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Khutbah – “Revisiting Communication” by Sheikh Yassir Fazaga.

This khutbah is about the Prophetic teaching to improve and enhance of communication.


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The mean for Salatu was Salam ala

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l mursaleen shaffir. a mutiny. Dino Habib Iraq, Delilah mean Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He was on the floor during the night from the Rila Monastery you know who want to stop here we're going to study when our

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unforeseen our say, our Marlena Fernando de la

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us Dr. Heidi thicket Avila hyaluron Howdy, howdy Mohammed in so the law says In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, The Most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah. We bear witness that no one is worthy of Fortune but Allah and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is indeed his final messenger. The best of speech is the book of Allah. And the best of guidance is the guidance of Mohammed Salah Allah, Allah.

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May Allah Allah make us amongst those who listen to the best of speech The Book of Allah unfolds commandment MLS printout of makers amongst those who come to know the best of ways the way of Mohammed Ali fulfillment and make us amongst his followers, a lot of them mean mean

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a whole lot of other

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for quality palette in our

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last session, the poor and

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the most versatile

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and lemon

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taught or

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color intern created man are learnable Diane taught me the art of expressing himself or herself. One of the most beautiful gifts, there are lots of panel data has given us is the ability to communicate about not only the presence of animals do, but also about the past as well as about the future. Communication is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The story goes on to say that there was a brother who was wrongfully imprisoned

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for about three years.

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And when he was imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit, he had a two year old son. So when he came out, son is five and the son that is meeting the father, no money came out of jail, tears of joy, happiness taking place.

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And man goes to the parking lot to get the car. And the son is staying with his dad. So the son referred to is that as uncle.

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So the father looked at him and he said, No, sir, I am your father. I'm your dad, not your uncle. So I looked at him and said No, dad is the one that sleeps with mom every night.

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Now the father is really devastated.

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Not only is he is wrongly imprisoned, but now he goes back home to find out that things were not as good.

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Why he comes back. He says that there is a change with this man. She tells herself is been in debt for over 1000 days. And Jim does something to men. They go back home and he's not just the same person that came out. So she's talking to him and she's trying to get him to talk to her essentially. Remember how we said when you went to jail and shop along when you come out? We are going to go for a program visit the help of online you bergeon are getting together. You're not even clean enough to go to the house of Allah what is going to get out of my face and he pushes her down this thing.

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The meantime the sun comes holding a picture.

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He said you're not that this is that is that picture his own picture but three years before he goes to prison. So what are you talking about? He's literally every night I come to him and I say Mom, can I please sleep with you tonight? She tells me No she holds the picture to her heart and she said I am going to sleep with that.

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man runs downstairs only to find out that is what is unconscious

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quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down.

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How many times can you say I am sorry? How many times can we say

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I wish I'd been quiet. I wish we asked that extra question. I wish I would. It's too late. It's too late. And unfortunately, sometimes miscommunication or the illusion of communication can have deadly consequences. And we live in an era where communication is so unbelievably easy nowadays, yes, looking into the different types of apps, the different types of groups that we are in, you're in this group and you're with this person you are on Facebook ads, you are just all over the place. The email is becoming too old at this point, are you talking about the speed of an email last about 2000 miles per second, all you have to do is just click and you are communicating somebody on a different

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continent, an unbelievable amount, ability to communicate, but we missed that. See, there is a difference between exchanging information and communication. And these are two different things. However, there are four principles, prophetic principles. In sha Allah, if we learn, we believe that it would be our communication would be much better. Principle number one,

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the person is more important than the point.

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Every time we talk, we are so crazy about making the point. But what good is the point if you made the point, but you will ask the person and we tell each other what he or she was not getting the point I need to make the point. You can make the point but what good is the point? If you lose the

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story says a man by the name of family became to visit the stories in Sahih Muslim.

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He was known exorcism. And the people of NACA believed that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi. wasallam was possessed by the jinn me possessed by demons. So as soon as they saw this,

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they were so happy with where you are right on time. We have this man his name is Mohammed bin Abdullah.

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And he is possessed by the demons and we could think of nobody better than you and they pump the Ganga. So the man is all pumped up and is that point me to him? When is he? So they point out the demand by the by all these strange motions, the prophets oxygen was spray. He said, don't worry about it. So he goes there and he sits next to the processor, as the proper colossal amount of spray film is done. Assalamu aleikum wa sallam, I have not seen somebody with a more

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than Mohammed Salah has said I will be

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looking at his face of Allah. Allah was

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limited. I introduced myself talking to you and said you have an athlete, that oh nephew of mine, you know I am I'm this famous for Halloween. I am really skilled, taking out demons, and I know can be very difficult for you to talk about how possessed you are with the demons, but he gave me an opportunity to help get the demons out. This is a man talking to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about him being possessed by a demon and what it's doing is listening to them and then he came quiet. So the process has looked at magnesium and high demand. Have you said everything that you want to say and

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I am the Navy so awesome. So that means that in the Hampton Inn law, number one is 31 is the funeral was All praise is due to Allah Subhana Allah, we praise Him and we seek his assistance.

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love of Allah, whomsoever Allah guides, there will be none to misguide him, woman usually, and whomsoever Allah lets to go astray, there will be none to offer him guidance and about to proceed, meaning that this was an introduction. Let me proceed to my topic with you. And the method level, my amalga is that you're not proceeding You're not going anywhere.

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I want you to repeat what you just said. What you said is just so beautiful. I have never heard Allah Subhana Allah being praised the way that you're praising. And the people of Mecca are looking from foreign they've just rubbing their hands together. They're getting somewhere, man. This man is getting 200 asylum will soon see demons flying all the way. And then all of a sudden, the man gets up and he's kissing the forehead of the Prophet so

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this is what we call a real banger.

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He is

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the Messenger of Allah is being accused, that he is possessed by the demon

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What is the colossal I'm doing? I'm waiting for you to finish. Go ahead and finish your thought. And then I'll be a Why is that? Because the person is more important than the point, you made the point. But what good is the point if you make it, and then you have the person. And unfortunately, brothers and sisters, sometimes we have a tendency to do that. We want to make the point at the expense of losing our wife, losing our husband, our sons, our daughters, our friends, our co workers, because we are so caught up on our need to make the point regardless of what it costs a fee. That is not why maybe the person is not willing to accept the point at this point. So what do you do save the person

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make the point later on. But what we like to do is, I am going to make the point regardless of what happens to the person, second principle, similar to the first one, but in a different way.

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Being inclined, is more important than being right. Sometimes, because we think that we are right, we want to make the point, even if it be at the expense of us being cruel.

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This man bought a brand new truck,

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they get the truck and he brings it home. He takes his tools outside by the truck and you know how when we get a brand new car for whatever reason, we think that the dealer did not do a good job making sure that the car is all bolted up and whatnot. So he brings in his tools and he is massaging the car and he is wiping the carpet we're celebrating our brand new car. So his four year old son comes and he eats the Godfather is inside. He sees a hammer. He decides the economy itself. He goes around banging on every single corner of the car, breaking the headlights, the brake lights and he is walking around with the night before the

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sun comes out. And he is just absolutely devastated by what he gets the hammer. Stop banging the hands of his son so that he doesn't do it again. Because the father really wanted to make the point. Son is crying I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Baba.

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Short while

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turning blue, rushing to the hospital. But if these fingers don't look good, we have to amputate. amputate the fingers. Son is out of the hospital. He's looking at his fingers and he's looking at his dad and his dad. I'm really sorry about your car. What are my fingers going to grow out again? never

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see, the father made the point

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the son for sure will never do that again. But at what expense all boils down to the fact that being kind is more important than being hot

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but we want to make the point regardless of what it takes. But remember this being kind is more important than being right on Suppan love Mohammed Salah lavallee was similar, dealt with people this way, all the time. A man comes to the prophets of Allah, Allah, Allah and he the classroom is distributing you know, charity. So the man comes in and gives him some brother please inshallah move forward to make room for our brothers we're coming

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for false positive.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is getting changed and this is happening in public. So he gets this man and the man stands there and the processor will have said to him How have I done You're good? Are they all Mohammed wala he met

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he said Mohammed you have done me no justice and you have done me no good. The processor is offended in front of all nice view. Everybody gets up and attempt to teach this man a lesson because a solemn said leave the man alone. Leave him alone. Now the power is protecting the man that just insulted him from his companions. Is it just a failure everywhere? He takes him inside to his room? So the question of gifting someone ask them to elect him at the dollar. He gives them more than now is good. Isn't you have done me no good and you have done me? no justice. So the proposal gives you some What's that? What about No. months months is it

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is that now you have done me good. You've done me justice. But then the processor looks at him and he said in the hobby at what

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he said see my companions out there. They're not very happy with what you have done. Can we go outside and ask them one more time how you feel towards me. So they go outside and deposit services.

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awesome to me. How are you good. And despite the topic, he said, Well, nah, he asked me.

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He said, what you've done me great justice, and you've done a great good. So the processor looks at people and he says, international

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chemists and a loved one in Canada and the EU now potential is in the parable of what just took place between you and myself. And this man is like a metal had a candle, and the candle ran away from them. And then he said, people out of the goodness of their heart of

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alcohol, they stopped chasing the camera to bring it back to this to this man. He said, such as even. So the camera started running even further away, and the man starts yelling, he said, Yeah, you're not good enough at zero, people leave me alone, I know how to deal with my camera, just everybody just just stopped, he said, and then the members down to the ground, and he picks something and he starts walking to the cameras, and the cameras start walking back towards him on the process and upset, if the people really wanted to do what they wanted to do, the man would have never seen his camera again, if I want to let you do what you wanted to do with this man, we would

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have never seen this managing more is that because being kind is more important than the

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third principle, brothers and sisters, in communication. Listening is more important than talking. You're a good listener, or you're a good talker, or a good communicator, not because of what you are able to say. But it is because of our ability to listen. So how in the world are the believers are praised as a good listeners.

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And levena

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give glad tidings to my servants. They are those who listen to the to speech. And then they follow the best of what has been said in the Day of Judgment. People regret the fact that they were not good listeners. We're all local. Now. Let's map out not nothing as hobbies. And then they would say only if we weren't people who either listen attentively, or we use our reasons, we would not be in this blame game in this blame for

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being a good listener is part of being a good communicator. What just this very beautiful story. The caller will not even have to

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tell me the story.

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Have you had this many we have in our Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said we are to Kabbalah and the extent of our

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fallen long as mirrabooka. And

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he said the student, a young student would come to me in excitement. And he would stop telling me about the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I have heard the Hadith he said, what I have read this hadith. You know, we say that before you were even born, he said, I have heard you had these, the same Hadith that this person is telling me right now said, I have heard it before his parents even gotten married. Like that's how all of go, how long avoid where it is headed. And then he said, what law he said by a law. I would listen to him as if I'm hearing it for the first time.

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You know how sometimes when people you're about to tell them when they're about to tell you a joke. And the middle of the joke, you just look at those three, I've heard that one before. But there is room that is rude. It's not about the fact that you've heard it before. But this idea of people having wanting to share something nice with you. And what happens is to Pamela, if you let them know or have heard of her to do it and watch her say that, it's just Just be quiet. So remember this, the person is more important than the point being heard is more important than being right. And listening is more important than

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the last one. Communication is a skill that can actually be learned. We can all learn this. Sometimes we visit others in our work created may deal with and this is just

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how I am Debbie that is just an excuse. Because we refuse to change. Every time we listen to ourselves every time we say well this is how Allah created me just accept me as I am. That is such a lousy excuse that we use in order to refuse to change. However, remember this progresses in communication. Not only it is a skill that can be learned, but part of what we need to learn is the following.

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You have got

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All of us have got to learn to mean what we say. and say what we mean.

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Because the communication, what you're thinking, how you're feeling is the place, I cannot predict. This is a place that can only I can only be invited to, I cannot just look at you and think I know what you're thinking. So what we're thinking how we're feeling, or places that we must be invited, invited to. Another, it's all part of what we have to learn is mean what you say, and say what you mean. And don't get me wrong again. And I'm not really being harsh on on our cultures here. But sometimes we come from cultures, what we say we really don't mean, and what we really mean. We don't say what am I supposed to get. And again, some people will come after the hope and say, Well, this

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was a really good football. And in your own mind, you think the whole Mustang This was such a terrible football, when you confuse Oh, my grandma, this was such a good football. So you've taught me something that you really did not mean, and what you really meant, you never said what guess what next time you're getting a similar call, but because you told me that this was such a great football.

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Simply because what you're thinking how you're feeling these are places that we can only be invited to come in. And as a result, we have got to meet what we say and say what we do. But remember, people will not do this to us. If we are not the kind of people that are inviolable.

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Remember, people might want but if we are not invertible, then that will just make it very difficult. So how do we become people who are invited that people would come and they will tell us about these things in general level discuss this in the second quarter?

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Mustafa?

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How do I become the person that people can come through, and they can talk? Remember, we're talking about our own family members, we're talking about our friends, we talking about our spouses, where I become more appealing to her and she becomes more appealing to me, people suggest that we have got to use what we call the five P's. Every one of them starts with the letter T. Number one says, it takes time. Don't rush people into whatever you're feeling. Don't take time, give people that time. associate that with a touch, Big Bang Theory. And every now and then they talked about, but most of the times that people need to trust us,

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Bob, I didn't want to tell you what's happening in high school. But you react so fast, that I am just afraid of sharing with you what I need to change. Because I remember last time, when I told you what was happening in high school, you just jumped right on to me. And you know what, I find that to be very difficult to talk to you, because you don't give me the time. Or you let me know that you are interested in what I have in what I have to say. So how long when you study great leaders, great people around the world, you'll find out that one quality that they had is this idea of just being a good listener. A lady came to Thomas Edison, and she said Mr. Edison, you must be very proud of

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yourself. You have over 880 some patents in your name. That's an incredible achievement. You've made all these things. And Edison looked around and he said, I'll be very honest with you. I can claim only one as my own, but the best with people's ideas. I just happened to be Listen, I've incredible, just incredible

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teacher, which is people's ideas. And I just happen to be listening. Remember that say, a lot created for us two ears and one mouth because listening is twice as hard.

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So Allah, Allah gave us an extra theme. Because listening is going to be difficult. But remember, by the end of the day, a believer is a gold communicator because we appreciate the gift of speech and we utilize the gifts

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of listening. And as a result we celebrate what Allah subhanaw taala said, I've never done a lot of talk man, the ability to communicate well made a lot of contact and make us better communicators

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alone in the bathroom

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alone. mean when Obi Wan Dini a lot more

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than not about the lock in the lot that Morgan Stanley died in Florida when she

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fell Corolla