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Family falling apart Listen to these few minutes


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So I was out shopping the other day and I found this beautiful painting that said something that really touched my heart. And it said what families that worship together, stay together. And I thought of the story of say the Fatima Angela and our daughter when she was starting to feel really tired. And she heard this evening Mohamed Salah Salem, her dad had some people and she went to visit him to ask if she could have a servant to help her with the housework. When she got there, she didn't find signum homicide salon, but she found her Hi Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu. So she told her Please tell my dad seen the Muhammad Ali salaam when he

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comes back that I need a servant. So when saying the Mohammed Cicilline returned, and I told him, he said, Well, if I had the money, I would spend this money on the people of insofar as so for the people who are they were very needy people who live right behind the masjid of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam instead of getting fired from a servant. Now faults have heard about this and was very hurt. Like her dad knew that she was in need of help, but he preferred to you know, to help needy people, the Muslim above helping his own child. So he went to visit her. And he when he walked in, he found her and see gnarlier Delano, aka sitting in back together. So he said, stay there where

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you are. And ultimate continuous saying he said, What, stay where you are. And he came and he sat between us. And he said, I heard you talking about that you needed someone to help you. She said yes. You're awesome ALLAH. So he said July teach you what is better than that. She said, What's your Rasul Allah, he said it our tumor, which means both of you, when both of you, you and your husband, get together in bed, say together SubhanAllah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 34 times, say, the Fatima says, will lie after that day. I never ever had the need or felt the need, that I needed anyone to help both her and say Dolly. And they said that they always continued to say

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that as long as they you know, as they lived. Now, the first thing I want to point out here is what saved them. Ohama didn't say when you go to bed by yourself, you know, while your husband is doing something else. Like when you go to bed together, not when your husband's watching The Walking Dead, and you're in bed CTSP or when your husband is praying, and you are shopping together. The key to family's thing together, is worshiping together, to speak out together. So all together in victory together, going visiting someone who's ill together, we hear about so many cases of divorce these things and we hear about homes that lack and are deprived of love and kids growing up to witness

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that this is the norm. It's very important that we bring this habit of worshipping and the Sunnah, not just a habit of worshiping together back to our homes. If we want to find love in our homes, if we want to find the love in our hearts for our spouses that know what that that kindness, that generosity, that you know that feeling of empathy for those even for our own kids, you have to worship together. If you're not married, than worship with your parents. If you're not if you don't have your parents around you with your siblings, with your children with a friend. This is how you maintain and keep these relationships going. Until the day you meet Allah subhanaw taala will law

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your home's needs this more than anything ever worshiping together? Not one of us doing something and the others doing something else. Not everyone in their own world. I know of a family that were on the verge of getting divorced like homeless they did discuss all the details, every little detail, who's doing what and whatnot. And subhanAllah the sister tells me one day she was praying fudge and her husband woke up and they pray together. And then they continued that habit and Subhanallah the way Allah subhanaw taala change their hearts and place the Rama that mercy in their hearts is unbelievable. Allah has the ability he says what he had to have enough or Giandomenico

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with them Rama bring that Muhammad and Rama back in your homes by worshipping together even if you're praying in the masjid come back and do the Sunnah with your family or pray the Sunnah at home or do pm live together, do something together. May Allah subhanaw taala protect all our homes and keep us you know keep that Muhammad and Rama between us and our spouses and our kids as well in sha Allah Allah, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh