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AI: Summary © The importance of religion in history and its negative impact on human behavior is discussed. They explain that belief in religion is not a source of mercy but rather a base for perception. The negative impact of actions on one's behavior, such as alcohol consumption and use of drugs, is discussed. The conversation also touches on the concept of "one another" and the negative impact of religion on people's lives, health, and relationships. The speakers encourage people to stay true to Islam and use it as a means to overcome division among believers.
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solution for humanity.

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Religions become evil when religion does not address the concerns of the masses.

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Those who profess faith via their tongue but faith has not really penetrated in their hearts. On the basis of religion, people are being divided.

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Some people are going to be reciting the Quran. At the same time the Quran is cursing them.

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Begin by greeting my brothers and sisters Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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The topic is when religion becomes evil,

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of all the forces that are present in our world today in history, as well as in the future, they said that the force was most impact. The most persuasive force that humanity has ever known is religion.

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The best of acts have taken place because of religious beliefs. The wars of arts have taken place, again because of religious beliefs. And that is why the Quran addresses not only the importance of religion, and the importance of having belief, correct belief and acting upon it. But also the Quran addresses another important concept, and that is prevent religion from becoming evil.

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Because sometimes as good as religion it is, and that's the intention, of course, behind it. We said, make sure that the religion is not misused. And instead of being a source of harmony, as what we want to have, religion becomes a source of evil. And the Quran points out to 10 reasons, or 10 things, when they are out there, then that religion is becoming a source of evil religion is turning into something evil, not that the religion itself is inherently evil, but rather the people who are adhering to it or who claim to adhere to it, or making it evil themselves. So let's look in sha Allah very quickly to some of these points that the Quran makes. Number one, say that when religion

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becomes a competition for the truth,

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when religion becomes a competition for truth, not the implementation of the truth, but rather it becomes a competition for we have the truth and you do not it becomes a leverage that is used for superiority complex or for inferiority complex. I am better than you not on the basis of my merits are the basis of my qualifications, just on the basis of what I claim to be. And the Quran addresses this topic. Allah subhanho wa Taala, for example, said about a group of people. Now there is this competition, Muslims saying to the Jews and the Christians, we are better than Christians, the Jews and the Jews saying that we are better and we are going to paradise where we are on the basis that

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we are Muslims on the basis that we are Jews. So Allah Subhana Allah puts a quarrel to this laser beam Amani, Willa Amani Al Kitab. Me I'm also on Udemy. They had said that Paradise is not rewarded to people on the basis of wishful thinking. So Allah says it's not by your wishes, or the wishes of the People of the Book. May Yeah, so unusually uwgb He who acts erroneously, he who makes a poor choice will be punished for it. And he who acts in a righteous manner will be rewarded for it. The Quran is full of this, where this is made these kinds of slogans are mentioned wakandans in Yahoo delays, masala Shea and the Jews. The Christians say that the beliefs of the Christians are

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baseless. And the Christians say the beliefs of the Jews are basis and the Jews say that the beliefs of the Christians are baseless. And then they make the war Karlin Thomason and narrow in the Yemen murder, that the Hellfire would only touch us for few numerated days analyst fantasies. That is all irrelevant. laserline insanity illamasqua

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By the end of the day, it's not what you have claimed that you are, but rather it is what you have done. So instead of it being a source of mercy, what is religion, turning into wishful thinking,

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it's just going to be a matter of superiority and inferiority, not on the basis of merits again, but rather on the basis of personal claims. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whenever he spoke of religion, he was always speaking of the heart of religion, what really matters. And that's why they come to the conclusion. If what you believe in, does not impact how you behave, then what you believe in is not important.

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You can say all sorts of statements about yourself. You can make all good slogans about what you believe in. But if you do not put what you believe in action than what you believe in, is not important. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would sometimes get up and he would address people and he would say, Yama*a, M and M and a belief and he will unmute Appleby, or you crowd of people, he would say that there are amongst us, those who profess faith via their tongue, but faith has not really penetrated in their hearts. So the minute that happens is becomes a competition for the truth. And as a result, how do we show that we are winning, you know, get more

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people, more followers build more Masjid, more temples, churches, synagogues, and what have you, because now we are competing for the truth, we are not competing to implement the truths that we have.

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Number two,

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when people look into their own religions, and what they are guilty of what we refer to as selective reading of religion, selectively picking and choosing that this part of religion I like this part of religion, I like not the whole, but rather I like this part of it. And I do not like this part of it. So Allah Subhana Allah speaks to such kind of people, as I mean, una de Botton kitabi, with a una de Burgh. Do you believe in portions of the book, and reject other portions of the book, if you say that this book is from God Almighty, then the natural consequences of it is that I will have to take the hell of it. I cannot pick and choose and say I want to be here, or I want to do this. And I

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want to do that. There is an interesting story that took place during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, we are told that the non believers came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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They come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and they have a deal with him. They want to strike a deal with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said, learn Russia. Well, I knew Java. Well, I know. We're gonna be Xena, we're sure will hungry want to mature and Abdullah Reza sanity, they came to him and they said, We have an idea for you, we will become Muslims. However, certain conditions would have to apply. They say learner so we don't pay that guy said that. That's the deal. We are making a deal with you that we will not pay the car. Meaning that the elimination of poverty is not our business. And then they said, Well, I'm not sure whenever there is

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jihad, that oppression needs to be eliminated. Do not count upon us. One line of marriage. And then when there is Hajj pilgrimage, we do not want to be part of the people who go to Hajj was just every Joe on more out there. That's not for us want as an Elena buzina. And that you do not forbid fornication for us. Because we like to fall naked, we want to fall naked, we want to keep doing that was horrible Hummer. And this alcohol, we love a lot. We cannot give up alcohol

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want to mature and I will not say that this goddess that we used to worship by the name of a lot. We just don't want to give it up just like that. Let us enjoy it for one more year. And then we are going to become Muslims.

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So what they're saying is that they are putting conditions selectively reading that I like this part, or I do not like this part. I'm going to follow this. But I'm not going to follow that. At that point. When religion is not taken its entirety. What happens is that you're our own creation at that, at that time, makes it very, very evil. And that is why Allah Subhana Allah said, What do the hypocrites do? When they know that their religion is in agreement with their own desires? What do they do? They quote the Quran

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because they know that that in this particular situation, the Quran is also on their side. So at that point, quoting the Quran is not because of the goodness of the Koran. It becomes quoting the Quran is now because it's very convenient for them. It gives legitimacy to their claim. However, when it's not authentic

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favor. What do they do, we are told back then is that they say that it is against our desires. It does not make sense to us the same way that say, oh, you're misquoting in the Koran, or you're doing this or you're doing that. But the idea is, there is a selective reading that is going on, where you only mentioned portions of the book, but not everything else. And by the way, all religions are guilty of this, my brothers and sisters Subhanallah especially Al Khattab because the teachings of Jesus peace be upon him, Moses, Moses, peace be upon him and Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is that it was complete. But the people that claim

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that they follow them, they will only take portions of the book, they will only follow this when it's convenient. And follow that when it's that convenient. And what happens as a result is that we create evil we do not create religion. Number three, when we become intolerant of one another, see brothers and sisters, very clearly we have to understand this point. Tolerance is for people not for ideas.

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Please understand this point with me. Tolerance is for people, not for ideas, you may hold any idea you want. By no means I should be compelled to see things the way that you do. But because you do not see things the way I do. It does not give me a license that I verbally or physically abused you. So I tolerate you as an individual. But by no means it means that I must accept your ideas. That's why we say people can have any idea they want.

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You can say anything you want. You can say Cuba democracy. You can say the President of the United States is a profound thinker. You can you can say anything you want.

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But the idea is what because you said it, it does not mean that other people must accept it. And because other people did not accept it, it does not by any means, give them a license that they ought to do something to you especially if it is physical. That is why Allah Subhana Allah we are told in the Quran, Allah Allah, Allah rabuka NASA omoton wahida hadn't been the will of the Lord, Allah Subhana Allah would have made all people follow one path.

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Regarding duties, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever sleeps over a prayer or forgets it, he must pray it as soon as he remembers it, there are no expectations Other than that, in queries.

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How to offer Salah while traveling.

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Can a woman travel without an atom?

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Is it true that actions are based upon intention?

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Taking responsibilities?

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To answer all your questions and queries join me in under laka.

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Let's ponder the bestowed knowledge to approach the correct Islam. Join us in Al Hakim in Africa every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30pm Saudi Arabia and 11:30pm UAE on peace TV

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Sundays provide in Britain, we are facing one big problem that are you Muslim or bearish? The space to talk in India back home, they ask Are you a Muslim? Or Indian first and we Muslim should know how to reply how to turn the tables over the place to knock why GMT cannot be regarded in that sense, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the opportunity to ask but even if you agree that what the Christians say that he was crucified, so if Jesus Christ be upon in bed for three days who control the world that we live in God died, the freedom to unmask through the various ways in which we can prove the argument.

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Let's meet Dr. Zakir next on peace TV.

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What else you

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or hidden? Had it been the will of the Lord? Allah Subhana Allah would have made all people follow one path but the will of Allah Subhana Allah is that Allah gave us a free will. And people are going to make choices and some are going to make better choices than other people and some are going to make erroneous choices, poor choices and some are going to make good choices. So then what happens? What do we do kill one another? persecute one another torture one another. That is not

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case, what happens is that we do not have to accept what other people are preaching or teaching or believing. But we must learn how to tolerate one another. That's why one time, it was said that a student came to his to his chef. And the chef was speaking about people of other faith. So the students said, You know what, Chef, I have built a wall between me and people of other faith, simply because I'm very proud of what I have. And I have absolutely no respect for, for what they have.

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What does the chef say? They say, my son, keep the wall. But lower it a little bit so that you're able to shake hands with your neighbors.

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And that is really the point of what we're talking about here.

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Tolerance does not mean acceptance of what other people have, or forcing people to accept what we have. But the idea is so that religion becomes a source of harmony, what we want is that we need to lower these walls, know that so that we are able to shake each other hands. And these are exactly the teachings of the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, especially how we dealt with those who are of different faiths. It said that one time, there was this woman who made a habit that whenever the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before he walks out of his house, she will dump all her garbage in front of his house, just to give him a hard time, just to make his

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life miserable. And the promises alone would walk out, and he would see the garbage there. And he said, Allahu Allah, Allah haradrim. Know How foolish of this woman but the past hasulam did not do anything to her. And then it will be cleaned. So one day, the process alum gets up in the morning, and he is walking out, no garbage, no trash. What is the process of them say Alhamdulillah. It's about time that no garbage is in front of him. He asks, What's happening to the woman? When did she go to the so they said prophet of Allah, she's feeling sick. What does he do in Sharla, she dies. Because I don't want the garbage there anymore. The processor loves that, let's go and visit her.

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See, that's what we mean by being tolerant, always being the better person. Because there is always this condemnation of the others without really having proven our own merits. But the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam would condemn the beliefs, you would not accept it. But in the meantime, the process also tolerated the people who were were.

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The fourth point my brothers and sisters, when religion becomes a means of division,

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when on the basis of religion, people are being divided. You see this amongst again, all faith. Religion is something that is supposed to unite us. But for some reason, it's now becoming a force that is dividing us. In Christianity. So much blood was shed, in the name of Jesus peace be upon him, especially between the Protestants and the Catholics, Catholics and Protestants have been killing each other for a long, long, long time in Europe. And until very recently, they've been killing each other for a long time in Ireland, and in the UK, in the name of Jesus, where everybody is claiming for themselves in the name of religion that is supposed to bring peace and harmony now

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that religion is bringing misery and is becoming evil.

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We saw it with Judaism, you've got the Orthodox, the ultra orthodox, and you've got the liberals and the progressives and what have you. And then again, the same thing is happening with the Muslims, where the divisions are, that she has the surface that I believe is the one is the seller fees, and then you go onto the handle is the shaffir is the Maliki's and then the HANA fees. And then and the division is just every time religion is mentioned, there is this claim from one group and as a result, that division is taking place. And if you look into the teachings of the Quran, they are a constant reminder of the need of, of unity. Listen to this brothers and sisters, you may pray on

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your own and your prayers are accepted. But there is more reward. When you pray with the rest of the believers. You may fast any time of the year with the exception of read, but there is more reward only first the month of Ramadan was the rest of the believers. You may perform Umrah at any time of the year but there is more reward when you perform Hajj was the rest of the believers. You may wear your Sonata anytime of the year but there is no reward when you pay it was the rest of the believers meaning that the idea is to bring harmony amongst the people who profess to that same face. And what happens is that as a result, we are dividing amongst one another. We're not saying that we all have

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to see things the way you know one person sees it or one group sees it but the idea

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is we cannot in the name of religion Subhana Allah do what we're doing to one another killing taking place. You hear

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bombings taking place in Shia mosque and then bombings taken place in Sunni mosque, you hear this is going on and it has gotten Subhanallah so sad in our history that they say that in the harem in the house of Allah, the Salah was held every single Salah was held four times. Initially the ohana, the hanafis would come and pray. And then the humblest would come and pray. And then the Maliki's would come and pray. And then the chef would come and pray. People would come and ask the sheriff, is it okay if a hanafy man comes to want to marry my daughter, and you've got the divisions have gotten so bad, to the point where we may physically be together. But sometimes even physically being together

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is becoming very difficult. So at that point, religion is becoming evil and it is not becoming of source, a source of harmony for us.

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First point is when religion is disconnected from reality,

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when religion is disconnected from reality, at that point, religion is not addressing my affairs, they are not addressing the concerns of the community. So what happens that it just becomes philosophy that is impractical or not implemented? Some people say and they said that, you know, the good shapes, the good scholars, they talk about two issues. That which is above heavens above the sky, and that which is underneath the ground. Talk to us about what happens after this or talk to us what happens in the day of piano, then what's happening in between? What's happening between the heavens and the earth? No, no, no religion has nothing to do with that. So that one time reminds me

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of of a joke. They said that an astrologer people who claim to know the future by looking into the stars was working out to impress people. And he was looking up into the stars and looking up and people are waiting for the verdict, what is he going to say about the future and as he is working, he is not paying attention and he was into a ditch he falls into

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a small hole that was there. So people looked at him and they said What is the use of passing time looking up there and you do not even know what is going on underneath your feet.

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So what happens is that because of this disconnection, between reality and religion, even though the religion itself does not do that, the religion itself does not say that. Brothers and sisters look into all the the messengers of Allah that are mentioned in the Quran. They came in, not to invent problems that do not exist. They came in to deal whose problems that are already there. They did not come to deny the problems of their times, but they came in to address the problems of their times. We see for example, in prophet Alayhi Salam where people are so materialistic. People do not know anything about spirituality. They are so good in only upholding the letter of the law. But so he

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lives about the spirit of the law. Sorry, Sally Salaam comes in and says that is wrong. And he would say Blessed are those who are poor in spirit. And then some would speak on behalf of the Blessed are those who are naked for they will be closed. Blessed are those who are hungry for they will be fed. Blessed are those who are thirsty for they will be given drink we see in Shangri La, during the time of shrine, la salon, there is a lot of injustice, economical injustice that are taking place, where the poor are exploited, people are are dealing with fraud. What does stripe come and talk about? Does he talk about any other problem than the problem that is prevailing in their own time? Sure I

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am I am someone comes in and addresses that point. Let the person NASA share a home wallet or demo CD, do not deprive people of that which is due to them and do not go around spreading corruption in the land. This was the problem of this people the problem of his time. So in the name of religion, he came to liberate those who were enslaved, emancipate those who are downtrodden and address the ills of his society back then, what we have done as a Muslim community is that we have taken the problems from the past and we made it into our own problems, where we are discussing issues that are 500 years old, and we want to make them the problem of the people of Chennai in 2005, even though

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these problems have taken place 500 years ago. At that point, what happens is that there is this disconnection between religion and reality that people are no longer interested in religion. In Europe nowadays, they have a big problem.

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They're closing down the churches.

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And you would only go if you go to Europe, and also parts of the US, what's happening is that you'd only see senior citizens, people who are over 65 years old

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and younger generations. They're not really there.

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And you would ask what is going on? And they would say that there has been a disconnection between the reality of what is going on and the teachings that are taking place in the church. And sometimes also in Muslim countries. It's been a custom that you only go to the masjid if you're old. And if they see a young man in the masjid, they say, What are you doing here? You're still young go and enjoy your youth.

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You know, the message is not where you belong.

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With the message sometimes it's not where the youth belong simply because the message is not addressing the issues that are pertaining that pertain to the youth. So brothers and sisters again, know the Quran addresses issues of reality.

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to the field.

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He the children's

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