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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah cancer. So a thought came across my mind today that I really wanted to share with you guys. And I was talking with some of my students today about reading the importance of reading, what kind of things they read and how much they read, you know. And unfortunately, today's youth when we look at what they actually read, it's like either surfing through, you know, the internet, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, whatever source of, you know, social media there is. And I'm sad to say that this is not reading, reading is something that's supposed to benefit your mind, expand everything hear you think make you contemplate, make you kind of reflect, make you learn,

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benefit yourself and benefit those around you, right? And the reason why I'm saying this is because when we look at a loss of handouts, God, the Creator of the heavens of the earth, and He sends down Angel Jibreel alayhi, Salam to the final messenger to humanity. So even the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what is that first word in the Revelation?

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Think to yourself, was it pray? Was it fast? perform some sort of pilgrimage, some sort of physical effort? No. What was the first command? It?

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Read? Allah subhana, Allah to allah God, sending down an angel to the final messenger. And his first command is read. Do you actually read? What are you reading on Sorry, I have to say this, but it really eats my heart up. We're learning about the Bassett Empire, which is a little bit, you know, less than or maybe somewhere about whispers from 750 to 12 58,000 years ago, more or less.

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And if you see the uprise, and the advancement they were in, since the foundation or the founding of Batum, Heckman, the House of Wisdom. And you see scholars and scientists from all over all different nationalities, all different kinds of religions, coming to Baghdad, right, which was the center of knowledge, it was the city of buzzing, and people trying to further research people reading people writing down their researches and their translations, all different kinds of scriptures, philosophies, knowledge, religion, everything you can imagine. And at the same time, if you go a little bit further down into Spain, and Cordoba, and it was called, at that time, the City of Light,

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they actually had lights in the streets. I'm talking about 750 to 1258. A time when we look in Europe, where there was very, very little knowledge or not even knowledge, if you found any paper, it would be in the Montessori, right? There was no light, it was dark, it was dark, Europe was dark. And you have Cordoba, people would go there, the city of the light with running water and homes, you have lights in the streets, you have these unbelievable libraries and books. And basically, if you look at that, that is what they did was they learned how to make paper from the Chinese. And you have libraries and bookstores and people learning and what happened. There was advancement, there

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was an unbelievable movement of people wanting to learn, doesn't matter where you came from, what you were doing, but people had that urge the people were kind of like competing to come to Baghdad to get these jobs, and to be what's colors and people were treated, not based on what tribe you came from, what your ethnicity was or your skin color. But basically it was based on your knowledge, your status and knowledge. Think about this guys. Allah subhanaw taala sending down Angel Jibreel to Earth with the first revelation to save them Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he tells him a cut up this middle pika lady HELOC read in the name of your LORD that created

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take a book today and go read something that's beneficial. Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh