Your Family Is A Litmus Test For Your Eman

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to test yourself if you're on that path, and you have true II Men, is you assess? How kind of am I to the first and foremost, most important, which is our family, if I'm provoked, if there's an intense situation, how do I react to that? What are the things that I say and do? This is why one of the most important and dangerous things that affect our faith and when I say affect our Eman, it slowly starts to chip away

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is anger,

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jealousy. These are things that if they're within our hearts, they slowly start to chip away at your faith, may Allah protect us, because why this is so common. It's so common, that when it comes to our dealings, our iman never allows us to have a two faced attitude. We're not just talking about how you deal with one another in places like this, or outside the home our Prophet alayhi salatu salam taught us that this test starts at home.

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And once things are, quote, unquote, under control or stable in the house, then that by default starts to filter in your relationships with people outside your home. Unfortunately, it's kind of an opposite thing for a lot of Muslims, that the good shows outside their home, and the opposite is within the home. May Allah give a strength