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Does Allah Love You?

Youssra Kamel Kandil


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. First of all, I want to thank you all for the well wishes hamdulillah starting to feel way better today. And yes, I'm wearing my red scarf in support of all my sisters for A Day Without a Woman. It's been more like a week without a woman from Universal Hamdulillah I was sitting listening to some Quran and Sunnah Marian was playing. And verse 96, such a beautiful area I wanted to share with you the ISS, what in the Latina am and why middle Saudi had so long Rahman would, oh, my God, I wish I could translate this well enough. They are basically says what indeed or truly, those who believe and do acts of righteousness. Truly, Allah will grant them

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not Allah, truly the most merciful will grant them affection. Now, the word wood is not just affection, okay? It's a combination of affection, love, there is mercy and drama in their Subhanak era. So it's not just you believing, right? You believe and then you act upon your belief, right? You do acts of what righteousness you believe. And you pray. First, you get up and pray for fish you believe and you put your hijab on you believe, and you visit your sick neighbor or you believe and you ask about your parents you believe and you act upon it. Right? And what's the reward? last panel to Hala Rahman grants you affection. Oh, my God, and Ebola Raja Lanois says, let's say the Mohammed

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Salim says, when Allah subhanaw taala loves a servant or one of his servants, he calls to Angel Jibreel in the heavens, and he says, Yeah, Gibreel truly, I love so and so. So love him. You had your breed in your head bufala and for a hippo. Can you imagine Allah subhanaw taala Rahman calling you? Yes you by your name, because you acted upon your belief. And says what? As angels you're built to love you. Who are we? Who are we to be mentioned by Allah subhanaw taala. And as high as heaven Subhana Chiara and Angel Jibreel loves you. And that doesn't just stop there. And then Angel Jibreel goes on and calls what the inhabitants of what of the heavens? What other Summit? Yeah, this summer,

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oh, inhabitants of heaven. Allah subhanaw taala love so and so Allah subhanaw taala loves you because you're what acting upon your belief. So love him. And then the inhabitants of the heavens love you. And it doesn't stop there. And then acceptance is sent down on earth and placed in the people's hearts for you. People love you people except you. People want to be around you and talk to you. Subhanak yob such a reward from the Rama and subhanaw taala? Think about it. Isn't it worth it to wake up in the middle of the night and act upon your belief and pray for Shawn time? Is it not worth it? To pick up that phone and ask about your family members that you've cut off for so many

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years? Is it not worth it to wear this hijab? Is it not worth it to go and ask about your neighbors and visit the sake and smile in your friend's face or your brother or sisters face? Think about it's a last panel Attalla Rahman mentioning you by your name thena Manu Samuel Solly hat, you believe? And then you act about upon it sorry. And Allah mentions your name. Is it not worth it? Think about it. Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh