envious eye to the glitter and the glamour of the people of this world. Then you collapse

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in the esteem of Allah Wallah Madonna is an acre in Alma McDonough Abbey as well as a minimum Zahal higher dunya Linda 15 of whom fee and O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do not stretch your eye to the glitter and the glamour of course the prophets Allah Allah has never stretched his eye, the message is to us.

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So those that were desirous of the world, they said yeah later Lana Mithila ma oto or rune, how I wish we were also given the fortune and the privileges that was given to karoun. Just look at the presence. Just look at the numbers. Just look at the opulence. Just look at the lavishness just look at the excellence Wow, this is just mind boggling. This just dazzles the eye. This just dazzles the eye in no Ludlow have been Aleem

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first 79 in the hula Lu have Lin Aleem, surely he is the Possessor of a great fortune

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Now let's just contrast that with a another verse. And one day I was reciting Quran and Allah put this thought in my mind. So they looked at him, fame, opulence, wealth, glory, splendor, outward, you know, everything is happening, it's going, it's like his life is in order. And today, unfortunately, you know, this happen one day does happen one day when our own came out, and it caught the eyes of people. And today we will fully go onto social media, and then look at all these people daily. And of course, it's presented in a way that is so appealing to the eye. So we then deliberately expose ourselves to this type of glory and pomp and splendor daily, and what happens we

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become depressed, because then obviously, my life is of such a substandard, my spouse, my children, my income, my dwelling, and I'm looking at his life and her life and they live their life in a moment. It's all happening, man. It's all happening. And on my end, nothing is happening. So I'm deliberately exposing myself to this every day of my life by browsing through these sites and social media, and then exposing myself to this year, the result of which is ungratefulness, jealousy, depression, and of course, you know, a host of negative thoughts. So they said, Surely He is the Possessor of a great fortune, just 24 Chapter 42 Verse 35, Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the same

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words, He is the Possessor of a great fortune, but for someone else, for someone else, according to the people of this world, and we'll see what's the outcome of the shortly. He's moving as wealthy as affluence is that Oh, this guy's lucky. Well, Allah says, Let me tell you who's lucky, the same words Allah says he's very lucky who Allah says infallibility, he acid resist evil in a good way for either levy bein a carabiner, who I doubt with a gun, who will Yun Hamid, this will is the formula to convert enmity into friendship. When a young woman you will not call her inland Latina Subaru, but this quality is only conferred upon those who have strength who have patients who have

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endurance, are you gonna call her in love who have Lin Aleem, and the one who possesses this quality is indeed the possessor of a great fortune, the one who can swim and KatataK or for Ironman Bolla MK axin Illa man as a lake that joint ties with the one that says it be kind to the one that is hostile to you. I've seen Salman katok Or for Ambala forgive the one who harms you what I've seen Illman Assa T lake so in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala and that is what matters my brother that is what matters because I issue the Alana wrote a letter issued the Alana wrote a letter to MA We are the Allah on a very brief very comprehensive, but voluminous, Amma bad for in Romania Melby Messiah

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simply love your swill ha me too who mean a nurse the Mandela who was salam have a line but so rich and that message is for us. That message is for us.

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For in the whole mania Melby myself it Allah, the One who disobeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala years three Rahami do who mean a nasty Damn man LA who very soon his allies will become his adversaries, his allies will become his adversaries. So those that might cheer you and salute you and celebrate you and compliment you. Wait, hang on, things are going to change drastically and aggressively and very soon, but the one whom Allah refers to as the possessor of great fortune in the eyes of Allah, He is blessed in this world and bless it in agora, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those who are possessors of great fortune, by the definition of Allah