Spiritual immune system

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Where we know that, you know, there can be a virus, whatever that virus is whether that's COVID-19, or the flu, and that virus may not necessarily affect to people exactly the same way. And the reason for that has to do with something called the immune system, it's the body's ability to fight off that intruder in a sense, that challenge, and people who have a strong immune system are able to handle a virus that would otherwise destroy another person who had a compromised immune system. Similarly, when we talk about spiritual immunity, what does that mean? It means having the spiritual reserve essentially, to be able to tap into when you yourself are calm, combating some sort of

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challenge, and the stronger your immunity, the stronger your reservoir, the stronger your reserve, the stronger your ability will be to withstand those challenges. And now, what's really amazing about about the way Alaska has designed immunity is that after you have combated a challenge, or any, you know, this, this this flu in this in this case, after you've combat it, after you fought, and then you won, what happens next, you become actually stronger, because of that challenge, which is amazing, because there's something that Allah has designed, called, you know, the, the resistance now, right, because now your body has built an immunity to that specific virus. Similarly, when we

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build this strength, psychologically, and spiritually, challenges end up instead of destroying us, they actually end up making us stronger. And that's amazing. That's the design of a lesson on it. And in fact, one of the reasons why Allah sends challenges to the believers is in order to strengthen them in order to purify them. And Allah subhanaw taala says in the in the poor en la level, you're on your own in order for them to return. And so one of the things that Alo wants from us is he wants us to return back to him. He wants us to, to become stronger through our challenges. Allah does not send challenges and this is very important to understand. Allah does not send

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afflictions to the believers except to strengthen them. Allah does not send afflictions to believers to destroy them.