Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #12 – A Muslim Must Have Discretion

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the misconceptions that "ashyness" is due to the faith and that shyness is a result of the actions of men. They argue that shyness is not just a result of men, but also a result of women. The speakers use the analogy of "ashyness" as a way to describe men and women, and how they react to certain situations. They also mention that shyness is not just a result of men, but also a result of women.
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Prophet Muhammad Allah has slotzo Salam said Al Hyah, Mina Eman that shyness is from the faith. And this is a Hadith or a piece of guidance that wouldn't really be very popular these days for reasons because a lot of people don't realize that a lot of what is trendy or a lot of what is kind of put value on is reacting to something else historically, right. So whenever that one side goes to an extreme and something, you just have to wait for the pendulum to swing back the other way. And they go to the other extreme. So there was a time in North America or in European culture where there might have been some extremes that we've gone to when it comes to proprietary behaviors or how you

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act with with other people. I'll give you an example. Like for example, with with gender relations, women changed their last name. So their husband's last name is why because for a long time, women were not considered legal entities, they were not legally responsible individuals under European law if somebody's wife committed a crime than the husband was gonna go to jail. Right? Yeah. So that's a whole other level of ignorance, you know, and completely on Islamic. But that's where if that's where we're coming from, and women should be, you know, like, not heard and like know, all this other stuff. Now we're swinging back to the other extreme. And this is not just for women. This is

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for everybody, where we've kind of taken to relishing a crudeness and a crassness. And we imagine that this is somehow more authentic and more real, if I curse, and I say lewd things or inappropriate things, or talk about certain things that nobody else was talking about bodily functions, or intimacy, or whatever. And so the main point is that these things, they swing back and forth, and they're largely products of his history, and people reacting to other sorts of things within history. Whereas the guidance that we get from faith that's communicated to us from a divine source, we know that that's the middle ground, that's the right way that's neither extreme on this

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side, nor extreme on that side. And the prophets always said that shyness is from the faith, and he didn't say, shyness for women, he said, shyness in general, right? Every single Muslim should have a certain amount of shyness, when they are in certain company, when they talk about certain things. We're not crude. We're not supposed to be a crude people, right? So when it comes to the topics of the things that we talk about, you know, we don't talk about things in a in a way that takes away from our dignity, it takes away from our integrity, that doesn't mean that we're all a bunch of prudes, and we don't like, you know, enjoy intimacy, or we don't have parts of our lives that, you

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know, the sorts of that is the subject matter of a lot of this sort of talk. But just because it's part of our lives doesn't mean I have to talk about and especially doesn't mean I have to put it up on social media and especially doesn't mean that I have to put it on display for strangers. There's a time and a place discretion, right? It's all about discretion. Not everything is for every single audience, there's going to be you know, you've got concentric circles, you've got your spouse, you've got your children, you've got your nuclear family, your extended family, your best friends, and your kind of acquaintances, and so on and so forth. And every single level in that schema has a

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different level of proprietary Enos and courtesy and custom and it shouldn't all just be flattened into one sort of thing. That's not real. That's not being real. That's actually a lot of times it's being fake.

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