Dont delay doing good!

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. But I care to wanted to share something that I shared with my students last Wednesday. In my evening class. We were talking about seeing that I best even have the Montella the uncle of Satan or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was one of two uncles that converted to Islam Hamza, and I, Delano da and Labus. So say that our best didn't embrace Islam very early on. And he kind of like waited till the very end when Satan Mohamed Salah Salem and you know, all the Muslims, they were literally outside of Mecca about five miles away. And then this man comes out and apparently sloth bears and he was going to do Hijra to Medina to say no Muhammad Sallallahu

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wasallam. And see the Mohammed sees him on the outskirts of McKinney tells him what brings you out uncle, and he says, I was coming to do his right to you, and to bear witness that there is no God except Allah subhanaw taala and the to Muhammad or His messenger and Subhanallah saying the Mohammed response was what Allah subhanaw taala willed that I would be the Seal of Prophets, and that you would be the seal of the warhead shooting. Now, out of this comes something really interesting. If say that I best had delayed doing good for like a couple more hours, right? He would have lost the job of being a Mohajer of being called with someone who did Hijra for the sake of Allah subhanaw

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taala and His Messenger Subhanallah because he No Mohammed said, well, once we enter Mecca, colors, no more more hygiene, that's the end of it. So if you're, you know, you have a chance for doing good. If there's something that you want to do, do not delay it. And I'll share with you something that happened to me about maybe 14 years ago, I used to commute to work and I was a teacher. I used to drive for an hour and I remember that day I had first class first period. And I was driving down the street there were like, you know, two roads one going one coming. And in the middle of the road. I see like in the distance there was a white big rock, right? And I was like, should I stop and take

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it aside? But if I stop and take it aside, I'm gonna be late to class. I'm really late. I'm already like, you know, driving from quite a distance. And then I'm thinking to myself, but you know, this is a great time for Dawa. I'm like in my full Black Joe Babb and I'll come out of the car and you know, it'll be great Dawa you know, Muslim lady getting out of the car to get harms out of people's way right? And I'm thinking to myself, like I'm getting closer I'm actually just swerve around, or should I pull over? And may Allah forgive me, I decided to make it a time to class and I didn't pick up the rock. The reason I say this is because I didn't stop on the way back coming back from work.

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Someone had picked up that rock and you could see it on the curb on the entrance of some sort of work on like, business building or something.

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It's was about 14 years ago, till this day, this rock is still there, on that curb on the side. And subhanAllah every time I pass by it, I regret delaying that good and it was like somehow like a message from Allah subhanaw taala to remind me that if there's a chance to do good, do it because you don't know if you're gonna get a chance to do good again. First of all, you don't know what kind of the lab or reward you're missing out on. And you might regret it like me, every time I see it. I really feel so bad inside. I'm like Subhana carob is just there to bother me 14 years in a row to remind me that I should have stopped and done the good and Allah subhanaw taala I'm sure would have,

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you know, given me baraka and made me you know, still arrive to work on time. So if there's something you know, that you want to do or that you've been planning to do, get up right now and do it. Do not delay Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh