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Allah gave me the year of knowledge program when I needed him the most. And it helped me become a better mother to my children, a wife to my husband, and a better Muslim, it was this

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seeking Islamic knowledge needs to be a number one priority for every single Muslim woman out there. And the reason why is the strongest relationship that we have is our relationship with a loss of autonomy. And just like how a doctor prescribes medication for a patient that's not doing well, Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed it upon us to seek knowledge and not just any knowledge, but beneficial knowledge, and gender Institute, I have found has been the best when it comes to female scholars who knows exactly what we're going through. They have equipped themselves with the skills with the knowledge they need people to teach us in English remotely, literally anywhere around the

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world. And

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it will be a very difficult road if we had to do this on our own. Taking classes through agenda Institute, has been my place of refuge in this world of preparation for my journey into the next. It has been my role teaching me and guiding me to be close to my Creator. There's something about shaker Dr. Haifa style that is just very practical and speaks straight to your heart.

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Not to mention the sisterhood that I have gained from being in this program.

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I had seen a lecture of Dr. heifers online, and then I joined one of the courses of Jenner Institute. I can't say enough about the benefit that I have gotten from this program. I just feel so much more kind of at ease and peace in my life, knowing that I have that steadfastness that firmness in my faith that I didn't have before. There's so much to be gained from seeking knowledge. And as Dr. Haifa says when Allah loves you, He gives you knowledge of his deen and I can't express how grateful I am to Allah subhanaw taala and to shake a Haifa and to all of the other students that I've been learning alongside with, and the team at Jenner Institute for all of the amazing work that

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they're doing. You know, when you educate a woman, you educate a nation. That's Jenna Institute's one of their tag lines. And it's so true