Hospitality In Islam Part 2 April 3rd 2012

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So a lot of us been on

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the telephone

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last night to start speaking about very important topic f1 from the other side, if

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you still remember

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what is it,

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hospitality, of

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how to be generous with your guests, we spoke about the type of

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different styles and an example from a man is one of the beautiful examples of hospitality is auto setup. There's a number of data you could have in the book that matters from the outside in the same chapter level coffee life, honoring the guest, father and body a lot. And and a ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, mechanic.

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This hiatus listings, and each one of them deserves a logical seminar. Just to talk about

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the first one he the purpose of us,

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parliamentary opennebula

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He who believes in a law and the last day must not

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use it for nuclear should honor his gifts.

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They switched the transmission. Anyway, the transmission is the heart of the purpose awesome, says my carrier.

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Anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day

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should show hospitality to his guests.

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Look at this statement, man, can you elaborate on

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how equivalent that is to it? And we look at this when he talks about where he went along on the final day. What is that?

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Is that? Right? What's that? What's the value? Is it obligatory? To have Han Solo is my students. What is that? That's all right. What do how do we know that because the value of what believe in Allah, and the final day mentality

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if you truly believe in Allah, and the final day, guess what I was telling you.

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Another guest

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Look at this, the comparison. So the level of honor the guest the importance of honoring the guest, a lot of the purpose of this is putting it at the center in what Believe it or not. And the funny thing, again, remember, we spoke about that level of hospitality yesterday, so people sometimes they overdo it too much. That one day do it once and they stopped doing it

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for the rest of the day.

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It doesn't have to be that way. It's very simple and easy. And that's it you can bring people just for a cup of tea and coffee and doesn't have to be all those yummy. Mashallah, all this kebab and cooked as advices and realities. And it doesn't have to be that simple. So hospitality to a guest, again, that was making at the level of Bolivian law, and to finally see how important that is to our last panelist. Then the messages are awesome, says, woman can I

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ask you, for yourself.

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And anyone who believes in Allah and the final day, the professor said, should

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should should maintain the type, the kinship and the family, he's maintained a good relationship with your family. Again, look at this, being nice and kind to a family and unload, I lost my panel does make

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me believe in a lot of different things. And finally, he said, some of them are Montana, you rely heavily on an asset for your concern.

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And anyone who believes in a law and the last day should be a good or an insider.

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The same thing at that level, speaking good or remain silent is is as little as believing in law and the fundamentals. So again, on the last panel without the profits or loss is begun these other matters at the level of believing a law. And the final data shows how important or significant that last panel what happened to us, it might be that significant. But the last panel data is that significant that is at that level of living and a lot underfunded. So make sure

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to keep that in mind. Whenever you whatever you do, that you honor your guests is a good time to their family. And if you're going to be speaking

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otherwise, remain quiet.

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The whole time

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Ramadan begins, you're no longer my mother time saying, you know, can I just

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know you're old enough, right? Not too fast and

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you can do it right?

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I know but

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the local escape, I'm not going to give her that exit

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let them

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when it comes to hospitality we said that we are obligated to give the hospitality for three days.

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again that in the same context back then people when they travel, they have no hotels, no place to stay no shelters except for those on the road. So that's when they come to your place, you should honor them. And given that hospitality to stay for three days and three nights after that it becomes optional, almost to have to deal with when it comes to people who to whom you're responsible, and your children, your spouse, your parents

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deserve the highest level of hospitality. But it's not meant it's not limited to three days.

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Because these are irresponsibility, and actually should always be something that they're shown and even they shouldn't even feel like guests. And

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they should they shouldn't feel

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that staircase issue. And usually the highest level of hospitality is when you treat your guests as if you're the guest and their presence.

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That's the highest level of hospitality. That's why they have this energy all the time, which when they meet someone or someone comes over, they will say hello to

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another which means you come in as a family is what the moment you enter the house, you know, your family,

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and an obligation to return them in the best way possible with the will of love and of course with the respect when has arrived to Santa, and many stay being easy. And as if you come into a liberal soft state.

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law so parents divorce and family members in particular to that you're obligated to take care of them on parents, that actually they're not just getting more than a lot.

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We know that

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that means if you don't do it,

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we said that we live in Amman, the final day is obligatory even if you don't we don't believe it's an act of Kufa. So what do you put right now the issue of honoring the guest at that level doesn't mean that you don't have the guest. It's an act of No, it just to show the significance and importance. That's all it says.

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For example, of course and for example, hopefully one of them is calm, but it's not good for right or wrong.

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However, when Allah subhana wa tada brings the issue of equality and being unsuitable to a parent. We always associate that with what we share.

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And also respecting your parents and being dutiful to your parents. It's also associated with one living in the power die to show significance and importance.

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If you have guests coming over

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your house, yours

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Possible done if you don't mind I appreciate it

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I don't even know what does watch this let me show this to

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firm about this issue while I'm afraid to embarrass them blah blah blah. Let them get embarrassed

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service desk came from john something

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and you started getting that award last

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follow How can I show

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them the last

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how far should you go and connect and what about your extended family?

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Some of them facility they say it's actually the seventh generation

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best friend.

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we're gonna boo Masada and the father to me therefore father was actually the righteous person and they said in the scene he was talking about the seventh generation

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that's of course it's a speculation see a lot of for the automotive set up the seventh generation today you better know even your your nephews and nieces. cousins.

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So if you can maintain the closest circle

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so the mom is not there. The question is a mom is not coming to the salon.

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The founder hasn't been set up yet. Basically the question is When should I stand up to prepare for the song you stand up want to prepare for the Salah when you see the map come in?

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Does that do do I have to wait for the opponent to be called for you don't have to when you see the man coming in the middle of the map coming and coming in to lead us along, not coming into the method maybe coming in to sit in the opposite. But when a man is coming to the position of Salah that's when you start standing up a man and by the time the time is over, the man will be ready for us on the lines of the expo because that's how they used to do what the prophet said about Salah. Sometimes biller would call for the farmer like one of these occasions the prophets of Allah speak with someone in the back of the message it seems to be very significant that even though we didn't

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finish their karma the professor was still speaking with him he didn't move to the position of Salah until it

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was time or efficient

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fish catching

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fish catch and then there is back into the

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what is that just sports

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kind of sport just barely catch the fish

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back again to

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enter the leg

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The thing is that the question is does that is that torture?

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Because how do you catch the fish? You have to okay basically when the when something was that sort of torture and the rest of us I'm part of a noun a non

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profit for various from taking anything that has

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so without applied to it but seems to be

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there's one thing but especially good to just go back again.

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Yeah, have you got it

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just saying there's ordinance that you're not allowed to take the fish out of the lake just efficient or abundant in there right.

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Yeah, certain certain particular lakes and certain size

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or the size of the fish.

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If you catch the fish that is under the size that you can take with you take it with you

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back again

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that's because you're fishing right now. But not efficient. So this was put back there

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because if someone just go there just for the sake of fishing back again, then that would say no but if you go fishing to get the big ones, but you end up with the smaller ones you're not allowed to take out the back.

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If you've read the sooner they call the comma. If you're a towards the end, finish it which means if you can join the salon before

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The banking system then finishes. But if you're not gonna be able to catch that moment,

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just get yourself up. So if you understand and use our standard, if not, you're sitting down, just give us numbers. And then john, the amount that's better for you,

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as a parent is different

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that once you start a body, you cannot finish

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it until you finish. So that's why this is sometimes some people when they do the math they accomplished before they still finish the song, even though they might miss

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a lot

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whatsoever sufficient

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on the right side.

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How do you how do you identify or define so that maintaining the ties with the family and the kitchen? There is no specific definition? And I cannot say it depends on how many times you hold sending a postcard text message from the fire office. I can't say this is this is called logic and it's an obligation, but it's not it's not necessarily an identifier. So it depends on the on the time and the culture. What do they consider

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and our time unfortunately, the family connection

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very loose. So therefore we will not be able to connect with your second cousins, as would you do with your brothers and sisters.

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So if your distance away from them, at least check on them by calling center letters, emails, and make an effort to connect with them shovel data would be fine.

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Even Facebook is

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maintaining the kinship ties when you have specific, let's say classification when you go family, so you just put people as family and then you make a circle of them.