Is it Shaitan or My Nafs

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Salam o Allah Quran deliver get to. So a very quick tip to know that when you feel like you want to commit a sin or do something bad, how to know if this whispering is from your neffs? Or is it's from Shaytaan. Now, if the whispering comes once and he's like, see how the blemish that seems, you know stuff on on him and it just goes away? Or is it something that keeps nagging over and over and you lose data and you lost the file and it still keeps coming back against you? If it comes one time, and you do your as far as that and it goes away? That's from Satan. Because Satan doesn't care what it is that you do to displease Allah subhanaw taala, as long as you're just pleasing Allah subhanaw

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taala so he won't waste time with you. If he whispers to you, and you don't follow him. He'll move to the next thought, and then the next thought and the next thought and so on. That your neffs the helwa the desire of the heart, what you want, right, it will come to you once and then you see how the blemishes allergy and they'll leave you for like a week and come back again and then in a month and so on so forth. And a beautiful job to help us tackle this problem is asking Allah subhanho wa Taala to exchange the love of what displeases Him in your heart with the love of what pleases Him. Right. And you've the last panel were to Hala hold the Usher Howard Bishop the mayor de subhanho wa

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Taala such a beautiful job. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Europe Europe uproots the love of anything that displeases Him in His messenger and replaces it with only what pleases Him subhanho wa Taala Amin and Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah however it gets