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Abdul Nasir Jangda
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu desoldering Nasir Jenga from column Institute coming to you once again with a special session of the LM Hangout. 30 days 30 questions about the month of Ramadan. The question that we have today is if he falls on a Friday, do I have to pray tomorrow? Not not to be clear, I'm not announcing either on a Friday, I'm just generally answering the question that if he was happy, what's to happen on Friday, what I still have to pray to Joe my prayer or not, and we've all experienced that at some point or another. So first and foremost, you have to understand that there is an assortment of different narrations and evidences. And because of the

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wide variety of different narrations and evidences that are pressing that are present on this issue. There are different opinions on the matter. I'm going to somewhat abbreviate and consolidate some of the evidences. Basically, you have the eye of the Quran that talks about Juma being an obligation.

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You have number two

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clear precedent of the prophets a lot. He said I'm performing Juma are leading the July prayer and the companions of the prophets a lot. He said I'm both leading and praying to Juma prayer, even though he was on a Friday. Number three, you also have Earth madam No, I found out the Allahu taala and who when being the halifa leading their eighth prayer and then making an announcement that whoever has come here from out of town, from the villages from the countryside. If they want to stay for drama, that's great. But if they like to go back home, they can go back home and they will not have to come back for the Juma prayer. Those who are here from the town from the city. We will pray

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Juma. And then I guess lastly for now, you also have narrations that talk about the profits a lady some saying that wherever pray Juma then does not have whoever pray dare eat, then doesn't necessarily have to pray July. So you have this whole assortment of evidences this wide variety. And this basically I'm going to consolidate some of the positions as well. This creates three opinions. I'm gonna mention the two that are on either side of the issue. Imam Abu hanifa Nami Malik Rahim Allahu taala, among many other scholars, based on the collection of evidence, they are of the opinion that if he falls on a Friday,

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if somebody prays their prayers, they still have to pray the Juma prayer, regardless of whether they actually pray they're either not Juma on Friday, it's an obligation. So you have to offer the Friday prayer, even though it was eat even though you offered their heat prayer, you will still go ahead and pray. And the way they reconcile all of this is that the Hadith of the prophets a lot of him is saying you don't have to pray that obviously, the context has been provided to us. By Earth men have not found that the Allahu taala and who, who's basically giving that instruction to those people who are living in the countryside who are travelers to begin with, not obligated to pray the Juma

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prayer. The opinion on the other side of the issue is

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the opinion of the man behind the humble for him, Allahu taala, among many other scholars, who are of the opinion the position that if you offer their prayer, now you no longer have to offer the Juma prayer, but rather it becomes optional. If you don't offer the Juma prayer, but this only occurs in the situation where you actually pray or eat. If you did not go to their eighth prayer, you will have to offer the July prayer. They are saying that if you did go to their eat prayer, you don't have to go for the Juma prayer the congregation but you will still have to pray over on that day. There is an opinion that says you don't even pray the heart. But the scholars none of the the

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majority of the scholars have refuted that position. And so I'm basically going to keep it to these three positions the third one I've been talking about my mobile honey fighting my Malik saying you still pray tomorrow, even if it was on the day and you pray to my mama no no humbler Allahu taala saying that. If you go to the eighth prayer, then Juma becomes optional, but you will still pray to her on that date. The opinion in the middle is the opinion of you mama chef and Allahu taala. Remember chef here he says that you make the distinction between people who live in the town in the city, and those people that are from the countryside who live further away from the place where the

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congregation occurs because it would be greater difficulty for them, that the people who live within the town the area the neighborhood of the machine, they will still have to pray the Juma prayer in congregation in the masjid. Regardless of whether they pray they're either not they will start to pray July because it's Friday.

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However, if somebody from out of town or from the countryside a little bit further out where they have to travel out

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To join the congregation and they came for their eighth prayer. Now Juma prayer will become optional for them solely because of where they live in the distance between them and the congregation. So these are the three different positions.

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Now my own personal viewpoint on decision on this matter even Mr Mohammed Mohammed or Mr. LaHood Allah, Who says that Juma becomes optional if you attend our each prayer, he still recommends that you do go pray Juma, and for that reason, he necessitates that the Imam of the community must conduct a Juma hope and prayer to accommodate those people that will still pray Juma. And based on the all the evidences. I feel that it is very pertinent and important for someone that even though we're eight is on a Friday, and they went to their each prayer and they offered or even the congregation, they should still go and offer to draw a prayer. My own personal viewpoint is that it

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is something that is necessary mandatory and something that should be done. Even if somebody is following one of the other opinions, we definitely should not have any conflict we should not have any issues between us because of that that should not lead to any type of community conflict. But even those folks should understand the importance and the blessing of the Juma prayer. And in sha Allah, we get to pray in congregation one more time, that can only be a source of blessing. So that's my recommendation that if you're on a Friday, still go ahead and attend to jump off with attended to join our congregation and allow us power with Allah knows best. This has been another

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session of the Hangout. If you've got any other questions, please go ahead and feel free to send them into us via Twitter, Facebook, comments on this video or at the email questions at Calum institute.org. Remember to tag or title your questions with hashtag Pelham Hangout, which is alchemilla Hayden was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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