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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How's everybody doing? A lot of you guys have been messaging me about doing a card or doing, you know, a sharing diet that we could use on a daily basis. And I thought of sharing one with you today that I usually say with my own kids, we kind of started off with a cassava. That's where I started with them. And then later on, I started doing the Stories of the Prophets and then we would memorize one dua for that prophet from the crown kind of to build up and we just repeat like we'll take one DUA and memorize it for two three weeks and then when I feel like they really got it down, then you know, we'll go to the next one. And then also I

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tried to tell them to you know, use it in this situation, which would be you know, kind of suitable like, you know, if you're stuck, what would you say which diet would you use from these diets that we've memorized, but one of the diet that I love is a loved one that you need a Satoshi that what was the camel Adarsha or Mala Ecotec for Jamia Hancock and Nica and for law hula you know how you learned what ana Muhammadan Hubdoc chorus ruler, Oh Allah, a nominee as official like Oh Allah, I have like I woke up or I, you know, got up in the morning, or should I hold you as a witness and the bearers of your thrones and your angels and all your creations? And now let ya ILA and that there is

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no God except you can actually collect alone there is no partner with you. Well, I know Mohammed and the chorus will look let's say no Mohammed Salah it was Salam is your servant, your sleeve and Your Messenger. Lovely, nice as Vatika Sridhar crocheted Hamel. Adarsha or Mala can take with me Ah, hello, I'm Nick and for law hula Eva in the end, when the Muhammadan the chorus will have a wonderful July in sha Allah. And I'll see you in another job soon. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh