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Khutbah by Sh. Yassir Fazaga on March 12, 2010 at IIOC titled: “Facing Depression”


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The negative impact of the Compdialist and the importance of learning Islam is discussed, as well as the potential risks of depressed life. Dep depression is a " pest" and needs to be addressed, and people should avoid doing things that make them feel depressed. The success of a garden initiative and community importance are also emphasized. The speaker acknowledges that it is difficult to overcome depression and encourages people to not say they are depressed.

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when I

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was a

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collar boy, so the law

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by law

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by law, labor

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law is a

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very nasty law for failing,

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a lot of the Compassionate, The Most Merciful All praise is due to unlock, we may witness that no one is worthy of worship quite a lot and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is indeed his final messenger, the best of speech, the book of law, and the best of guidance is the guidance of Mohammed Salah la vida

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de zona, you know some of them

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are even

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better than the other Sahabi literally a moon

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upon him, visited one of his competitors who was not feeling well.

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I when he got through the amount of being just so overwhelmed, and word, sickness, he said messenger of Allah, I wish I was dead,

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the province of the love it was in the center that you wish for death, even though I have in your presence, the terminal note will enter in the

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last part of the teachings of Islam, and we will continue to study more

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of the teachings of Islam is that life is beautiful.

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And as believers enjoy life, keeping in mind that this is not a permanent place. Moreover,

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do not actively seek depth.

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Not only that, but do not even wish for it.

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So the Prophet peace be upon him said to the man he taught you and he said, let me say this, when you have something better for you to teach.

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I'll teach you something better than what you say right now.

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with the world.

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Jimmy, the messenger Allah say don't say this. Let me give you an alternative.

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Rather than you should say,

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by your knowledge of the unseen, or vital capability and ability of your creatures, or a large extent in my life, some of that living is good for me, and all my putting into my life so long that death is what is best for me. So even at that point said, do not seek it, do not wish, but leave it up to Allah. Allah, this is so difficult, I can't do this anymore. All I spent in my life because you know, the unseen, may be better days are coming my way, will be perfect days, this upcoming library. But right now this is too gloomy for me, I cannot handle this. But I do know that limit is good for me extended my life. I know a lot because you know, the unseen, is this doom and gloom is

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going to continue with me. And you know that death is what is best for me, or worth putting into my life.

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So we are even taught that God wish one even when it becomes difficult,

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because challenging, don't wish for death, but rather take your praise to Allah

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subhanaw taala not only do we not wish for death, we are forbidden from committing suicide, and bringing an end to our life. And I think your indulgence, you know what I mean, with refugee agents in the mid 80s. We went to school and the teacher assistant or he was watching TV. This is how you pick up your good English. This is how you make your English good. So we watch TV, and we have this program, you come home and you watch this show to this show to this show. My new very young very impressionable, you know, you'd be watching all these shows. And one of my favorite shows, one that I used to buy was a show called growing pains. And maybe those of you who are around my age know

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what I'm talking about. So Growing Pains is this innocent show, you know, with the stars with people around my age, I knew I'd be watching it and we would wait for it. And that was the program every

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few days back to the news. And I knew that one of the stars in the show just committed suicide.

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A 41 year old young man, very popular in the show Boehner, Andrew Kane a few days back, he was so depressed, the man took his life, his own life.

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you know, celebrities are not supposed to commit suicide.

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Of all people, this man was a comedian. He was laughing all day long and making other people laugh all day long.

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He's rich, he's famous. These people are not supposed to commit suicide. The older you get, the richer you are, the more famous you become the more important roles you played in the movies and the sitcoms, so these people are not supposed to be committing suicide. And I feel that this young man has been battling depression for a long time. So few days that he decided to take his own life away.

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That was

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that was sad. But it also highlights a serious problem that is taking place in the world today. Give me an example. With you know that every 40 seconds in the wall, somebody is committing suicide.

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In the US here, every 17 or 17 seconds, a person is attempting to commit suicide.

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US.

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What is more along with that suicide is the third leading cause of death amongst adolescents.

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People who are between the ages of 15 and 24. The sad leading cause for the test is suicide.

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Young people taking their lives away. And again, we wouldn't be thinking of all the young people are not supposed to be taking their lives away. These are too young to be doing this. This is time to enjoy life. But yet, it is the third leading cause of death amongst adolescents.

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you not do not think that the Muslim community is shielded from this.

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We've got to be realistic.

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People are depressed and this is not to celebrate depression. But that is the reality. And one of the reasons is the many risks that we have about depression. So for example, you come to people and say I'm depressed. There is something wrong with your Eman.

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Your event is weak. That is why you're depressed. Because believers righteous people are not supposed to be depressed. Yes, only That's a lie.

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There is a lot when we tell people this, that is a lie. So the person is coming to you telling you that I'm feeling depressed, hoping that you keep them up, you make them even feel more guilty and more terrible for speaking to you. Or tell you that wasn't your depression, you have a man that he can

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meet honey? Well, it hasn't. Well, honestly, when I was living

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in LA,

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say that anything that default, I believe was the unauthenticated button it will open up in a minute.

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So the problem with any calamity at the minute wrote this calamity, the default on a believer, be brief. Be warning, be sadness be sickness. So illegal is prone to being depressed. So when somebody says I'm depressed, please, I bet do not say there is something wrong with your email. Because you live and you learn for yourself. And that's a misconception.

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I believe it may go through depression.

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this is not necessarily the question. But what Eman does is that it prevents the potential consequences of the pressure going into display is much different from the way say No, you cannot go into despair.

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Going into the state of hopelessness, he never comes into say you cannot be hopeless, you believe. Remember, Allah is in charge.

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So the pressure is not because of lack of emotion.

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Or sometimes we say that a person is depressed because they are weak.

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So even though the event is weak, or you are weak will lie, that's not true.

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Because you could show people also become depressed.

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And here again, we make people feel guilty. So you're depressed, either because your image is bad, or because you yourself, you are weak, I will warn you that is not the case. What depression means is that the challenge is that you have all our way, the resources that you have, you just cannot cope with the burden that you have, and you don't have enough resources to cope with.

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The challenges outweigh resources. That is really what it means.

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And when I say this, I am not talking about you know, simplifying the issue. But depression is a serious disorder that needs to take that needs to be attended to. And we don't make people feel bad because of this something else. When people come to us and tell us that they're depressed, please take this ratio.

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Sometimes they will say, Well, you know how teenagers are very moody, one way to do it this way and one day this way, take it very serious, especially if somebody comes and tells you or your life is worth living anymore, or that I am thinking of doing something to myself, please take this face us.

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We have a young girl in our community here. She went to her father and she said, Dad, I'm depressed. And the father was so upset. They said depression is not a word that we use in this house. I don't want to use this word use in this house anymore. And the man went well, well, I use a boyfriend really what he what he did, is to have a snap out of it, encouraging her by saying that depression is not a word that we use in this house. Now just she cannot say this. She was the only one but she started cutting herself using a knife and a razor cutting herself. Because that was the only way for her to express all this boiling emotions in herself.

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Don't do that. take it serious. When people share this with us, means that they really have a problem and they're looking for somebody to help them.

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What kind of properties koponen comes to the machine. And he finds a man by the name of a woman. A woman is sitting in domestic and he is just all depressed.

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And it was not trying to appraise. And you know the way that the processor went to his house is that he goes to the embassy to go to his house. So he comes in and he finds a woman sitting in the midst. He says a woman was shown

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mentally and physically msdb are ready to work this How long? What are you doing in the machine even though it's not time to pray, and the money at the process? And as we say, the opening is hard to

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do you

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said messenger of Allah, I am just burdened with was deaths. That's near death. There are more senior and laws there. What is the purpose of celibacy? Your wiki man, you're weak man. Why did you borrow your money to begin with? Why did you do that?

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I teach you something someplace that you can say. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teach in this beautiful drought a long

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time you would have been an actual person.

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Or a lot of seek refuge in You from anxiety and grief, although I seek refuge in You from laziness or incapacitation, or why seek refuge in You from death and death and what have you. But here's the problem.

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was not that because he shared his anxiety and his burdens with the public.

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So that is really important for us to keep another to Panama, there are many challenges. They say that the reason why men become depressed, which is the reason why women become depressed. And two different things. Say that men become depressed when they feel that they are useless.

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somebody loses their job,

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I haven't had a job for two years, I've been laid off 11 is very difficult. The beginning of the month is becoming a challenge for me. I used up all my savings, I took all the most I maxed out all my credit cards. And now the beginning of the month is a very stressful time for me, because I don't even know when I will be getting the break from

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people saying that I haven't had a job.

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My wife and my children in the army, I don't know what I don't know what to do.

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women feel depressed, when they're not feeling valued, or appreciated, or they're not being given the proper attention, that leads them into depression. But the point is, once we know something like this, we can encourage each other, you know, you've worked very hard all of your life, you know, these are times inshallah they will pass by. But the point is, let's not in addition to the challenges that we have taken each other apart, you're depressed,

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you're depressed because you don't have the proper email you. We can use progressive sisters. At that point, we become the architects of the demise of one another, we take each other down, we crush each other.

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And that is not acceptable. One woman also lives on the block.

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And the path of peace,

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that to be optimistic is the best of character. These are difficult times and to not bring with them the difficulty of the situation. You know, sometimes we think that we can give people you know, when people pep talk, you know, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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That's really nice. It sounds very cute. But it's really short of and I have not been going anywhere.

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So don't use these words, it may not work.

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when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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Tough times don't last but tough people do. I'm trying to tough it out. But it's not going anyway. You know joking, why just

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to stop

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doing this really bigger than this pep talk, but it does not work most people. So the point is do not do not belittle that. Now keep in my prayers in Sharla. But also what is beautiful about this is community coming together, community coming together. This is where we need people to say you know what, Allah, Allah has given recently, we want to start, you know, a project, how the people who have been donating to the Muslim now are coming to domestic saying that, you know, I really don't have money to pay for them. Will it sell people in our community? These are people in Orange County one day much less than otherwise given the different people who are coming to donate to the masjid

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and now these people are coming to the rescue say, I can't do this anymore. I need help. But then it's when the community comes together. That is one we can make a difference. If you are working and you know that your company is hiring, please let other people know. You know what, why don't you come and just, you know, come in, come and apply.

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I will say a few words on your behalf, I will help out. If you yourself,

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Allah has blessed you. And even though you're doing your own things, and you can do it yourself, but you can afford hiring somebody, please hire someone. So Pamela,

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this is say that he was a rich man. But then around him, there was so much unemployment going on. And he wanted to do something to the people. So what does he say? He said, that means hiring. So people come to you and said, Well, what do you mean this to do? He said, I have so much data from my threes, and I need people to eat it. And then give me the pits, the seats, and I will buy it from you.

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So the people can do this garden, and they start eating, they will collect the press, and he will come and he would they will go and he would buy them from him. He would buy the pits from the people. Why is that? But that was his way of saying you know what, I know what is going on. And I will do my best to help out, as they say that the records of the story. People knew what he was doing. And they were laughing as they were doing it.

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Simply somebody saying that I recognize the problem. And I would like to do something about it. But that is how communities come together. May Allah Subhana Allah save all the people who are going through depression

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and alleviate the difficulties of all the people who are going through difficulties.

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Wa Salatu was Salam.

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ala we have

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two more points. inshallah, regarding the myth about depression. Some people believe that the more you talk about depression, it's bad.

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So what you do is that you just suppress it, and don't talk about it. When that is wrong.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was an approachable man. And people would go to him with all the issues of depression. Never the profits of love animals lifted Oh, be quiet. Don't talk about that.

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But what is it? What ideas do I have? Maybe sometimes in the sharing itself, there is a belief that people feel that the point is police do not believe when people say the more you talk about depression, the worse it makes it that is not acceptable.

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Last point, especially for the people who are present, if one of your friends come to you, and they tell you that I have been thinking about doing something to myself, please tell people tell his parents or her parents, this is not the time to say I am a loyal friend. When people trust me with their secrets, I don't tell out please don't do that. There are many, many sources or journalists with

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Merlin, you have decent coverage

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out of the

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He said that every gathering is confidential. Unless somebody tells you about killing the themselves or somebody else, or devouring the people's wealth in vain. At that point, there is your respectful confidentiality.

00:23:23--> 00:23:41

tell somebody about it. Tell other friends tell his or her parents, because we want people to get involved, as many and as much resources to this person to that insha Allah they overcome the difficulties that they have in

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your social action behaving.

00:23:48--> 00:23:53

Absolutely behaving for England alone. And yes, we have

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a heavy LEAD Center for in mentality the model. For the left was the Wii for England, Garcia who will allow will allow you to cover a lot of heavy

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He said that, you know, Stephane is telling people that you know what, yes, the difficulties are there. But always remember that it is Allah subhanho wa Taala who is in charge. And knowing that Allah is short, is something that brings about peace into our hearts. Finally, the question is contagious, which will only mean if you're depressed. It won't reflect on your family

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and the father or the mother. If they're depressed. It spreads in the family. We think that contagious diseases are about virus and bacteria. Yes, they are. But sometimes the mood is you come and meet somebody who's just giggling and laughing all the time.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

You started giggling and laughing as well. Where are you

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You come around. They're just absolutely gloomy and doomy and depressed. Again, at least for the sake of simplicity, we will do that in a moment. So please inshallah, remember, the sooner you get help, the sooner you get better, the sooner and inshallah you do not affect your families. And finally, please do make use of our organization and access when we have qualified counselors who can help. And like we say all the time, all of our services are confidential, and these are people who are qualified to help, if they are unable to help, you shall lead they will lead you and they will guide you, they will give you a referral to somebody who is more capable than we are to extend the

00:25:44--> 00:25:53

help for you. Remember to people please the people of lesser today is the 1,000th day of the bloke he thinks that people have

00:25:54--> 00:26:34

and what is happening against them is a you may, it is uncivilized, and of all people, we would not expect it from the victims of the Holocaust. If you yourself have been a victim, you cannot be the part of who is guilty of victimizing these people. So please do keep them in your prayers. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make out for them. Because they're being deserted by all the neighbors. And the people who are putting the blockage on them. Allah has snatched mercy out of the hearts. You've got to be a person who is no want to be doing this to the people.

00:26:36--> 00:27:20

And if you're amazing, and you're even participating Furthermore, in this book, a lot of this leaves me speechless. What to say about that. So please, we know we can't really do anything to them. The least that we can do is to keep them in our place. So please do keep them in your place. And also the Muslim community. Lots of very beautiful members in the national arena. And that assisted Amina sentiment, she passed away about 10 days ago, in a car accident, I made a salary for those of you who don't know her is a revert to Islam. And she was very active in spreading the word of Islam. In fact, she was actually coming from electric when she got into the accident. So May Allah subhanaw

00:27:20--> 00:27:24

taala bless her soul, and May Allah Allah make her final about paradise.

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A loan out before the criminal

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the last

00:27:43--> 00:27:47

time titled appear to Jelena along with a Lego quadratic

00:27:48--> 00:27:57

mechanical prior to Pharaoh Lenin was often a mechanical learner, along with our learning of how it Maha, Yamuna Yeoman and pop

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up from a rock me Robin attina.

00:28:03--> 00:28:05

Know about the law in the law

00:28:07--> 00:28:08

when I

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00:28:17--> 00:28:18

working solo