Haifaa Younis – Those Who Are Grateful

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of gratitude in the spiritual teachings of Islam. They explain that gratitude is a combination of feeling grateful to the person the person is speaking to and the person they are speaking to. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of gratitude in learning and achieving success in life.
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Salam Alikum warahmatu Lucha Libre capital this Mala 100 Allah, wa salatu salam ala so we left by that.

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Meanwhile, we are continuing the journey to learn about things our last prime point alone. And we reached to a criteria that was part of Hautala

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said it's in the Quran, its criteria and in the opposite. He said in short will help

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the pilgrimage and said it in a verse number 38 and hedges 22. And the verse is 38 in Allahu Delphia on the living Allah, for sure,

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indeed, Give victory, but he defended the believers in Allah, worthy Allah Nereo does not love the one Capital One is a treasured us. Someone who does not keep somebody who actually a traitor can afford and

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perform ungrateful. So what we're going to look into today is a last panel dialer. He is a woman who is the one who gives us everything we have. He gives us all the lessons we have, what he wants from you, and you and us is to be grateful, when he loves those who are grateful. And not only he loves those who are grateful that he gives,

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the more I am grateful, the more

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and less of this and

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let you check out.

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If you are grateful, if you practice gratefulness, I'll give you more what you prefer. And you if you are not grateful, you are ungrateful, indeed, my punishment.

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And Allah put it as an order. So the Caroni and quirkiness is important. Remember me, I remember you wash clothing, you're grateful, what ATAC for him, don't be uncommon.

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So what is a blessing?

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And what is gratefulness? And how am I going to do with him my baby about everything Allah gives you to help me to live in my life.

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Or things he would not give me, took her away from me, but brought me closer to him. It's a blessing.

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And even if I am tested with a test, but I am patient, that's a blessing, because that will bring me closer. So that's a blessing. How I am grateful. What does it mean I am grateful I say at hamdulillah

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students at Ashoka gratefulness is the tongue, the tongue saved segment, praising Allah,

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praising Allah, the source of the blessing. My heart knows that Allah is the One who gave me this blessing. I see it and my heart see the source of that blessing. That degree I have the children, the house, the status, the health, the ability, I can see all these I see them that Allah is the One who will be is Allah is the One who gave it to me. I feel it my heart to it. I don't see I believe I see a lot David. And the third way is are used out to blessing Allah gave me in his own views, not in his disobedience. So a grateful person acknowledged by his tongue or her tongue that the blessing you have is from Allah, the heart acknowledge of the blessings from Allah, I didn't work hard. And

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what made you work hard. Our luck was blessing and maybe my hardworking bring fruits. There's something we have all to learn and teach our children that, yes, work hard with a lottery make your hard work.

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And the third, which is the most important, I use that lesson a lot

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for his own reasons. So he gives me a call. I use the car in a way to please him. I don't use it to go to places that is whether his disobedience or use it to go to places where he was happy with him. He gave me the eyes What a blessing and

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I use it to look at who is what makes him so happy. I don't look at it at home. And I am not grateful for this. I live each one of us to look at counts as we they say count your blessings that gets counted around

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of us, military, we count the blessing, the home rooms, the bed, the whole a kitchen, a family fact I can see the fact that I can do the fact that I can walk, absolutely to continue to count, we will not be able to count as our Lawson. But let's pick three

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lessons Allah gave us, each one of us. And let's practice the three pillars of gratefulness. I am so grateful to Allah heed my turn, I am so grateful to Allah with my heart he gave me and I use what your purpose.

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Being gratefulness is an audible is an act of worship or loss, either or because he

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will be grateful to me. And he described out many of his prophets as being the grateful one of the character of them is

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saying when you say what I said, you'd remove yourself, All these and more or less and for those who are inside your salon, when he said it, when I say that I should ask him you pray a lot in the Night Stand Up All Night that your feet gets actually cracked and blood comes out of here respond. Don't shouldn't I be grateful? So shouldn't we be setting your alarm Jamnagar is shocking is a drought for us robbing southwest, I suppose. supplication he talks

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and he said to me yeah, what I love you say this supplication after every seller Allahumma or Allah, I only hope I don't remember where should come to be grateful to you,

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too, worship you in the best way. Your alarm was shattered. May Allah make us all of the great

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