Zakir Naik – Reply to Non-Muslims who Say, Mind your Own Business to a Muslim doing Dawah to them

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the duty of every Muslim to convey the message of Islam to non- Muslims, as it is their business. They use an example of an elderly man who died while walking away from a family. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not blaming the man for his actions and not letting anyone the is not a responsibility of the man.
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There are many Muslims of excuses.

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They say that when we speak to the non Muslims, they tell me that my own business

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that tells them, if some non Muslim tells me, that mind your business, I will tell him, that's what I'm doing. It's my business. It is a business, every Muslim to mind other people's business as far as ours is concerned.

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It is the business of every Muslim to mine other person business as far as removing sherek is concerned. So that's what I'm doing. in someone's mind. Your Own Business therefore represents my business.

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It's the business of every Muslim to be a die, at least a part time the if not a full time day.

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I'll give an example. Suppose if you're going on a hill station,

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along with the family,

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and you have two kids,

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a girl and a boy and your boy Amad, four years old man talking to your wife, and a small kid, I'm at four years old, he slips away from you. And he's going towards the edge of the cliff. Now, by the time you realize that he's missing, he's already gone far away. And then you seem that walking close to the edge of the cliff. You should

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be careful, you will fall on but your wife cannot reach him far away. There you see an elderly gentleman at the edge of the cliff with his hand folded, he's admiring beauty. You want to shout Mr. Beisa, save my son, he will die. But your voice cannot reach him. This elderly gentleman. He looks at his son. He smiled at your son, then continues admiring beauty. Your son is coming closer to the edge of the cliff. This man against my eyes at him. And it must go to the next step he takes

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is over the cliff. And he falls and he dies. I'm asking the question, will you or will you not blame that elderly gentleman for not saving your son? Will you or will you not only thing he had to do was touch his hand? He didn't even have to take a step forward. Only thing he had to do was touch his hand and your son reppin. Same? Will you blame him or not? Yes or no.

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But when you tell him why didn't you save my son? He will say hey, I was minding my own business.

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He's right. He didn't push your son. Did he? Did he ask your son to jump? No. Why did we blame?

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discipleship? No. Did you ask him to jump? No. But yet he will say he at least had wisdom. God gave him wisdom, my son four years old muscles mirrors and what does he know? Yet you will blame him will you or will you not? Of course. Same way on the Day of Judgment, these Mushriks the non Muslims on the Day of Judgment, they will blame the Muslims, they will catch your color. That when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala when Almighty God gave you hedaya Why didn't you tell us

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on the Day of Judgment? The non Muslim will blame the Muslim man tell that Why didn't these Muslims who Allah gave attire to who Allah gave guidance to why didn't they correct us?

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It's the duty of every Muslim, that it conveys the message of Islam to the non Muslims.

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Suppose if you have a neighbor, who's a missionary, and if you have not conveyed the message of Islam grim and if he dies, Allah will ask him one day of dead men. Why didn't you accept Islam? He was a Allah berita Allah no one gave me the message. He said, I give them directly to you. You do check? You will go to *. Allah will ask you next, did you convey the message to your neighbor, non Muslim neighbor? And if we say no, you will follow him. You will follow him. It's the duty of every Muslim that he should convey the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala to those who are not aware of it

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