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Salam Alikum rosily but okay, so how's everybody doing? I want to share with you a story that gave me goosebumps and I to permission first of all from the couple before I share it with you

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Subhan Allah. So anyway, having so much more time now at home and hamdulillah I'm actually trying to go through the messages that you guys send me and may Allah bless Europe for your amazing kindness. I'm doing my very best. So please be patient with me. It's a lot of messages. So I'm really trying my best. But anyway, so some of you might have seen the actual date video that I posted a maybe over a year ago or so. So I received this message from the sister, I think it was yesterday or the day before Easter, I can't even I've lost count of the days. I've been home for so long. But anyway, she had watched, you know, or my video had popped up on her newsfeed. She's not even following me or

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anything. And she watched the video about the actual dates. And she said, Well, I never ever tasted a casual date. So I kind of put my hands up and I said, y'all Rob, is there someone out there who would be my messenger, and who would bring me as your date, I would love to teach them right. And then time passed by, you know, she wasn't fooling me or anything. And then all of a sudden, you know, we're not all of a sudden, you know, her parents kind of like bought her a potential spouse, and I believe this happened in Canada. And so they met spoke, you know, a couple of times or whatnot. And then he went to perform Hajj last year with his mother, and they prayed as the Hydra.

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When he came back, he decided to come and propose to her. And lo and behold, he had bought her a box of Azure dates as her gifts as her gift, not her gift, but a gift. And subhanAllah she's telling me I could not control my tears I remembered that I made to her and I told him the story and he said Subhanallah than I am your messenger right Subhanallah that brought you these dates your risk until you know till to your home. And subhanAllah she said she tried finding me. But she you know, with no avail. He didn't know where I was what my name was, until you know somebody's level. They got married actually March 8 of 2020 here in Canada, and Masjid Abu Bakr Siddiq, and I popped up again

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on our news feeds of Honolulu, he was able to reach to reach out to me and tell me her story. And subhanAllah she told her husband and hamdulillah they're very, you know, they're newlyweds May Allah appear to be you know, protect them, and grant them other happiness. So a couple of things here. First of all, when we make too hot, sometimes we kind of just make it and we don't really think about it. And the minute that you know, so many times will lie we make to her, and we forget and things actually happen, the things that we need to have for happen. But she time is so smart about making us forget, because why, the minute that you realize it, you make too hot, and Allah actually

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accepts it, what's going to happen to your relationship with the last panel to Allah, it's gonna be so strong, right? She doesn't want that. So always make to her and rest assured, rest assured that first of all, don't change his color. Number one. Second of all, Doha is accepted by last panel, it's 100, whether it's given to you in this dunya or it's lift, you lift something bad that was going to come down or a fee for you for something better on the Day of Judgment. But Doha is always accepted in one form or the other. Don't ever, ever, ever give up on making too high especially in the days that we're in right now. And I know a lot of people Subhanallah have been afflicted with

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the economy and it's only you know, it might get worse before it gets better. Of course Allah subhanaw taala is capable of changing everything in a split of a second but we have to rest assured that our risk our sustenance will come to us. We exert our efforts to the best of our ability, and then we leave it to the last minute to highlight and make to have mc.me Allah subhanho wa Taala your bureau make this an easy testiness May Allah subhanaw taala protect all of those who are out there our doctors, our nurses, our families and friends, anybody who's out there the the you know the people who are delivering things to our homes, the people who are taking our you know, our waste and

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garbage all these people who are out there to you know, provide us with our comfort in our homes. May Allah protect them, and by what they're doing make it a means of protection for their homes and their families as well yada make to her and rest assured that era ZOC will not leave you we are worshipping a robot that is so merciful and so kind and so generous. Make your heart make make to her and be you know, sure that Allah subhanaw taala in sha Allah will see us through this inshallah with Taha and with, you know, just having sublet and patients inshallah everything's going to be fine. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.