The Beginning and the End – EP 70 The Earth is a Blessing

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In this episode, Shaykh Omar Suleiman discusses about Adam As and Hawa AS descending on earth, the construction of Ka’aba by angels, the white stone coming to earth and the reasons for it to be turning black and concludes by giving an understanding of earth once upon a time being a blessing, however loosing its barakah in this age.


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Now when the mighty Salaam was sent down an Eve was sent down, where were they sent down to a lot doesn't tell us in the court and where they were sent down so you can find a large, you know, spectrum of differences of opinion as to where they were sent down to because it doesn't come to us in the form of a narration, nor is it necessarily of benefit. So I've been Kathy Rahim Allah for example, this would make all of the the days he's pretty happy. Even kefir says that Adam II Islam was sent to India that admire Islam descended in India, right. And there are a lot of scholars, in fact, that's an atomized non descended in India. And that however that Eve descended in Jeddah,

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okay, or in the area of Mecca and Jordan, actually, there's a tomb there right or not, you know, there's an area there which is supposedly the place where Eve descended to, and there is no basis for that. You know, you might have seen it in Jeddah. There's really no basis that that is the place in almost all the law and who says Adam is lamb descended on Safa and Eve descended on Mandala In any case, they descended in different places and they made their way back to each other, eventually ending up in Mecca. And Allah subhanho wa Taala established them in Mecca and actually one of the great proofs. The other Islam was not being punished by Allah subhana wa tada at this point is that

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Allah filled the earth with Baraka, he filled the earth with blessings. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent the angels to construct the carrabba the first house of elevate the first house that was that was set up for man to worship Allah subhanaw taala a licensed the angels to construct the Kava, for the money, his Salah, and we find somehow all of that as that home was constructed for the money Solomon Howard where they would worship a loss of hundreds out of the first place, the center of the earth Subhana Allah the first place on earth, where people would call upon Allah and repentance and seeking forgiveness that Allah subhanaw taala sent down the Blackstone, the prophets lie Selim, he

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tells us an authentic hadith in a tournament he that the black stone came down from Paradise, and at that time, it was whiter than milk. So it was not actually a dark stone at that time, but it rather it was lighter than milk. And the prophets will I send them says, but the sins of the sons of Adam darkened, okay, so it came down and it was pure, but the sins of the son of Adam, the sons of atom, darken that stone over time. And that's a very powerful concept because when our demonic his Salaam came, when how it came to this earth, Allah was providing for them, the crops were producing in beautiful ways of a musella Sharia law, the law and who says that when a law sent out the money

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Salaam to the earth, Allah taught him just like he taught him the Esma just says he taught him the names a lot taught him, you know, how to how to how to build a loss of Hannah Montana taught him how to construct things. So a lot actually had these instructions given to him. And Allah subhanaw taala didn't just give him the buttock of the earth, you know, if you're a bad farmer, but you have a good piece of land, then you know, you're still gonna grow crops, but if you're a wonderful farmer, but you have a terrible piece of land, and you're not gonna be able to grow anything, a lot better can the earth a lot put blessings in the earth. So any seeds that were planted would grow crops, Allah

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subhanaw taala would send rain upon them, Allah made it easy for them to survive, Allah made it easy for them to live. And Abu Musab will the law and who says Allah provided to my son, as Adam is sitting here in this earth, and he's missing the fruits of agenda Allah provided the mighty Salaam, with the fruits of gender. So a lot would still have the fruits of Paradise provided for him and so almost assess. So your fruits, the fruits that we have today, there are still from the fruits of genda, except that your fruits change and those do not your fruit spoil. And those do not and of course, your fruits tastes different from those fruits as well, because Allah subhanaw taala tells

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us in the answer to the buckler, that when you know and this is very early on, actually, this is before the story of Adam and Eve his setup, that we would be eating the fruits of his agenda, and we will think that these are the same fruits of agenda. But once you bite into it, are the same fruits of the earth. But once you bite into those fruits, then you you say to yourself, where did this come from? You know, what is this right? This is entirely different fruit because a lot put bottle can add a lot of blessing in it, he puts sweetness in it. He didn't a lot he did. He doesn't allow those fruits to spoil. So when Adam first came to this earth, there's budock in the earth, there's

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blessing in the earth, there's blessing and the black stone which wasn't which again, it wasn't the black stone at that time. It was very it was it was pure. There was nothing that covered it. There was nothing that that caused it to spoil the fruits did not spoil because there were no sins, but then slowly as mankind started to sin over and over and over again, as the sin of murder comes

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From Calvin and Hobbes, from Cain and Abel, as the sin of envy and hazard and pride comes as the sins of Zina and adultery starts to manifest themselves. Then generations later the sins of the sin of Schick, the greatest sin of all to associate a partner with a loss of Hannah to Allah, the earth loses its Baraka, the garden start to spoil, the fruit start to spoil, and the Earth would continue to lose its Baraka until the last day until the last the last moments on this earth the last few years of this earth when Allah subhanaw taala returns the Baraka to this earth with the coming of eSATA his solar cell salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited

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