Dua Album – Seeking Forgiveness

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The speaker repeatedly emphasizes that they are the Forgiving, Merciful, and that they have nothing worthy of worship except for their actions. They urge the other person to forgive them and to not hold them accountable for their actions. The speaker also urges forgiveness for their mistakes and promises to change their behavior.

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Oh Allah You are my Lord. There's nothing worthy of worship except for you. You created me and I am your slave, and I fulfill my pledge to you. I seek refuge in You from the evil that I commit your blessings and my sins, I readily admit So, forgive me, for none forgive sins except for you. There's nothing worthy of worship except for you Exalted are you I have been from the oppressors I've wronged my soul very much. And none forgive sins, but you so please bestow Your forgiveness upon me. You are the Forgiving, the Merciful, forgive my faults, my ignorance, moderation and my affairs and you are better aware than I are Allah, I have forgotten many since. And you have recorded them all.

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Forgive them, and do not hold me accountable for them on the Day of Judgment, grant me forgiveness for my seriousness and my joking my mistakes and my intentions and all those I have, oh Allah grant me forgiveness from the faults which I did in haste or deferred which I committed in private or in public, and you are better aware than I am, you are the first and the last and you are able to do all things. I mean, your pleasure of assin long ago disappeared, but its effect roommates. Make me of those who repent often and find in their book of deeds much seeking forgiveness. Allow me to see sin as being sin and falsehood to being false it and give me the ability to avoid it. And if I were

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to fall, then allow me to dust myself off and get back up strong, not changing your religion but changing myself. My lord, we've wronged ourselves and if you don't forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be of the losers. Our Lord, do not hold us accountable if we've forgotten or are mistaken our Lord. Don't put a burden on us like you did upon those before us, our Lord and don't burden us with what we can't bear and pardon us and forgive us and have mercy on us. Grant me the quality of forgiveness that you love. Allow me to forgive others and grant me a forgiveness from yourself my Lord, forgive me all my sins, the small and the great, and the first and the last and the open and

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the secret. Oh Allah, you are forgiving. You love to forgive. So forgive me