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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difference between the Sunnis and the Shiites, with the Sunnis being a division and the Shiites being a group. The Sunnis had a reputation for being a leader of the community of believers, while the Shiites had a reputation for being part of the genealogy of Mohammed. There is also a lot of sectarian violence taking place between politics and religion, with many tribes coming from places like Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
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Would you explain the difference between the Sunnis and the Shiites, those two divisions and what where they came from and how they affect what the Muslims are today. Okay. So after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, who was the leader of the community of the believers, said that who leads the community Next, we had two groups, a community that said, the next leader ought to be a person who's qualified to do so, these people came to be known as Sunni. Sunni literally means tradition. And then there was another group of people who said, the person has to be qualified. In addition to that, they also have to be related, they have to be part of the genealogy of Mohammed, they have to

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be family members of the Prophet Mohammed. And these people came to be known as Shia. Now, initially, that was really the that was really the the the initial difference between the two groups. However, my own personal beliefs is that these differences were later on exploited for political purposes. And I believe that the worst marriage that takes place is between politics and religion. And when that marriage takes place, you can only have words that I don't want to know about the products of, of that, you when you have an illegal marriage like this, then the result is not a very good one. And what happens is that these differences were later on, just made to be very

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great than what they really are. And they were just exploited. The majority of Muslims nowadays are actually so nice.

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About 80 to 85% of Muslims are Sunni. She asked her a small minority about 15%, mainly found in places like Iran, some in Pakistan, some in Afghanistan, in Kuwait, and in Iraq at this at this point. And sadly, sadly, nowadays, there's a lot of sectarian violence that is taking place between the Sunni and Shia. Part of what I do is that I do mental health assessment for refugees. And a good number of these refugees coming from places like Iraq, Algeria, husband and wife, the husband is still needed VCR, or the wife is Sunni. And the husband is Shia and say that we have different kids who are married to singleness. And she asked, our own parents are so nice. And she asked and said,

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Look, man, we've lived in Iraq for all of our lives. We actually did not know who was who. It did not make any difference to us as who was who we lived in a great deal of peace. But now, this idea is so exploited for political gain, even though it is religiously close, but they say that it's got nothing to do with religion. It's got everything to do with politics

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