Isolation and Hope

Youssra Kamel Kandil


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you're up. You're all doing well and you're safe and healthy. Today I want to share with you a very quick story of Sedna, Yunus, Ali Salam. So, you know, Jonas was sent to the people of Nineveh in Iraq by Abbas, Hannah Montana. And at some point, he was just so frustrated by them of their lack of response, and he picked up and he left without ALLAH SubhanA wa Johannes permission, he found a boat that was about to leave with some men on it. And he went on. And as soon as they got into the middle of the sea, huge storm hit them. And they realize that they have to get rid of any weight or extra weight that's on this boat. And so they

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started throwing all their supplies, throw it over into the sea over off into the sea. And it was no, you know, it wasn't helpful. So they said, one of us has to be thrown into the sea. And so they started doing what they sort of drawing out lots

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And subhanAllah

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Of course, whose name gets pulled out. So hidden the unit salahi's Seven, and then they said, You know what, this looks like a pious man. Let's hold on to him for a little bit. Maybe he'll make too hot. But Subhanallah every time they pulled out from the lot, right? It was saying the Jonas Halley's tsunami.

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And so it was, they threw him into the Yemen into the sea. And Allah subhana wa Taala says, What? Calm whole hood instantly fell right away. The whale swallowed him.

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And subhanAllah think about it. So you'd know Jonas Halley's Salam in real isolation, in the stomach of the whale, in the deep sea. In the Romans that's almost Panatela describes in darkness as darkness upon darkness, darkness of the night darkness of the stomach of the whale, darkness, emotional darkness of am I going to make it through? How long am I going to be here? What is going to happen to me what's good, like there's this ambiguity not knowing the darkness of not knowing and the fear of not knowing Subhanallah and it reminds me of what we are going through right now. We are in isolation, of course, in a much better situation than saving the unit's Ali Salam in our homes,

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with our you know, internet and Wi Fi and TV and families and whatnot. But we are in isolation. And a lot of people are in the darkness of the isolation of not knowing are they going to catch this disease? Are they going to recover from it? When is it going to be over? Is it ever going to be over? So many questions? Subhanallah but Allah subhanaw taala is so merciful because he gives us the solution to this right away. What does he say? He says, Fernanda This is about saving the units he called Fanad, the foot brunette and

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the Subhanak in equal to Natale mean when the unit is called in the stomach of the wheel that there is no God except your I understand the above that no one is going to take me out of what I've been right now. Except to your Allah. When Allah subhanaw taala sometimes cuts you out from everything. It's to make you understand that you can turn to anyone except him.

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Except he Subhana wa Tala La ilaha illa and the Subhanak. No one is going to be able to end what we're in. Except you your Allah in the continental parliament, I was from the wrong doors I am the one was from the wrong doors. It's my shortcomings towards your your Allah.

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And then comes the word, the beautiful what response from Allah subhanho wa Taala when he says what does the job now allow? So immediately, we responded to him. What wanted J Now Minella hum work and elegant Anji mean, so immediately responded to him and we saved him. And then Allah sub says something so beautiful here, we saved him from the hardship. Look, your daddy cannot just mean and this is how he didn't say and this is how we save the the messengers. No, because if you were to read this right and say well, oh yeah, well, he's a messenger. And Allah Subhana Allah said when he said that he saved him because he's a messenger. But Allah says go to the Allegan je ne and this is

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how we save the believers. You believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala right or wrong? A boss giving you the solution. Put those hands up and say let

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the Subhanak in the quantum of your Allah there is no God except you are what Exalted are your glory forever you I was from the wrong doors. Keep repeating it. Allah is giving you the remedy right here. He's telling you this is not just for the messengers. Anyone who believes in Allah subhanho wa taala. Put those hand up, hands up and keep repeating your or Blair either the Subhanak in new quantum volume in La ilaha illa and the Subhanak in the quantum

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