Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #51 – People Always Ask About Divorce

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the connection between different chapters in the Bible and how they link up. They talk about the importance of following divorce laws and following the command of their Lord. The speaker warns of potential consequences if not taking it seriously.
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One of the most fascinating parts of the Quran is is actually a sub field of Tafseer. That's called Manasa. bet someone so bad is about how do the different parts of different chapters link up? What's the connection? What's the relevance because sometimes you're reading the Quran, and Allah is talking about, you know, some subjects, talking, talking, talking, and then completely changes the subject. The reader is like, whoa, wait a second, like we were just talking about divorce. Now we're talking about this thing, or we're just talking about meat. Now we're talking about this thing. It's not an accident, right? The person with sickness in their heart, like, you know, some Orientalist or

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whatever is gonna come and say, Oh, well, this shows that the ground doesn't make sense. And it's not logical. And this was a later addition. No, no, no, no, a lot is trying to tell you something. There's something implied there and he respects your intelligence enough to not insult you by making it explicit. He's actually trying to send you a message. So that sort of thing happens is sort of at the left stuff about divorce, divorce, divorce, divorce. And then the last final data says, What can a man creates an asset and also the right so he says, and how many villages or towns have gone against the command of their Lord and their prophets that has ever now he said, Men should either

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and so we gave them we took them to account in a severe way and we punish them, right? So Allah Spano, Tala, all of a sudden, after talking about all these divorce rules, he talks about, okay, all these villages were destroyed, or all these towns, they were punished. Why? for disobeying the command of their Lord and disobeying the command of their prophet. So what's the message lost phone dial is not just going on and on for nothing, the stuff that he sends down the Koran, he wants you to follow it, when it comes to divorce law, when it comes to what you eat and what you don't eat. It's not just ink on the page, okay? It's meant for you to follow. And if you don't, then what's

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going to stop you from being just like this group of people that I just mentioned, how many people went against the command of their Lord in the command of their prophet and they were destroyed. subtext being obey this stuff, take this stuff seriously. Because if you don't, you're gonna end up in a lot of trouble. Don't play around and especially that's relevant to divorce a lot of Muslims and a lot of people in the Muslim community, unfortunately, unfortunately, play around with this divorce stuff. Take it seriously. If you don't take it seriously, Allah might destroy you and your whole community

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