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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled Causes of Destruction by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.


AI: Summary © The importance of following one's intentions and avoiding negative emotions is emphasized in Islam. It is also emphasized that protecting one's mind and body is essential to prevent destruction and avoid negative emotions. It is also emphasized that parents should not let anyone destroy their minds and stay away from the Quran and Sunless of Prophet Muhammad's words. It is also emphasized that following the Prophet's teachings and not just reading the Quran is essential to following their teachings.
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is in the

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OB GYN Smar smilla rahmanir rahim

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hamdulillah his mother who want to start in one instead of zero when we let him in surely an fusina was a marina

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de la palma de la la palma youth little fella ha de la

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ilaha illa mo de la sharika wa shadow ana Muhammadan up to what a solo

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Yeah, yeah hello Xena Armando Taka la Koto de la la otan. In Muslim obado for in the highroller column column en la or huddle Howdy, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam for sure one more reminder to Hakuna Matata in Viva la vida de la la la de la Latina outcome

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assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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May Allah, peace and blessing and mercy upon us all, I mean, to all the brothers and sisters, once again, we're here to share with you important messages, the message about cause of destruction.

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Now, none of us want to destroy ourselves, no builder or contractor want to destroy or demolish his own building and his own project.

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Allah who have created us in a bad shape, do not want to destroy us. That's why he wants to save us by sending down the divine kindness

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to guide us and appointed a human Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam to guide us to explain to us how to save our soul in this world, and also here after and how to save others and how to protect ourselves not to be destroyed by others, or self destruction or cause destruction to others.

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You know, what is destruction is something that is very bad,

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bad for you that for others. Now the Prophet sallallahu wasallam different some explanation he tried to remind us about, number one is a Hadees, from tamburini, Salah maharlika

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the prophecy, there are three groups of people in my oma that will destroy, they will destroy

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you by Allah and they will destroy themselves, of course,

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who will destroy themselves the first show.

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The first group is a person who are ignorant.

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But they are so proud and so obedient to their ignorance, meaning they are not prepared to change. They don't want to listen from other people.

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They are so stubborn, they hold on to their own ignorance.

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Now, if you are so obedient to your ignorant, you are going to destroy yourself. You cannot change anymore. You don't care, whatever what people is trying to tell you.

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The if people show you the hottest people show you just don't care.

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Is it? No, no, no. I'm happy of what I've been doing. I know what I'm doing, even is against the Quran and Sunnah. You're not prepared to change, because you are so stubborn, so obedient to your own judgment.

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And there is your enemy. Our first enemy is our own ignorance.

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This way Islam always come around to enlighten us to have knowledge

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base where the first verse of the Quran is talking about knowledge cannot be zero because

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all is about knowledge Read,

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read what read Allah would read the saying of the Prophet, some love. So, this is very important. Now, there is the more one

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if you are obedient to your own ignorant, stubborn, then you are going to destroy yourself. Number two, the prophecy is well how am Octavia

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the person that is going to destroy themselves is a person who always like to follow their own desire.

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Whatever their desire want them to do, we'll just do it even is against allows command and attention and they don't care.

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They don't care about halal and haram. As long as it's what they like they just carry on doing it.

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Now whoever Polo they desire at the end of the day, they're going to destroy themselves. See what happened to the lot of people today. The drug addict

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gambling, everybody who's involved in all this haram thing, they're Destroying Themselves destroying their family drakh smoking or you know that is bad. And Allah have said Allah to be a de comida De Luca.

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You're not supposed to destroy yourself, because we is being created by Allah for purpose.

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Amato Gina will insert le Boone Allah do not pray that as except as an agenda except to worship him. I have fasted from a nama flock Naka Mabasa, Elena Allah to Allah say the thing that I created all of you with a purpose. At the end of the day you are we are going to die and to Allah we are going to return. Allah never created anything with a purpose. And he created earth as a basket. creation of Allah.

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The best creation, not only being a human, but we are the best creation. And that's why he wants us to eat the best food, Hello, good.

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dress, all the good. Everything he wants us to do the better. We are the best creation of the law.

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So you cannot get involved in something that will destroy your health.

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Let's read all the scholars have said that. Smoking is haram because when and destroy your health, it can also destroy your wife, your children, the third party drug of God is haram. Drinking is haram while intoxicated. You know, if you follow your desire, you do what you want to do. At the end of the day, you're going to suffer from wine you suffered, your family was suffered.

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This is very important for us to understand

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that we are not supposed to be obedient, out to be a faithful follow to our desire. That's why the Prophet said let me know I had to come Hata Hakuna hahaha tada and the magic to be

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none of you can be a true believer until you know how to control your desire, so that your desire follow the teaching of Prophet Muhammad suasana.

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Example, that what I've said earlier, people like to do some kind of ibadah is good.

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But if you do the ibadah not following the way the follow your own desire, the ibadah is not going to be accepted.

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And then you waste your time. And sometimes if you believe that what you do is right when is not right. And you're promoting it again. You are astray and you are turning, leading other people to go astray. And you must remember brother and sister every bit.

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If you uphold one leader you are going to destroy one sooner.

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You can see to the how many people know is a sunanda prophet. They know what we are doing, what our tradition one has to do with our culture one has to do what the prophet wanted to do. No one knows.

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We are destroying all the teaching of Islam. We are destroying ourselves. Islam is here to save us.

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Islam is here to protect us.

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So please, brother and sister. Don't be obedient to your desire. control our desire to obey Allah and the Prophet sanathana inshallah you save yourself, you can save your family.

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And third,

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the prophet said, Joe Morrow minasi.

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A person who like to be praised.

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A person who always like to be honored to be respect.

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That mean he is a person. We are worried that at the end of the day, whatever he do, he is not doing the police or law anymore. He's doing for the sake of a fame. He liked to be known to the public, he like people to talk good about him.

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He's not doing for the sake of Allah anymore. When people praise you or you feel so good. You forget to say in all places for Allah subhanho wa Taala because the danger of people keep on placing you at the end of the day, the React will come in will create inside your heart.

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from across you having this feeling of react showing off.

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People of knowledge also can destroy themselves with their knowledge, people or wealth can destroy themselves with their wealth.

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So you must make sure that whatever Allah give us, we are going to make use yet to safeguard ourselves, for Allah. Allah say, then inshallah we can save ourselves from destruction.

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What are the odds of destruction that is happening today? Allah say to me

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Zahara fossa filled battery, well, battery Bhima cassava in us, the destruction on the earth, and the land and unseen is not because of law. Of course Allah have all the power to say confiar can, but he have created everything for us to serve us. But we am using a last creation, we are destroying our environment. That's what allows it. The cause of destruction on land and unseen is because of human hand we are too greedy.

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We forget about the environment. We just want to be rich, and we forget about how to protect the environment to make sure that we become like the bees, you know, the bees.

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Wherever he landed on a flower,

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you had to get his recipe from the nectar, he never destroy the flower. He never destroy the tree.

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We should be very constructive. Very positive, we are not destructive. But today, a lot of people, when they talk about development, they don't care about other things. They just think of development. They forget that development need to be monitored to be balanced. We'll talk about development in Islam is physical development,

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mental development and also spiritual development. That means it is a balanced deal that developed not just physical development, high rise building all the huge mega mega building project and you forget about human development, about mental development and spiritual development. At the end of the day, we are the one who is going to destroy all these things that we have built.

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So it's very important fellow brother and sister to try to save got to be a savior not to be a destructor now Alhamdulillah we are lucky because we have a lot to get us to show us the way how to overcome all problems that we encounter in this world. Even Allah have remind us is ahead of us at field battery world Buhari, Mr. kazama dinars the cause of destruction on the land on the seas because of human hand. It because of our greediness, it because we forget about the rights of others the rights of the environment, we just think of ourselves that will cause a lot of destruction. Now, the first thing that I want to remind myself and all of you out there is first save yourself from

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destruction by following what allow you to do and stay away what because Allah loves us more than we love ourselves. That's why he wants us to do the right thing. He wants us to eat the halau thing, not only halaal but Allah subhanaw taala good food, because Hello for some time, maybe it's not good for you. So you must make sure that you have all the good for your own body so that you don't destroy your body. Your mind also need the right knowledge. So you don't just corrupt your mind with a lot of negative feeling thoughts because of the wrong information that you have. This is also very important Don't let anybody destroy your mind, your spirit, your soul, need the right guidance. You

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cannot save your soul or all the detail you engage in by staying away from the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Salah because the Prophet has said that if you hold on to the key tabula rasa, nobody can mislead you. Nobody can destroy you. You are sure to be saved until you meet last Rihanna hola Donna.

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You remember what Allah has said in the Quran? From an era judicata before Yama Milan, Sonia, Allah you're strict by that europei

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Allah see whoever want to return to Allah. In the stage that Allah is please review. You want to meet a lot of Gods sooner or later we are going to meet Allah the creator and we want a lot to be happy for an Allah will be happy with us

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if we do it alone, so that's why Allah said fully Jamar manansala You must engage yourself in all the righteous deeds, not just a deed but righteous deeds to show us that Allah is very selective. If not, whatever you do can destroy whatever deeds a bad Amanda you engage in, if not from the sun is going to be rejected is a waste of time, waste of energy. And then on the wall I usually be by that there'll be other make sure

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Whatever we do, we do not allow the feeling of area come into our heart that can destroy all our money again, because the profit is in Albania. All this is based on your intention. If your intention purely for Allah insha Allah, Allah is going to accept you. But if you do not do it purely for Allah, is that what the prophet sallallahu Sallam

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remind us about Salah satin mollica, tree grew up, people will be destroyed. And the last group was a tomorrow, tomorrow, Venus, a person who do something because he wants to be praised by other people, not because of the last hand. He wants to show it to other people, not because he wants to do it to show it to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now Ma, don't like any of his servants, do something they allow you to do. But in the same time, your intention is not purely for him.

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After you have saved yourself, save your family,

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from his destruction, how to save your family when disrupted don't allow them to do anything that is haram that Allah forbid. Because if you allow that to happen, they are going to destroy themselves.

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Don't allow them to get involved in activities, that is haram. They are going to destroy themselves.

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This is very important. That's why Allah said destruction is because of our own hand. Not see Allah don't give us the authority. Don't say Allah don't give us knowledge. And don't give us the wealth. He gives us everything. He provides almost everything but we misuse everything. We don't use it to please Allah.

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team that you are not supposed to eat.

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You will consume it, you destroy yourself. So the best way to save ourselves and our family, our society from destruction, is by going back to the divine guidance of Allah Quran teaching and the teaching of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam salam, like what the companion the early minister have done.

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Why Allah give them victory after victory? Why Allah bless them. Why Allah is pleased with the people before us? Who soussan the Sahaba who is the Sahaba Allah refer to the sabya Hunan our

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people who are more early than us who become Muslim. Who are they? Allah make it very clear so that we do not miss interpret and just say anybody, Allah say

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al muhajir rule one answer. The people are the first people become Muslim, are the people of Makkah, Abu Bakar Omar Osman Ali, they are the first people and while answer and the people in Medina when Lizzie Natasha

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and whoever followed them insha Allah, Allah will be very pleased with us. But if you don't follow them, you still want to follow you your way. Your desire. The Prophet Asad, Salah Santa Monica to remember the Hadith I put earlier. And one of that is, well how about other people that will fall into destruction that will destroy themselves if they still keep on following their own desire. It's time for us to stop falling our desire we have been falling our desire for so long. This is not the time for us to take the risk anymore. Because we do not know anytime we can go back to our law anytime the Angel of Death is going to visit us. So please brothers and sister. Save yourself by

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following the Quran and the Sunnah. Save your ibadah by following the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam

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your prayer your Psalm, Ezekiel, Ezekiel, you want to remember Allah, you cannot remember Allah in your own way. Allah allow you to remember him in your own way. He called you to remember him and later on, he taught His Messenger Prophet Muhammad. So the best way to remember now you can just do anything you like. So I remember Allah in this way in that window. You remember Allah in the way of Allah because Allah have seen what Anna has sarathi Mustafa Abu Dhabi sabula

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at least my way,

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the right path follow my way when you follow the way of Allah Allah says don't follow other ways. The problem of us today we want to follow Islam sometime sometime we don't want to follow Islam we know for our desire, we want to follow the people we want to follow the society when the follow so many things my alma have said when you follow my way, don't follow other way.

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Don't mix up

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My Way and other way because Allah will not accept it

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as well as it my way and then he said what do Subala after following his way don't follow other ways because Huck and bottle cannot be compromised. So now MBR cannot be compromised one you uphold bidda you're gonna kill us soon.

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When you follow SMA Asia there's no room for beta

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Khufu and Eman cannot be together. How he and Sherry cannot be together is impossible. You cannot say I inshallah I believe in Allah but in the same time I believe in other things, no. You believe in Allah you must deny other things.

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There's the Buddha

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is a very simple halal haram hot button should not be done. Everything is very clear cut. Our duty is to follow what Allah want you to do, and what the prophet one you to do. inshallah, inshallah. You don't have to worry because Allah promised us whoever obey Him and obey His Messenger, he will

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reward him kindly. Alan never broke his promise. In namaha, Allah.

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Allah never, never broke his promise, we always forget who we are, what we must do what we must not do. We have been very destructive lately, by not following a last command and the teachings of the Prophet because we thought we know better. We know what is good for us. The why you think that you know what is good for you forget that Allah the Creator, he know more than you.

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While even

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he knows everything you see everything. He said the inside and outside of us. We do not know about our future we don't even know about tomorrow, my mama have known everything. So it's very important for us to make sure that we believe in Allah and do what Allah wants you to do. Because Allah loves you. That's why he come out you send a divine guidance. He appoint a prophet to really teach us so that we are not going astray that we are not doing something to destroy our Eman, destroy our ibadah destroy ourselves, destroy our family and also the society. Islam is a very constructive religion, religion they allow us to save ourselves from Hellfire, our family and also mankind as a whole. So

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who can save us now brother and sister none and save us from all the destruction that's going on? So make sure to From today onwards, get close to the Quran. read the Quran, we have been reading the Quran but with the understanding there is read the oma of the Prophet Mohammed, once upon a time was so great because they followed the Quran. We are reading the Quran but not falling the Quran, there is a difference. The difference between this oma and the oma the generation before they had the same book like us, why they are so safe, so powerful, so constructive, were respected is because they do not only read the book of Allah, the, upon the book of Allah, how do they act upon the book? Because

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they understand, they read with understanding. We read, but we don't understand about the book of Allah. How many Muslim is reading the book of the saying of the Prophet?

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Very few. I'm very sad to say that wherever I go when I ask some Muslim, do you believe in Allah? Yes. I read the Quran. Yes. Do you understand? No. But at least you read the Quran and at least you memorize the word of Allah Alhamdulillah that's why you can pray you can recite Fatiha. Remember echolalia

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kohala co owner follow all the shots or

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at least you saw you remember? Do you love the Prophet? Yes, Allah Prophet Muhammad. I always miss out on him.

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But the unit he's saying yes, I read some of that. Have you memorize one of his saying?

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Stuff stuffing? We claim that we believe Allah we love Prophet Muhammad fan. Now we have a memorization of the Quran. But we don't even memorize one saying of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu we live Soma. So May Allah help us brother and sister. Please come back to the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah and follow the qulified era she did insha Allah, Allah will promise us victory in this world, and also success in the hereafter.

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And that is an by saying urbanna Tina Fey dunya Hassan Anna Warfield para de hacer una Joaquin azova na Allah give us success, victory in this world and success and we

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During the year after, and save us from all the costs of disruption in this world and the Hereafter, Amin Amin

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah Houma, Ambika eyeshadow La ilaha illa Anta esta Furukawa boo boo la assalamu aleikum wa warahmatullahi wabarakatuh