Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #236 – For Muslims Who Want To Learn

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people underestimate the devil and try to convince them to study Islam. They explain that learning is not a requirement for becoming a student, but rather a habit. The speaker suggests that people should start anywhere and keep on going, even if they are already studying in a different area.
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If you're somebody who wants to learn about Islam and really become, you know, or just, you don't have to really want to become like a major student of knowledge or whatever, but if you're just somebody who wants to start learning, then you just got to start learning. I mean, that's, that's really it's that simple. A lot of people, people underestimate the devil, right? And they underestimate the tricks that he has. Right? They think that the devil is just going to come to him in the morning and say, you know, give up on all the good things that you're doing and just come do these bad things that will get you distracted, and all these little little things, right. So one of

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the things that he does, and I saw this happen to people, even the Medina is that he'll make you think that you can only learn, if you go to land x, or you go to this scholar, there's no other possible way for you to learn, I gotta go to the top, I gotta go to the big shake the head honcho, or I gotta go all the way to Medina, or I gotta go to here, I gotta go to there to Egypt, or Morocco, or whatever. And a lot of times, people spend months and months and years and years, if only If only, if only, yo, if you had started studying, when you first have the inclination, you would have benefited so much, and it might not have been perfect, you might have made mistakes, but

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the more that you study, the more that you'll learn your mistakes, and the more you'll be able to fix yourself into course correct. And all these sorts of things. Right. So that's, that's just like textbook shaytaan. What he does to try to psych people out to get them focused in all the sort of, you know, extra things or trying to make it seem like they can only do things as one way, right. So many people, they thought that, you know, they're really going to become a student knowledge, once they go to Medina that they're just going to move to Medina, once they get accepted to the University, and then it's just in the air, they're just going to drink the Muslims on water, and

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boom, they're going to turn into this great student of knowledge. And they didn't realize that the all the years that they were waiting to get accepted, or the years that they were waiting to actually move over there, you could have been learning Arabic, you could have been memorizing the Quran, you could have been benefiting from the imams in your machine, maybe they're not as slick and chic. And as appealing as the people on YouTube. Okay, maybe you kind of turn up your maybe you have a pride problem. Maybe you don't want to go to the guy who just came off the boat and only speaks you know, his language from the village and whatever. But I bet you something that that guy has way

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more knowledge in his pinkie than you do right now. And if you actually would humble yourself, you can learn something really important from him. And that'll just be the beginning. And then once you if you read the biographies of any of that road map of any of the mache, you find what you find hundreds of teachers, hundreds of teachers, and you're going to act like you want to take the entire Deen of Islam from one person from like the top scholar and this lander that land or whatever you start with the people who are around you, you do what you can with them, then you move on, you go to somebody else, you don't like what you see or you feel like you know, you're ready for something

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else. You go to a different teacher, right? And now it's so easy. There's so much stuff online. There's so much stuff online these days way more opportunities than even when I started which wasn't that long ago. Right? So I mean, don't don't let the devil get you busy with these games. Just start just start anywhere, start and keep walking. Right and as somebody told me when I was over in Medina, the person who learns the most isn't the person who maybe studies with the top shape or he you know, does the most every day the person who learns the most is the one that just keeps on going

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