Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 211A Translation Luqman 1-11

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Another one on Sunday Allah rasool Allah give him a my bad for OTA bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for Beshara li Saudi UAE safely Emery wash Lulu architettura melissani Kahu Cali open and Cigna Emma, lesson number 212 soret Lachman is number one to 11

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Translation Alif Lam Meem Elif Lam mean delkor That is two verses al Kitab of the book. Al Hakim the wise

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who then a guidance Washington and immersi lil mercy Nene for those who do good and Lavina those who UK Munna they establish a solid the salah while you do now and they give us the data does occur we're home and they will ask you in the hereafter home the UK known they are certain una Iike those Allah upon houden a guidance men from rugby him they rub what will Erica and those whom they are mostly shown the successful ones. Woman and from a nurse the people man who yesterday he buys Lahore amusement al Hadith of the speech, Leo Lilla so he leads a stray on from severely way Allahu Allah. Be lady without Illman any knowledge where does either her and he takes it. Who's wa as a mockery?

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Hula Iike those law home for them? Are there been a punishment? Movie known, humiliating?

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What either and when, to it is recited or lazy upon him as tuna. Our vs. Waller he turned away was stuck villain, one being arrogant, given as if lum not your smart her, he hears it or he heard it

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as if indeed fee in a donation his two ears walk around heaviness for the sheer who so give him good news. There are other of punishment, Aleem painful

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in indeed Alladhina those who are Manu they believed why we do and they did a family had the righteous deeds the home for them. Jana to gardens, a Noreen of the blessings

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Holly Dena ones abiding eternally fee her it were the promise Allah He off Allah has gone through Wahoo and he is an RZ is the always Almighty and Hakeem the always always Hanukkah he created a summer work the heavens believe it without Ramadan any pillar the owner her you will see it What else and he cast fee in ugly, the Earth Pro asiyah firmly set mountains

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and that Demeter its ways it shifts

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become with you all

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what Bertha and he has spread fee her it men from couldn't leave every damn button crawling creature

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what Angela and we sent down Mina summer II from the sky mat and water for an Bednar. So because to grow fie her in it. Men from Cali every zoldan kind. Kareem in noble, beautiful

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Heather this Hello, creation. Allah Allah for a rule Rooney so you all show me, mother. What is that color code she created? Alladhina those who were

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mean from Dooney he other than Him done rather a volley Munna the wrongdoers fee in Berlin error Praveen one clear recitation

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This means

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me do get

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really funky name who don't

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see any lady in

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hola in Kerala

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be more

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eager to move

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may ish Jedi law who had easy all the

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Llyod savvy

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he will either

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get lucky or donate

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further she's been very in

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Khalidi in FE how long how long one as he is on the 5g call up of Santa via TV

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Dami that'd be

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cool Gould NIDA

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lamina Santa

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along Eva

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