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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing? I hope everybody's doing wonderful Europe Inshallah, today I want to share with you a new intro. And this comes from the story of Sedna, you Valley his celebs. And it's very dear and relevant to me because I think to everybody because we all go through tests and trials. And so you know, you ballyhoo Sam, who had everything, you had wealth, he had help, you had measure of abundant offspring, a lot of kids, he was a very well respected person in his community, you know, a social status, everything. And she taught, you know, tells Allah subhanaw taala, like, he's only grateful because of what he has. And Allah

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subhanaw taala tells him, Okay, go ahead, you want to test him trust him. And Subhan Allah, one thing starts going after the other from his land, you know, being burned down, and then his kids being lost one after the other dying. And then after that he's held, to the extent where he had a disease that people did not want to be near him anymore. And the only one who was left with him was who was his wife, and Subhanallah, you see these tests, if we were to be tested with just one, one of these things, what happens to us, were crushed, were floored, right? You know, not just losing one child, but your entire offspring, your wealth, your health, everything and not losing it when

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you didn't have anything like not from zero, he went from everything to zero, you know, not that it doesn't hurt when you still lose something, even if you didn't have anything or that much. It still hurts. But imagine when you had everything going for you. And then all of a sudden, everything gone. Right? To the extent and then, you know, the only one who was left with him is his wife. And then she tells him, you know, why don't you ask Allah subhanaw taala to heal you? Why don't you make dua, and he gets upset and he tells her like, you know, you know, Can I can I not be I have this record, like a grateful servant. You know, I had everything for so many years, and I've just been tested for

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this amount of time. How can I complain? And finally, he's all on his own. And he raises his hand and he says, what? And Nima send your third one, Dr. hamre. I mean, harm has merely touched me merely afflicted me. You're advising you all of these things and harm has nearly touched me weak, like one little thing, and we're like, Oh, my God, I'm dying. Right? But everything, he lost everything. And he tells a lot out of his like, it's yeah, like he's embarrassed, you know, to show that he's not grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and says he must send your 100 right, and what tells him what put your foot down and what happens spring the water comes, he's bathed in it or washes

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from it and everything. Subhana goettl is restored to the power of Doha when he put those hands up, rugby and Neela send your daughter under him running. When the trials get hard on you. When you feel like it's overbearing and overwhelming and you can't take it anymore or you can handle you feel like you're caving in, put those hands up and say you're upbeat. Y'all know, my Lord, not you no harm has merely afflicted me. And you are the Most Merciful. And I'll be a NEMA Sanyo or Hamra have been a beautiful da that should be within you know your daily big forward, see it every day, teach it to your children, teach it to you know, for them to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala when they're

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going through a difficulty, or where they're going through a test or they feel like you know, pain or the sense of loss that you've lost someone dear to you or you've lost your health or whatever it is that you've lost. Rob be a NEMA syneos

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or Hamra.

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You are the Most Merciful Allah subhanaw taala is the most merciful, your creative, the one that who created you and the one that you worship, put those hands up and make your heart and teach your kids in sha Allah. Allah Radek what after way, but again