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Allah subhanaw taala when he gives you a test, he wants you to raise your hand and ask for help. It isn't you on your own. Here's the test, take care of it on your own, you can't ask for help. This is why we become overwhelmed by tests, by the way, is because we try to depend on ourselves.

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We try we think we have to take it on ourselves, or we try to depend on the creation. Women in general, we tend to go to the creation, we go to our friends go to our families, we want support, and that's fine. But oftentimes what happens is we get let down.

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Okay, so we go to different things to seek help in our tests in our hardships, men, they tend to depend on themselves, but guess what?

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yourself, your friends, all of this is a creation. I am a creation. I am not able to deal with anything on my own. I need Allah subhanaw taala