Legacy of Sh Abdullah Kamil #01 Laced with the Love of Quran

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AI: Summary © The speaker describes the impact of the recent death of the late Sheikh Karound Kammen, who was a powerful member of the Islamist movement. The speaker describes how his experiences with the death have led him to be more aware of his own the importance of his own life and reflect on his past. He also talks about how his actions have led him to become more aware of his own the importance of his own life and reflect on his past.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah in sha Allah this will be the first of a few reflections on the

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the life and the death of the late Sheikh Karbala Kammen, Rahim Allah, Allah, may Allah bestow mercy on him and be with his family, and accept their good deeds, and grant them all patience and him the highest ranks. Allah knows just how much hesitation I've been having about recording these clips. And only Allah knows not even myself.

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Why exactly all that hesitation was what some of my mentors

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advised me today that the English speaking world

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deserves to be as inspired as others most of his virtues and merits and accounts are known in the non English speaking world. And so those who are the English audience deserve

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to be inspired and celebrate his life and reflect and benefit from his death just as much as anyone else. And I don't claim to be any closer to Sheikh Abdullah than anyone else. I think perhaps that's the perfect place to start that I only met him three times, twice of them simply praying behind him in Ramadan nights throughout the years. And it was only this Ramadan that I was able to spend a little bit more time with him

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for one day, and that brief interaction still resulted in such a deep impact in me, like so many others, when he suddenly passed away, and those are the people of the Quran, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said to us that belonging to Allah is a unique, elite class of people that are truly different, truly special, truly cherished by Allah in ways that others aren't. And he said, those are the people of the Quran, and the world that knows him. And even those like myself, who have briefly brushed shoulders with him, sat with him for a single meal can attest to that. I mean, he was in my house, sitting on my couch, this Ramadan. And in the middle of an active

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conversation between me and him, his lips are going every time he's not speaking to me. And it's my turn to contribute to the conversation briefly. as shy as I was to speak in His presence. His lips are just going to the point that I, I leaned over I said, *, what are you doing? And he said to me, I'm reading.

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He's really important. And while he's listening to me, and after his passing,

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one of those that was extra close to him, in his final days shipping stuff I was safe, mentioned that he was complaining to him that he only got to read through the Quran, this Ramadan, which is below average for him 24 Full times, because he was praying in a different message every night. And so you know, he's at the mercy of his hosts. And also because he had a newborn in Egypt that he passed, Rahim Allah, Allah, may Allah have mercy on him before even holding that baby in his arms. It was his fifth child, Sophia. And so he was, of course, emotionally immersed and preoccupied in that amazing use of the newborn. And so he only read the Quran this year 24 times.

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And he used to do much more than that, or significantly more than that in the previous Ramadan's.

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And I recollected you know, the, the Hadith that is attributed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he reminded me of him

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where there's a hadith by Abu Salah either of the Lavon

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where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is at least reported to have said at Pharaoh, vicar, Allah, he had a Apolo Majnoon

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like be plentiful and abundant and profuse in your remembering of God until people start saying this person is crazy. And those are the people of the Quran.

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Those on the outside look at them like they're crazy and they're so in love with the Quran. They look at everyone else perhaps like men, you're crazy for missing out right? And so he was constantly in the vicar of Allah Azza Qian and perhaps that's why Allah has spread his victory in this way in these days. Allah has spread his mentioned his remembrance.

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And far and wide the world is talking about him right now.

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And so I will just start there and may we be of the people who remember our lunch by night and by day and have a unique share of being that class of people that are uniquely attached to the Haoran era.