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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Ramadan carrying me all Europe have a very blessed and fruitful month in sha Allah. I have to share the story with you. I've actually been wanting to share it with you guys for quite a while. But tonight something happened that I was like no, no, I have to share this with you guys. So Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah last year I was very blessed that Allah subhanaw taala invited me to his house for Hajj. And at Hamdulillah we were very lucky to be with you know, a specific group of people we were able to get these very special dates or the hash was Medina from a very special garden there in Medina. And I kept those days this is like last August,

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right almost about a year ago now less than a year, took them with me back home to Egypt after Hajj and then I took them back with me here to to the USA. And they've been with me in the fridge for quite a while until there was just a few left in a ziplock. And they've just been sitting there in the front, right? Fast forward, maybe till I would say beginning of February. I homeschool my kids, right. So I ran into this group of wonderful, like homeschooling moms and they have a co op. And it was my first time to meet them. They're about an hour drive away an hour's drive away from me. So anyway, short, you know, short story. After a couple of weeks, I'm sitting with one of the moms in

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the kitchen, like why you know where the kids were doing cooking and whatnot. And subhanAllah she starts talking about, you know, the Agile of Medina and how she's always like really longed to taste it, but she's never ever had it. She doesn't know what it tastes like. So Subhanallah I remembered the hardware that was in my fridge, right from has. So I went back home and then the following Thursday when I was going I got the ziplock for her with those, you know, dates. And as I was giving it to her, it hit me so hard. I was like Subhan Allah or be like, I went to Hajj to get these dates and carry them across the world from another continent, right? From, you know, Saudi Arabia to

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Egypt, from Egypt, all the way back to USA, keep them preserved in my fridge for another god knows how many months because they were her risk. You know what I'm saying? Like, these dates were hers. They were grown and it had her name on it. This lovely, lovely Hispanic Muslim sister SubhanAllah. It hit me and I was like, you understand that these were always see words from the very beginning. And I was just, you know, Allah was just using me to keep them for you. That's all I'm just delivering. I'm just like a male woman basically. And we got both so emotional, we started crying. That was the first part of the story. And from it, I would tell you, your wrist is already destined

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for you. It doesn't matter if you know, it doesn't matter where you are in life. Allah subhanaw taala has your risk preserved and saved for you, even if it's going to come from across the world from the other side across the seas and the oceans. If you haven't yet gotten married, and you know, you're wondering and you're worried about your risk, your risk is written your spouse is going to come to you at the right time from the right place. The job that you're longing for the child that you're dying to have Subhanallah is the summer or methadone. Right. That's the first part of the story. This was about four weeks ago when I give her the deets. Today, I am coming back from sorrow.

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And I run into one of my lovely friends who has just returned from umbra. And she catches me in the parking lot as we're leaving and she tells me I have something for you. And she gives me this little bag. Right? I gave those dates and they were very dear to me. I just want to show you what I got

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a whole jar of Azure dates, the same ones I gave Subhanallah

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when you get from what you love will lie on our beam. It never ever decreases Allah subhanaw taala will give it back to you and more. This is double what I gave Subhana Kyara have trust in Allah subhanaw taala and don't ever be a miser with Allah give from the best that you have an Allah subhanaw taala will always reward you with even more and Monheit Allah data set from where you wouldn't even imagine will lie I wasn't expecting this and I mean it's may be something silly it to you it might be dates, but the concept is that when you really give and from something that you love Allah subhanaw taala will give back multiplied by so much more. Have faith in Allah subhanaw taala

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that your risk will come to you doesn't matter where you are, and give them the best of what you have. What are alarming and Fusco. Hold on. It's Ramadan, give, give, give and have that faith in sha Allah Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh