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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © In this video, a speaker discusses the importance of thinking about where your life is headed and not just waiting for a deal. They also mention a woman named Anthony Newton who claims to have saved thousands of people from hipfire and makes data for you. The video ends with a call to action for viewers to practice saying " whom do you want to see?"
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Some allowed him to start to sell them also let the others as he were coming to you to another video of rockier Ramadan 2012 they do.

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I did, I'd like to share with you today is, is a question, actually?

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Are you happy about the way your life is headed?

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Are you happy about the direction that your life is headed?

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Imagine if you're, let's say driving from Toronto to Montreal, and

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Toronto to Montreal, we are heading south east, and then 100 kilometres on the way you realize that you're going towards Vancouver West.

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Or the you know, let's say driving from London, those of you who are in the UK, for instance, from London, you go in towards Birmingham, and then 100 kilometers on the way or whatever you've just realized, after an hour driving, you realize that you are driving towards Manchester.

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What are you gonna do?

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Are you going to hit the brakes and make U turn and go back?

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Or are you going to just resume going in the wrong way? You're going the wrong path?

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This is the thing that we need to really think about in this first day in first days of Ramadan? Where is my life headed to? Am I going towards the right direction?

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What am I not?

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Do I need to push the brakes? You know and sit and ponder and think what am I doing? Am I happy with my life? Or should I put up brakes and then go back to the right direction? Boyd path

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Isn't it time to just say enough enough to let Cinder be committed enough to not preying on time enough to not go into the visited Enough Enough enough

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hit the brakes

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and making a turn. There was a man by the name of Anthony Newton flow. He is the master of DPS has been an atheist for 17 years. There are so many books in fact, all the atheist they follow his teaching, because he was like the the master. When he completed his 70 years. He wrote a book and that book is no he says there is God.

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He did not feel shy after 70 years of his teachings to come back and say I was wrong.

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All I said was wrong. There is a God.

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So Aren't we going to do this? In this first days of Ramadan? Just stay and sit and just think and ponder?

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Repent Allah Subhana Allah Tada.

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Now, I'm not going to wait until the day of the 27th to attend to Allah subhana wa tada who guarantees me that I'm going to witness to be able to 27

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Why don't you make a lesson?

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You know, inside the media that the Prophet is AutoSum says that every night, there is a soul that is saved from Hellfire to automata if an outdoor outdoor model not only the night of the 27 every night, throughout the month of Ramadan, imagine tonight Tonight, Allah subhanho wa Taala calls his angels Oh my angels, right? Look to the right.

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My servant, so and so forth. And even if

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he mentions your names, the ones who prayed in the mosque, so and so

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on the fourth row, or the first row, the right side of the road

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right oh my angels he saved from head fire.

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Oh my angels, right.

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That sister that could not go to the message she prayed tonight in her home.

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Home and then he mentioned what home? Oh my angels right?

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She said from her fire. Yes. Wouldn't you be happy? Because it could happen tonight. So I'm not going to wait again for the deal with 27th or the night of the 27th as again we do not know

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why don't you make a happy would you repent this? No, Allah Subhana Allah tada gets happy. And also the angels they get happy and also they make die for you. Listen to what Allah Subhana Allah says in sort of

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mentorship on our team, a Latina, made one a lot of show woman how Allah who you said before they become European. You said before when I behind Europe became a Navy, or Yes, doctor. The lady in our banner was only a matter

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Well, Matt felt will feel a little less in a taboo. Phil Idina terrible What was it like watching him either well Johnny or Robin our Attila hingegen

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Hill whom Gen.

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Y Mills or the humming Ian what as well as you him wasn't the it him in turn it is all hockey. Allah subhanho wa Taala seasons orthographic a number eight. The angels the carriers of the two are not any angels. These are special angels these are the angels who are carrying the throne of China what are what do they do?

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A lady national una hacia woman How long have you said before in addition to being the girl they find Allah Subhana Allah what was the feeling and then they seek forgiveness, the larina mo to whom they seek forgiveness for the believers. And they say that I've been I was at technology in a matter who Allah, you encompass everything with your knowledge and your mercy faithfully lead in a terrible or ALLAH forgive those who have repented. Now we have these special interests making dua for you. Lady in a terrible ALLAH forgive those who have repented. Not only that, look what they say what they've said medical opinion has a bunch of them and save them from hipfire

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what saved them from hipfire more they make more data for you look what they say. And I've been able to kill him, kill him jannetty I didn't let him Allah admit them to Jeanette The, the the gardens of heaven which you have promised them woman saw that not only the woman saw that, I mean, he was working and whether the team and also who their parents, their spouses and their children, their offsprings. So these angels, the scariness of the throne of Allah, they are making up for you, for your parents and for your offsprings in the candle as easy and hacky. So you have, you know, what's your repentance the night? You're making Allah happy? And you're getting these angels the carriers

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of the tome of Allah to make the art for you. Yes. So why don't you start right?

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If that's I started on my back light started with the petals of Allah Subhana Allah data. If there's anything wrong with your with your life, say enough is enough. Push the brakes and make

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May Allah subhana wa tada help us also practices to convey until tomorrow for Day three another video of ruk Ramadan 2012. I say I sit down why they come up with light data lava kettle.

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