Tim Humble – The Muslim Family #08 – Characteristics of an Ideal Wife

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The ideal wife is defined as a woman who wants to make the best of what she has, is not the person of religion, has a good reputation, and is fitna outside. The speakers discuss the importance of finding a woman who is willing to give birth to a child and is flexible in her behavior. The ideal wife is flexible and can enter various doors of the church, including church doors.
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What are kulu filco Ronnie magia E

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to carry Moosa Lu wa colocar La La, la de la Lu. Well Mustafa al de

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leeuw and Hunter hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah who also Li Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Marin Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. We begin with the praise of Allah by asking Allah to exalt to mention grand peace and messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family and his companions. This is another installment in the course on the Muslim family, the short course on the Muslim family brought to you by a madrasa, Ella Maria, we've spoken about the characteristics of the Ideal Husband, and we took out some time to talk about Heidi avanzado, because of the benefits we can take from it in the way the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam behaved towards his family, and also in the way that the women complained or mentioned good about their husbands and what we can take from that and learn from that. So now we come on to the ideal wife. Now, when we talk about the ideal wife, it's really important to say that there is something in this for everybody. So if a sister is unmarried, it gives her some goals to aspire towards how she should be when she gets married. If a brother is unmarried, it gives him an idea of the kind of person he should be looking for. Again, we're not talking about perfection, perfection is with Allah Subhana Allah and with whoever allies, which gives perfection to like the

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NBA and also the messengers and the prophets, Allah wa Salatu was Salam. But we're talking about what we should, what should I if I'm looking to get married? What kind of person am I looking for, and set diwakar equal to the right thing and go come as near to it as you can.

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As for the woman who is married, it's not a case of saying, Well, I'm married now I can't change. It's trying to improve trying to correct ourselves, trying to improve the way that we are in our character. And likewise, for the men who are married, it can can give you an idea of what's important and what isn't because sometimes, as we said, If a man has to take his wife to account for every small thing, then this will lead to a breakdown in the marriage so he also needs to know what's important and what isn't. So inshallah there's something in this video for everyone believe me later Allah regardless whether they are male or female, regardless of whether they are married or

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unmarried, but we are talking about what should the characteristics be of the ideal wife? We're going to start with a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim which is the idea of ebihara radi Allahu taala and who Allah I need Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and no call to Oklahoma to the Alba imali her wedding what he has said we have Willie Gianelli, how will he Dania father fault bizarre to Dean teddy bear to duck Abu hurayrah probably a lot more and reported the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he said a woman is married for one of four things.

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Either for her wealth,

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or for for her reputation, stroke family

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or for her for her beauty, or for her religion.

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So be successful by choosing the one for religion, the one of religion, the woman of religion, Teddy, bettiah, duck.

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So let's just take this hadith and break it down, step by step, and Heidi, and word by word.

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A woman is married for one of four things. These four things generally summarize four qualities that are reasons why people marry, or reasons why a man would marry a woman. Some of them apply the other way around. But generally speaking, these are reasons why men would marry a woman. The first one, the prophets, I seldom mentioned is Lee Marley her because she has money. And that could be for a number of reasons, either. It could be that he thinks that she'll be less of a burden because she has her own money. Or he thinks that he can convince her to give him because, of course, he's obliged to spend on her but he thinks he can convince her to give him money to pay off his debt or

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that he can use her money for something for an investment for a business or whatever. So he's interested in her for her money.

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being interested in someone for their money, is that a lasting basis for marriage? Is that something that's going to make this marriage last

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I'm gonna make the marriage last. Because ultimately money comes and goes, she might be rich today, she might be poor, tomorrow, if she has money, but she doesn't have religion, then what's the danger there, she has money, but not religion, she might spend that money on heroin, she might become a burden for her husband in that regard.

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The second reason for her reputation or her family, and hassle could refer to either it could refer to her reputation in herself, that she is that she's a person, a woman of position, and status.

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This is a reason why people marry for position and status. So he wants to marry her because she has a position and a status. Boss. The problem with that? The problem is that that position and status, if it doesn't come with religion, what's that? What's going to be the problem, that she might misuse it, that she might look down on her husband? She might say, Oh, you know, who are you even to tell me what to do, or to even ask me to do something. When I'm from this family, and I'm from this background, and I'm from this position, and you're just a law person with a law, background and law, you know, like, you don't have a good reputation or whatever. It might be the she misuses in terms

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of she's a fitna outside, you know, she's a danger in terms of other men, because she's a person of status, and beauty, but she's not a person of religion.

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And it might be if it's related to the family, that not every I mean, you're not marrying the family. You're not marrying the family. You're marrying the woman, not the family. So it might be that she comes from a normal family. And her ancestors did great things. And her you know, father did great things. And grandfather did great things. And mother did great things. And, but ultimately, that doesn't mean that she will really be like that. Leah, Malia for her beauty. What's wrong with beauty didn't the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam senior authentic hadith and a volta ha ha Have you looked at her? Any Are you content with how she looks? Nothing wrong with beauty. But

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beauty without religion, again, could be a fitna could be a trial for the people, that she's not keeping herself to herself. She's very beautiful, and she doesn't have religion. So she's causing that discord to happen in her family, and for her husband, because she's very beautiful. But she doesn't have that religion to go with that beauty.

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And the fourth reason that a person might marry a woman is he might marry that woman for her religion. And that's the one that prophets I seldom advised. So from this, we're talking about characteristics of the ideal wife. In all honesty, the only one that matters is religion to start with, in this Hadith, the only one that matters is religion. She can't really control whether she's beautiful or not. And beauty comes and goes, right, like in the sense that she might be beautiful when he first marries her. And after a while, you know, he gets bored, maybe she gets older, she's had kids, maybe this the same beauty that what is not there that was there when she was younger, and

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he was younger. And the same can be said for him. There's nothing different about him, he could be exactly the same.

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But here, beauty isn't something that we say, is in the control of the woman that she should, you know, she should be beautiful, the ideal wife should be beautiful. The ideal wife should make the best effort she can in how she looks for a husband. There's no doubt about that. She should make the best effort she can to look nice for her husband. But it doesn't mean that she and herself being beautiful or not is not what matters. her reputation. If she's got reputation, and Dean, she's got status and Dean, she's got a great family and Dean Alhamdulillah, and religion hamdulillah. That's excellent. But what matters is the religion. And that's the one that she can control. The wealth

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comes and goes. She has her own wealth, and she doesn't need much from her husband to support her at hamdulillah. That's great. Why not? But ultimately, it's not what matters. So in this Hadith, what really matters in terms of the description of the ideal wife is that she is that a dean? She's a person of religion. And we said a dean refers to how she worships a lot. So a gentle Eva with a Lost Planet. Allah, her relationship with Allah, her taqwa, her fear of Allah azza wa jal, all of that comes under a deep and more unreality, that's what really matters. The other things are a bonus. She's beautiful. hamdulillah she's got a good family reputation or she's from a high status

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background. hamdulillah if she's got wealth,

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Why not hamdulillah. But ultimately, it's not what matters. It's not what's important. What's important is her religion. And how many people married someone because she was beautiful, because she was alluring because she had a big, you know, reputation. She was well known, because she was wealthy, and ended up, you know, Coursera serrana mobila lost everything, because she wasn't a person of religion. And not being a person of religion doesn't necessarily mean I mean, she might not necessarily commit Zina, for example. But not being a person of religion. She just brought hardship and loss and problems to that individual. Because she had a Merle, aloha sub algernon. She

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was beautiful. She had great reputation, family background, she was wealthy, but she didn't have the deed. You can have the dean without any of those three. But you can't have all of those three without a deed. That's what's really important. So he said, the first thing from the ideal wife is a dean. And that's the same for the Ideal Husband because we said the Heidi's either hot or illegal mental toner, Deena, hula, hula hoop, thank you. If a man comes to you seeking your daughter's hand in marriage, and you're pleased with his Deen his religion, and his character, marry her to him. So both of these shared for the husband and the wife that what matters, first of all, is their

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religion. That's what lasts, that's what's gonna last, that's what's gonna last you grow all together. And you know, you're both

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you know, all the people. What's going to last is the dean, Jamal is not going to last, the beauty is not going to last added. And usually, you know, the family background,

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it's not really worth anything, wealth comes and goes. But what lasts is the religion. And that's what really matters. So that's what we think is very important as it relates to general beauty, we said that she should make from the characteristics of ideal wife, she should make the best of what she has, she should make the best of what she has, she can't control how beautiful she is, but she can make the best of what she has. And this is something which is actually a real benefit. And a real point, which you can, you can highlight is that, if she makes an effort with what she has, what low will be enough, it will be enough. But what happens is one of two things either from the guy

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side, his expectations are so high. And this is one of the evils of all of the pictures of women that are everywhere. All of these photoshopped pictures of women that are not real women. They're not real these pictures of models and you know, all these pictures that you get, you get you use upon light, if you cover your eyes, you still see them everywhere on the road, the billboards, the shopping malls on your computer, when you open up browsers and all that stuff. All these pictures of photoshopped women that are real, and it sets up a wrong expectation in the mind of that man. He expects that women actually look like that. Or women look like that after you import the picture

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into Photoshop. And, you know, spend half an hour making a look completely different to how she really looks. It's completely unrealistic expectations. That's one issue. The other issue is if the woman isn't making an effort from her side, she's not making an effort to do the best of what she has, like, what how she looks that's how Allah made her look. But at least she should make an effort to be the best that she can be for husband and the husband should do the same for her. We said this is narrated from some of the Sahaba radi Allahu anhu that they were like this that they would make effort for their wife so their wife would make effort with him and if she made an effort would be

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more than enough. We'll be more than enough.

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And we will come perhaps to some a Hadeeth which will indicate more about this inshallah to Allah as we progress through the course. Our next study and I'm delighted me Mr. Claudia Allahu. And humor and also Lysol Allahu Allah cinema. A dounia mata while hieromartyr dunya and ma to salia.

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Abdullah even Ahmad Fabiola and Homer said the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, This world is a matar something temporary. You enjoy your life in it for a time and the best of the temporary provision of the world. The best of the things that you have for this temporary time in the world is a righteous wife, and mazzaglia. Now I just added this to emphasize that beam to emphasize a woman who is that a dean, she's a person of religion. I really wanted to emphasize that. Look at how the Prophet says and describe this whole dunya is temporary

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This whole dounia is just a provision you've been given that is going to run out at a specified time. And the best thing you can have is not a big house, a beautiful car. It's not loads of money. The best thing you can have in Estonia is in Malta to salia. a righteous wife. So the ideal wife she is saw Leah, she's righteous. She's righteous, she does righteous deeds. She believes in Allah subhanaw taala. Her aqidah is the Akita Valley suniti Well, Gemma, her actions are the actions which are reported from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companions, those that his companions acted upon. That's what she does, she's silent, she's righteous. So that just adds to what we

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mentioned about that. A deep

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why an nsurl the Allahu anhu I know call cannot assume the lie sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, yet morally better way in Tibet to Lena and shalida waiuku to sell Wedgwood weidu, dilute in NEEMO Kafeel B como MBR al mal piano. We already mentioned this hadith earlier on in the course. But I wanted to focus on two aspects within this hadith Hadees Hadees of Anna's messenger allows SMEs to command people to marry and used to forbid celibacy, with a strong prohibition. And he said, marry the woman. That is why dude, and when would marry the woman that is widowed and followed, so marry the woman, that is what she's loving.

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She's loving.

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And she is well, she is going to bear you many children. So from the characteristics of the ideal wife is that she's very loving and caring. And that means she's loving towards her husband were jalapeno como at the time, we put between you love and mercy. So it means that she's loving towards her husband. And it also means that she's loving towards her family, she's going to be a loving mother, a caring mother, someone who she, the thing that is predominant in her personality is she's loving and caring. She's white, she's loving and caring, as for her being well, having many children, then there is an aspect of this, that there are three aspects of this, if you want to take

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it like that. From the man side, he looks for a woman who he thinks will have many children. He looks for a woman who he thinks will have many children. Now, how would he looked at that there are two aspects. First is her desire to have many children. And that's what the woman can control, she can control the second part, which is whether he thinks she will be able to do that. And that could be by looking at her family. Does she come from a family that had many children? Is she you know, within the family culture that she's in before marriage? Is it that you have children? Or is it that, you know, my career comes first and my children come second? Or is it that, you know, I might

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want you know, one child or two whatever the Prophet size of me, told us to marry a woman that is why do cheese loving and well she's going to give you many children. So she's going to give you many children as we said there's an aspect a woman can control and aspects you can't control. The aspects you can't control is the you know genetics and so on and so forth. And you know, what a lot decrease for her to have from children. But what she can't control is her desire to have kids.

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The culture now especially we take a lot from Western culture of having very few children. And that, you know, children are maybe very difficult and it's hard to manage and so on is the Muslim culture is to have many children. The prophets Isom said in Nima more clarity on be called MBA or piano in the narration of McAfee usr in certain without any mechanical and become an omen. I'm going to boast of your numbers before all the nations yamaki have and boast of the numbers of righteous people.

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And how the Muslim nation grows. To have more and more righteous people is by having lots of children. having children is not an easy thing. It's not an easy thing for either parent, especially not easy for a mother last product. Allah told us

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homiletical Quran Allah over to Cora, she carried the baby in a hardship and she gave birth in hardship. It's not an easy thing. But the the woman that is the ideal wife is one that really genuinely wants to have children and wants to have a lot of children as many as she can. And the rest is down to Allah subhanaw taala. So even the husband when he's looking to get married or the man he's looking to get married, he's obviously going to look at, do I think insha Allah

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With the help of Allah, she'll have a lot of children. But these days, the barrier is not the, you know that Allah didn't, you know,

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she wanted to have children, but Allah didn't decree for her to have children, or that, you know, she has some sickness, why she can't have children. The barrier in this disease in these days is the woman doesn't want to have any kids. She don't want to have kids. Kids are hi chip and a burden and you know, like, or she just wants to have very few children. So that's not the characteristic of the ideal wife should want to have as many children as is possible and feasible. And whatever our last planetary decrees after that, it's not in her hands after that. So we hope that that has at least explained that point. The next characteristic that we're going to come to from the characteristics

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of the wife, as we already mentioned, she says whether she should also be merciful. And we can take this from the ayah, which we've already covered in sort of room, which is a number 21. I mean, ayat II and Haleakala come in and forsake them as well and it has no ha ha, which Allah Bina can know at the time was in his early color it in your home yet have a cuddle from the signs of allies that he created for you from yourselves, spouses, your wives, Lee test, schooner, la ha, which is Sabina como at the time, we're going to take three things from this ayah as it relates to the characteristic of the ideal wife. Number one is that she should make her husband feel comfortable.

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The test area, she should make her husband feel comfortable, make him feel at home, make him feel relaxed, make him feel second tranquility, make him feel that his heart is at peace. That's how she should, she should strive to be a woman that does her her objective, in terms of her marriage, to make her husband feel comfortable, to make him feel peaceful, not to stress him out not to be a worry for him not to be a source of arguments for him, for him to find Sakina with early tests when she should be a woman of molad, which we said, Allah dude, the loving one mo that is very similar, but it's a bit more than that, that she loves her husband, she looks out for her husband. Because

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part of my day is looking out for him taking care of him, being there for him, she's there for a husband, and she's merciful towards him. Sometimes he's not going to do the right thing.

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And especially when the husband is in Islam at the head of the household.

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Sometimes he makes decisions that are not right. Sometimes he decides things that aren't aren't correct. But she has patience with it. she forgives his mistakes she overlooks if he's not, if he's a bit distant one day, and he's not as caring as he should be. If you forgot about something that he was supposed to give her, she overlooks it. So this ayah contains three really, really important things that we can take, first of all, that she tries to make her husband feel peaceful, feel happy content in his heart, feel relaxed when he's with her, she doesn't stress him or worrying or argue with him. She is a person who loves her husband and looks out for him and takes care of him. And she

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has mercy when he falls short in the things that she would normally expect from him. She has mercy with him in that regard. And she forgives him for the mistakes that he makes. And this can be said also for the husband, it can take it the other way and say the exact same same thing about the husband, that the husband should make his wife feel comfortable, make her feel relaxed, he should be loving towards her, he should

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be looking out for her. And he should be merciful towards her, she makes a mistake should overlook it and so on. All of these can be said about the husband and the wife. But I just brought this in this the characteristics of the wife we had spoken about it earlier. So I wanted to highlight the test schooner. She finds that he finds that tranquility with her that peace with her. So she tries to make him comfortable. She tries to make him relax, and she tries to make him feel that he's at peace when he's with her. And she has that love and that care for him. And also that mercy and forgiveness towards him as well. There is a hadith and the Hadith is narrated in Sahih al Bukhari

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and it's a long Hadith regarding the story of her davia

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I only want to read you a part of the Hadith because this part of the Hadith has a real benefit in it as it relates to the attributes that we would wish for in the ideal wife.

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The narration is as follows furama lemmya comb Minh home de Hala allomi Salama further Corolla molokhia meanness for call at almost selama Yana biella

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at to him Buddha Lika

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

rouge sumela

00:25:00 --> 00:25:10

hindlimb had a min home kalama had 10 heart, Buddha Netcat what tender, highly Akaka Fe, Laycock,

00:25:11 --> 00:25:25

the narrator said. So in the Treaty of her davia, the prophet SAW Selim commanded the people because they were not able to make Amara, he commanded the people to shave their heads and to sacrifice their animals that they had brought with them.

00:25:28 --> 00:25:54

nobody did anything. It's like they were frozen. They just couldn't bring themselves to do it. And the prophets, I said, became worried. And he came to Selma. And he mentioned any tool that I'm selling, and the people are not just what the people are doing. They're not they're not sacrificing. I've told them to sacrifice. They're not sacrificing. I've told them to shave their head, they're not shaving their head. On Selma, she said, All prophet of Allah.

00:25:55 --> 00:26:24

Do you love? Or do you wish for this? She said, Go out. Don't say anything to anyone. Then slaughter your sacrificial animal and call for the person to shave your head. So I'm going to ask you to pause the video here, as we get towards the end of the class. Pause the video and ask yourself, what is the characteristic that we take from this hadith about the ideal life?

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So hopefully, you pause the video on how to think about it. The characteristic that I think here is that though the ideal wife is one who is her husband feels comfortable to consult with her. And she gives good advice to her husband.

00:26:44 --> 00:27:01

So look at how the prophets I said was shaken, because he had told his companions slaughter your animals behavior, show slaughter animals shave your heads, and they were just frozen. It wasn't that they were disappearing, the profits arising, they just were completely frozen. They just had, they were just so shocked. They couldn't bring themselves to do it.

00:27:03 --> 00:27:44

The profits straightaway he felt like I could go and I can go and share this with her. So she was open like that, like he felt he could share with her and she was extremely wise. I she had a lot of knowledge. So he asked her, he asked her about it. And he mentioned and she gave him such good advice. She said go out Don't say anything to anyone. Slaughter your animal and shave your head when the people see the profit. sighs I'm slaughtering these animals shaving his head, then they will understand that it's to be done. It will it will break the like the way that they are frozen like that. It will it'll just stop and the people will do it. Because it's not that they want to disobey

00:27:44 --> 00:28:35

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's just that they were so shocked by what happened and so lost that they just were like frozen like a rabbit in the headlights. And so, here when the prophets I went out and did it, the people did what the prophets ask them to do. So she was there for him. That's a great characters issues there for him. She was he felt he could share and ask her advice. And she gave excellent advice when he asked for it. So this is these are from the characteristics of the ideal wife. In sort of Nisa, Eliza gel mentioned a group of characteristics about the ideal wife. And this is in Isaiah number 34. Allah azza wa jal said for skylee hartal Connie tatlin have

00:28:35 --> 00:29:37

evolved on little ABB Mahaffey, the law lies which has said the righteous women and we talked about righteousness earlier on, while metallic dunia and Mara sila, the righteous wife, Connie tat. So she said slightly harsh, righteous, corny tat. So Connie tat here is that she is submissive to Allah subhanaw taala. Have you evolved one little hype, and this is the one that I wanted to highlight. She takes care of herself when a husband is not there. She is protects herself in his absence. And this is a characteristic of the ideal wife that she looks after her husband. Her husband's honor, her husband's property, her husband's reputation when he's not that happy, lighten little vibe. She

00:29:37 --> 00:29:59

takes care of herself when the husband is not there. She takes care of his property. And he knows that when he goes she won't be doing something he wouldn't approve of. She won't be going out in a way that he wouldn't approve. She won't be dressing in a way that he wouldn't approve. She won't be mixing with people in a way she wouldn't he wouldn't approve. She won't be bringing people into the house in a way that he wouldn't approve.

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She won't be using the house in a way that he wouldn't approve half of our tone the lady been having a lot. She's looking after things in her husband's absence and that's the one that I wanted to focus upon. In this particular ayah in Surah Nisa

00:30:19 --> 00:30:40

also, I wanted to mention a Heidi and this Heidi is a Heidi ebihara are the alarm on either Sunday tomorrow to Hamza was Ahmed shahara. will have sinat forum jaha will output at barilla dahar admin at AB worby Jen Natasha at

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if a woman praise her five daily prayers, and first month of Ramadan, so that is part of Deen, that Dean, she's a person of religion.

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And she takes care of her private parts as she's chased. She's chased, she takes care of her chastity. And that we mentioned half will ultimately vape in her husband's absence. Well, I'll pour it back into her. And this is the one that I wanted from this Heidi, that she obeys a husband. So from the characteristics of the ideal wife is that she's obedient to her husband. Now, obedience to the husband. And again, we talk about this later on, we talk about marital disagreements and the way the family should be structured and things like that. But obedience to the husband is not an absolute. It's obedience to Him in what is not disobedience to Allah. So if he tells you to do

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something Haram, then that's not an option. At the end of the day, obedience to Allah comes first. And it doesn't mean that husband is better than her. It doesn't mean that he's necessarily higher in the sight of Allah. But Allah has organized a family like that Allah has organized the husband to be at the head of the family. So the woman for that to work, she has to listen to what her husband says, of course, if he tells her to do harm, she's not going to do it in the with the best of manners and the most kind of behavior, but she's not going to do it. But if he tells her to do something hallel or he tells her to do something, which in the first place is something that Allah

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is recommended or made obligatory. Whatever the case may be, she's going to obey her husband in that, if she does that, what does she get, she can enter from any of the eight doors of Paradise which every door that she wants, whichever door that she wants, she can enter Paradise from any gate. Now, I think that is a huge advantage for a woman because a man to enter each of those eight doors has to do the deeds of those eight doors, for example, array on the door of fasting, he has to be someone who fasts and does voluntary, fast and strict on his fasting and always does as many fast as he can. Then he can be from the people of Arabia, the one who enters the doors of fasting. But as

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for the woman, she prays the five daily prayers, she fasted Ramadan, she keeps herself chaste, and she looks after, or abies, her husband

00:33:05 --> 00:33:16

and the daughter of the eight doors of Jenna, go in whichever one you want. And that's a big blessing. For a woman it's not a big request is it to pray five times a day, fast the month of Ramadan.

00:33:18 --> 00:33:20

Keep yourself chaste and

00:33:21 --> 00:33:35

a be your husband it's not a lot to ask for to be able to enter any of the doors of gender that she wishes in a cover one more Hadeeth this Heidi is the Hadees of Abdullah bin Omar rhodiola and Homer and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and

00:33:36 --> 00:33:52

Jamar Shara nice Nisa does a duck whack villanelle is still up for in your ID token act Allah Allah for quality ma two min home just la one Lana jasola la he act for a helina

00:33:53 --> 00:34:35

call took third in a line what tech foodland I shared this Hyderabad live in our mouth from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he said all group of women give charity and make a lot of his default. So that's also two characteristics of women in general, married or unmarried, but particularly married, that they give a lot of sadaqa and make a lot of his default. For I saw you to be the majority of the people of the fire. A woman among them said asking the Prophet sighs I'm what what is made is the majority of the people of the fire. The prophets I seldom said you curse frequently, and you are ungrateful towards your husband. So again, like we looked at the men

00:34:35 --> 00:34:59

who do things wrong. And we looked at the Hadith on Zahra, and we spoke about the men that that fall short, and how we can reverse it. I want to reverse this first of all, the sadaqa that is still far. And also the fact that we reverse the other two that she doesn't she tries not to curse. She tries not to get emotional and car lockers this person because this

00:35:00 --> 00:35:30

person, or some women curse their own children, someone curse their own husbands. Some people curse their own parents. When a other biller, we seek refuge with allies origin, so she doesn't let herself like the man doesn't let himself be frequently on the talaq. She doesn't let us off frequently invoke curses upon people. And she's grateful for what husband did look at the Hadith Hamza, in that, how grateful she was for what her husband did for her, even though he divorced her.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:40

Most women would say, he divorced me, and I never remember anything before that puts upon Allah here. He divorced but she only mentioned the good from him.

00:35:41 --> 00:35:47

And this tech foreigner last year, you ungrateful towards your husband is the example of the person who says,

00:35:49 --> 00:36:26

I've lived all this time with you. While na ito minca Hi, I'm Ron Cobb. And I've never seen anything good from you. You've never done anything good for me. Or you've never been there for me. You've never listened to me. You've never helped me You've never spent on me. You've never all this would never, never never. This is what the ideal wife doesn't see. She says, Look, you've done good for me and maybe sometimes you fell shorter than what I would want no problem. But she doesn't say you've never done any good for me. I've never seen any good from you've never been good for me. I wish I'd never married you in all of these statements because this can bring her to be from the people of the

00:36:27 --> 00:36:39

of the fire. That's what allies Magellan made it easy for us to mention in this lesson. analyzer which animals best was Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi h

00:36:40 --> 00:36:50

A Salaam Alaikum. If you're enjoying these videos, and you'd like to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over to M au adho.com

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