How To Calculate One Year for Paying Zakah

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The next question is on the second part which has to be paid how do we calculate specially in case of salaried individual who kept their savings on a monthly basis? How do we calculate that one year, the conditions for paying the card are basically two one is that you your wealth should meet the minimum threshold which is called the nisab. And the second is that one year should have passed since you reached the nisab. So, with these two conditions in mind, a salaried individual is caught in a

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difficult situation because you have a case where a salaried individual would be generating his wealth throughout the year, he would be earning monthly salaries and then paying his expenses and then saving some money. So typically, what he is expected to do is that he needs to

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keep a record of each of the money that he is earning throughout the year. And once he has the entire record, as in when the car becomes due on those amount,

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and one year has passed, he keeps paying the card out, which means technically he'll be paying Zakat throughout the year.

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The second situation is and the second scenario is and this is a view, which I believe is a safer view. And that's also the view which is followed in the Hanafi jurisprudence. And that says that if yours nisab was met in the first month, which means you met the nisab in the first month, and in the 12th month, which is the month in which you are calculating, say Ramadan is when you're calculating. So on the first of Ramadan, this is the 12th month, you have again met the nisab. So you met the nisab

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on the first month, and you met the nisab in the 12th month, if that is the situation then whatever your wealth is, total wealth is on the 12th month, you pay zakat on the entire amount.

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So what we are seeing is that you are not paying

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throughout the year, you're paying still at one point of time, but what you're doing is you're actually engaging in paying advance Zakat,

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you are actually making Sokak in advance payment. And this is good because this is keeping you safe, while hamdulillah it is always better to be on the safer side, as far as payment of the card is concerned, rather than being in a situation where you might miss out a month and you may die in a situation in which you did not fulfill your obligation towards a car and therefore be held accountable on the Day of Judgment May Allah save us from that. So this better situation is if you met your nisab in the first one which means basically you met you as a car or you met your nisab in the last Ramadan. And in this Ramadan if you see your total wealth is again meeting this up,

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irrespective of when you acquire the wealth. You pay zakat on them entirely. And that is to be on the safer side and Allah knows best. And I hope that answers the question.