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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So I was talking with my Quran teacher the other day, and I was telling her, you know, subhanAllah sometimes people have such difficulty in memorizing the Quran. And so maybe they, you know, they should just continue maybe at least reading it or doing to see it, you know, so they don't stress out, because maybe they don't have the ability to memorize. And she shared with me the story, I was like, Oh, my God, I got to share it with you guys. So she was telling once there was this grandfather, and he had his grandson. And he was telling him like, you know, I'm having such difficulty memorizing the Quran. Every time I memorize, it takes me

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forever, I'll spend hours and I can even like, get one area. And then even if I get the idea, then I forget it. And it's just pointless. I don't know why I'm doing this. So the grandfather told the boy, you know, don't worry about it. Can you please take my basket of coal over there by the fireplace, and go down to the river and get me some water and come back. So the boy took the basket, he went down to the river, and then he put water in it. And by the time he came back, he found there was no water in it. And then his grandfather said, Where's the water? He said, it fell through, he's like, fine thing, go back again to the river. And this time, after you flood come back as quickly as

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you can. So the water doesn't like fall through that what the weaving of the basket. And so the boy went down again to the river, he felt the basket, the whole basket with water, he came back running, but by the time he came back, the water had fallen right through. And the boy was like, This is pointless. I'm gonna keep going back and forth, back and forth. And the water is not just contained in the basket. I can't there's, you know, the weaving is not holding the water in. Can you come with me grandfather. So his grandfather went with him, he went down to the river, they filled the basket. And then he walked with him. And by the time they came back again, what happened? The water had

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fallen through and the basket was empty. The boy was, you know, just, you know, he was just frustrated. He's like, What is the point of this, and then the grandfather told him, You think that nothing changed in the basket by you going back and forth, carrying water in it, even though if you look inside of it, it's empty, but look at the inside and the outside of the call basket. It's pure clean, just by you carrying the water even though the water did not stay inside that basket. It was cleaned on the inside and on the outside. And the same thing with you spending time with the Quran, you might not be memorizing it. But as you are working with it, it is cleaning your heart on the

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inside and on the outside. Subhanallah is such a beautiful story and the things we learned from our mache. May Allah bless the mural. Don't give up on the Quran. Spend time with the Quran and see how it's going to transform your life. Even if you have difficulty in memorizing if one of your kids have difficulty in memorizing, don't just give up on it doesn't matter. Keep trying keep working with it. Even if it's just one area. Even if it's a couple of words a day doesn't matter. Just spend time with the crime because it will change you it will change your heart it will open it up and short of light and lead that light of Allah subhanaw taala fall right through and then in their

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hearts in Allah. Do not give up on the Quran. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh