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Shaykh Yasir talks about the Du’a of the Prophet ﷺ for Hijrah.

Say: “O my Lord! let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honour, and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honour; and grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me).”

[Surah 17, Verse 80]

The meaning of Maqam Al Mahmud which is the praiseworthy station and is explained with immense clarity and should be listened to intently and is something not to be missed.


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Sunil hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While he was such a busy woman, while the hummingbird today's do is actually what we just recited a minute ago, it is from Surah is raw verse at what Cora the hidden name would have been originally Maharaja Silicon Valley, mendonca soltana nazira. And voila, Oh my Lord, grant me an honorable or a truthful or an honest entrance and an honorable exit and give me from you a clear evidence or help. This is a door that is very interesting. What does it mean an honorable mahalo civitan and Mahara. Just a way to come in that is truthful, and a way to come out that is truthful, what is the meaning of this drop? And why is Allah

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subhanho wa Taala explicitly commanding the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to make this drought? Because once again, this is the highest category first person, Allah speaking in the Quran to the prophets of Allah who answered them, telling him to make this work or Robbie as his name Buddha said, well, Krishna Maharaja said, which Allah mendonca soltana nazira. Before we get to the Tafseer, of this ayah and this job, what is the context? Because the context actually makes this even more blessing, diverse before this. Some of our scholars have said it is the verse that praises the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the most in the whole or on Allah says again, directly This is the first person

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singular, Allah is speaking directly to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam woman, a lady Fatah, hija de nephila, Turlock and during the night, pray to God as enough he has not fallen prey to 100 it's good for you, you're a pseudo you should pray to God good. So by the way, the prophets are seldom prayed to God as if it was forth meaning he never gave it up. Even when he was sick, he would make it up the next day. Even when he was traveling, he would pray to her God, he took it as a variable even though it was not a variable woman, a lady for 200 be Hina fee that Allah our Prophet system without any exception, he prayed to her God, and if he was so sick, he couldn't pray he would

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make it up the next day as a coder even though it's not fun. So he would take it upon himself as a type of foot either even though it is not a fun either. So Allah says braid tahajjud We are all praying to you. This is the type of Torah we is the type of the hedgehog as Rob book, Asha and javadekar buka Mohamed Mahmoud, it is very likely and whenever Allah says it is very likely means is going to happen because there is no probability with a law. Whenever Allah says Assa is going to happen but it's a encouragement, it is likely means it's going to happen that your Lord will resurrect you Yara Sula law upon them a common Mahmoud. What is the most common Mahmoud? Notice

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Allah linked it to selected 200 Allah said you should pray to her God Allah might bless you with common Mahmoud then make this drop Walker Ravi at Hindi Buddha silken wa Krishna Maharaja said this Dora is being mentioned in the context of Mohamed Mahmoud, what is the most common Mahmoud? We learned from the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that on judgment day,

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the actual judgment will be delayed, and people will be so worried about judgment, they're going to be so anxious, they're going to be so worried about actual kiama, that they're going to go to the prophets begging them to ask Allah to begin the actual judgment. So they will go to our father Adam, and they will say, oh, Adam, you are the first human being and Allah created you with his hand and Allah blew the ruler into you. Can you ask a lot to begin that ASAP? and other will say, I am worried about myself and I've seen FC I committed a sin and I eat of the tree and I did what I shouldn't have done, go to somebody else go to nowhere. So they will go to no, oh no, you were the

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first rasuu that came to mankind and they're going to beg and plead nor will say I asked a law something I shouldn't have asked which is to save his son and I'm worried about that enough's enough. See, go to somebody else. Go to Ibrahim. Ibrahim will say the same thing enough's enough. So you go to somebody else go to Musa Musa will say the same thing enough's enough to go Teresa Teresa will say the same thing. And so he will say go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So all of mankind, the Muslim of them, the cafard of them, the jinn of them, the inside of them, all of the mahalo cards.

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We'll come petitioning one human being, and that human being the petition is go and intercede. shefa for all of mankind, all of the mahalo hot to begin Judgment Day. So when they go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will say, another Ha, ha ha, this is the role Allah gave to me. This is the role Allah gave to me, then he will go in front of the throne of Allah and he will fall down in such depth and he will praise Allah in a manner that he doesn't even know when he said the Hadith, he said for your alimony, Mohammed, Allah Mohan I will praise the law in a way I don't even know how it is. I know I will do it, but he will teach me then I don't know how to praise him. Then

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he will say yeah, Mohammed arafat sir. So Torah top ishfaq to shove your rasulillah Raise your head speak, you will be heard, ask you will be listened to and request you shall be given. This is the most common mode, what is the most common mode, the praise worthy station? That's the most common mode that all of mankind will be thanking the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for that you began Judgment Day and so judgment they will move to the next step because of the shofar, the Grand shefa of our Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and everybody will praise Him. So this is a common Mahmoud, the Praiseworthy status, he is the praised hence His name is Mohammed The one who is praised. So this is

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more common Mahmoud in this context. What is the next verse? Well, kohlrabi as a synonym would make this dryer rasulillah make this dry. So this is a dua that is a sooner for him, and we are following in his suit enough that we should make this drought. What is that mean? That caused me to enter from a blessed place from a noble place from a truth worthy place and cause me to exit from a blessed place as well. There are many, many meanings all of them are valid, the most interesting one that I liked, it been a bus or the last one, the cousin of the prophets listened and he said, This verse was a law's mechanism of communicating to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that he should make the

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hedgerow from Mecca to Medina. What kohlrabi added his name would have caused me to enter the blessed land which is Medina and cause me to exit from the blesser land which is Mecca. So this is mood hot asleep is Mack Medina and Maharaja Civic is maca. I'm going to leave one bless his city, go to the other blesses city, make my exit and my entrance be honorable and noble. So I've been advised derived a very interesting point, which is valid. And again, all of these are valid, because this is the surah was revealed, literally before the Hydra by a few months, one of the last of the Madani sutras to be revealed. So Allah is telling him it's time to migrate to Medina, some have said the

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exact opposite that this ayah the mother herself is actually a mecca and the Maharaja su is Medina, and Allah is telling him that you will come back from Medina to conquer Mecca eventually. So this is a prediction for the conquest of Mecca that don't worry you're leaving Mecca, but Allah azza wa jal will cause you to leave Medina honorably and enter MK again, honorably and that time you will be victorious. And again, that too is a valid point. The third interpretation is that the idea that mood Hadassah is actually the grave that Oh Allah allow me to enter the grave in a blessed and noble manner and exit from this life in a blessing and noble manner. So when I leave this dunya, it should

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be upon truth, Maharaja sukin it should be an honest and upright death, and my entrance to the grave should also be an upright and an honest and a blessing entrance into the grave. Others have said the blessing entrance is gender and of course the exit will also then be this world, others have said and this is again all of these valid others have said that Oh Allah, wherever I enter and exit from, let me show honesty and truth let me not be double face. Let me not be a hypocrite. Although when I come, everybody should know that I am truthful. Mooladhara silicon, I should be honest and upright. Everybody should know I am Sadiq. And when I leave as well, the legacy I leave behind, nobody says

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Oh, he's double faced, oh, he's a liar or he's a Treacher. No. Maharaja, sukin. When I leave, it should also be the legacy of positive of honesty. And of course, one of his names was a sadhak, he was assaulted. And so Allah is saying, wherever you enter, wherever you exit, you will have silk around you all the time. So all along wherever I go, make me honest and upright and truthful and make my legacy be the legacy of silicon of being virtuous and truthful. And others have said that, in fact, this is a verse and this is of course, the correct opinion that all of these are valid, but really

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What diverse means is very straightforward that Oh Allah for every single situation for every single scenario for every single gathering, or allow wherever I go, whenever I enter an exit, let it be with honor, with dignity, with trustworthiness, let it be with sit, Oh Allah, let my walking and sitting lead my entrance and my exit always be surrounded by piety by taqwa by honesty. This is what it means that Oh Allah wherever I go, I should be a straightforward, honest person, somebody who is known to be truthful, somebody who is known to be virtuous. So wherever I go, my walking and my sitting in my talking, my being, whatever it is, we'll call Rob be at the hill near mahalo. Krishna

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Maharaja said, I know a lot that will only happen watch I Li Milla donica soltana nazira. It's only going to happen if you give me a Soufan. So down here means in aid of power, so Thawne here means that from Allah subhana wa Taala I need that divine help a lot I will slip unless you give me that power to always be above the rest to have that silk characteristic that make me amongst the suit the thin and higher than that, and that is why the category of severe is the highest category after the Salah, who like Lydian Anam Allahu Allah, him min and ebina was the Athena was shuhada it was solid in after the MBR the Cydia is the highest category, because Slidell is the virtue that is associated

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with Prophethood aboubaker acidic and by the way, the similar drought very similar Allah commanded the Prophet nor to make but there was one change in Objective because no one was commanded to make a drought on the boat and the boat is not going to go in and out the boat is going to land and so Allah subhana wa tada said to Nora when he was on the boat the Dora is the same but it's just a different verb. What Cora bn zeleni moons and mo Baraka and Allah cause this boat wherever it lands, the new Zoo should be a blessing new zoo is the same concept that wherever this vote is going wherever the trajectory is, make it a blessing one as well in the Quran, we have yahia and Risa they

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made this drop as well. It is a draw and it is a statement of fact that what you either named Mubarak and a NEMA could have been a bus would make this drop Allahumma Gianni Mubarak and aina macoun Oh Allah make me bless it wherever I am. And this is $1 that is similar to what we just said. Whenever I enter whenever I exit, it should be with honesty and truth. Make me bless it Wherever I am, means wherever I go, I should have a positive impact wherever whichever audience I'm in whichever gathering I'm in, let my impact be one of positive virtue that I spread your love your mission. I spread you're a badass of the shady I wherever I go so that I have that positive legacy.

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This is this beautiful. That is a generic door that we can use every day of our lives for every incident for every aspect and it is a door that betters our character and betters our situation. Welcome Rob be edited nimueh sukrin origini Maharaja Silicon Valley, mendonca soltana nazira and we will continue